Arthur Maxfield

Arthur Maxfield

17.03.1956 - 07.04.2024

Arthur passed away on 7th April he will be very sadly missed by his loving family and many friends.

Ruby turner


My grandad. The wisest man I knew, one of the most loving people I knew. He always gave me the best advice an always made me feel safe around him. I will miss you dearly an hope your up there with my Nan an little Robbie resting peacefully I love you❤️

Rachel Cooke


What an inspirational and colourful gentleman. Arthur would give precious time to so many people. We send our love from Herefordshire. X

Bernard Maxfield


Dear Arthur, I hold onto the memories we shared especially our long talks into the night filling in the last pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of life as twin brothers.

I'm not only proud of you for the man you became but also proud of you because you were, and always will be my brother.

Though you may be gone, you will never ever be forgotten.

Rest peacefully dear brother, see you on the other side.



Dear Arthur,

I only knew you for a short time professionally, but even in that short amount of time you truly made an impact.
I'll miss our conversations and check ins, where you'd talk about what amazing accomplishment your kids were doing or what new up and coming project you were working on yourself. How you'd always start a conversation or email with "Dear Sarah" and ending them with a "good girl".
Your passion and drive for life will always stay with me, as will the love and joy you had for your family.
You'll never truly know the impact you had on peoples' lives, and through this your legacy will live on.
Love and thoughts with Yana, Tianna, Ben, Adam and all of you during this difficult time.

Ben Maxfield


Not even a world of books would be enough to chronicle the life and times of Arthur Maxfield.

A life so colourful, so full of love and so eventful that it could hardly be believed.

And whilst times weren’t always easy growing up, it was certainly memorable in the Maxfield household.

From Lunar Park adventures in Tunisia, to Go-Karts in Butlin’s and Parties at Rainbows end. Dad was never far from the action.

We shared a love of Football, particularly Manchester United growing up and were fortunate to witness some of their greatest moments together.

Our passion for all music was perfectly aligned as was our love of Jean Michel Jarre who we saw live on a number of occasions.

I have fond memories of dad tinkering with TVs or stereos, taking things apart and putting them back together was his speciality. Although he often had more parts at the end than when he’d began.

His love of a car boot sale acquired him many a bargain, and some junk along the way. His Spanish leather jacket in his mind was the bargain of the century. Throwing things away was never his style!

And his Arthurisms….quotes he’d either borrowed or changed to add his own unique take on them provided many a smile. “ At least Dick Turpin wore a mask” was a favourite when he felt he was being ripped off!

Throughout my life there was nothing more constant, supportive or impactful than Dads love.

And I consider myself so lucky to have been able to experience so much, including our work achievements with him. His legacy will certainly live on forever.

He had a unique ability to bring great comfort, support and joy to those he spoke with. You could not help but walk away from a conversation with him enriched by it. Those lucky enough to get the shoulder squeeze of reassurance recognise how meaningful that was.

You all know how he touched your lives in those brief moments you had with him. So you can only imagine what an honour and privilege it was to be his son. To be loved by him every single minute of the day.

No words can explain how much me, Maya, Summer and Ivayla will miss his love and guidance. The way he could make my girls beam when he was with them melted your heart. Just for them to hear his voice was a delight.

Dad was truly a remarkable man. And for that reason I know he will always be with me, watch and guide me from above and that I will see him again one day.

Until then…….. I love you my precious father


Mike Laundon


Dear Arth,
Thank you for everything, my life would be less full without you my man. Grateful to have known and loved you through thick and thin.
Love Mike, Gill, Eddie & Rex

Mike Jones


Having known Arthur on a professional level for last 3-4 years, it is without a doubt, that I am better person for our encounter. I cannot express my gratitude for having the fortune to be able to know Arthur, his positivity, inspiration and drive will live with me forever. Thank you Arthur, we will never know the impact you had on mine and others lives.

Bill Burey


Arthur was such an inspirational man, full of life always smiling and always happy to give you the time of day and listen to you.

He worked hard and he achieved so much and well deserved that is

I will miss our chats and laughs and I know where you go to next you will be very well received and make as many friends, help and many people and touch as many hearts in your next life as you did this one.

My condolences go out to all of your amazing Family.

Arthur rest well before your next voyage my friend, you deserve it

Much Love

Bill xx



Dear all
Arthur was full of life and energy with great ideas and the work ethic to make them happen. A big example to us all.
He will be greatly missed but on our hearts forever.
Much love to all who knew him but especially Yana and Tianna!
God bless them all forever!!

George Baily


An extraordinary, tenacious entrepreneur and business leader... above all, a loving father and family man... and a kind, wise soul - who has left us too soon, but left us all far richer in spirit for knowing him.

Kate Maxfield


I’ll miss your daily phone calls and knowing you were there if I ever needed anything. I will think of you every time I use the iPad you gave me.
I can still remember sending you off for your first day at school.
Love mum



Arthur certainly had what I would call the Domino Effect.

It began with Rob my Best Friend,who is the Brother of Joanne and Sandra. Collectively we had the most amazing Roller Coaster Ride, of which has never been duplicated.

Things in Life come and Go, but Arthur strived to achieve. His Life was like Ying and Yang, Positive and Negative, but he always knew that his day would come, but never knew how or when.

He never gave up, he would try, try , try and try again, knowing he would get the balance right one day.

Life took him to many corners to almost breaking point, but always managed to break the chains, and start from a new.

Arthur was a Free Spirit, A Man of Intelligence, but most of all he was always Himself, never accepting defeat, but instead turned Negative into a Positive.

He was the Dad of Three Sons, One Daughter and the Husband of Two, and one of the most Interesting People to have ever known.

He was fortunate enough to have lived his final journey with Dignity, Surrounded with Love and Respect, but most of all People who meant as much to him, as he did to them. Xxx

Carol Anne Atkins


So many memories of Arthur from World of Books. A true legend! Deepest condolences to Yana, Ben and the wider family. RIP Arthur, you will be greatly missed.



Arthur was a legend!

He will be greatly missed and we send our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Love from all at World of Books Group X



What an interesting and amazing life you had dear Arthur!

You are such an encourager and a fighter! You have influenced us in so many ways with your kindness and generosity, you showed us that perseverance and not giving up is the way to success in life! We are so blessed and grateful to have you as a friend for over a decade, so many good memories and laughter together!

You have achieved so many extraordinary things in life, yet you are always easily pleased, simply some dumplings and potatoes will always put a smile on your face!And that's what we love about you!

Words cannot describe how deeply sad we are! Rest in Peace dear Arthur! We love you and we will always miss you! ❤️

Love from Ling, Mark, Luke and Gemma xx

Mike Payne


Dear Arthur was much much more than a friend. My wife, Myfanwy loved him as did I. He was an extraordinary man and we will both miss him greatly. Our love goes to Yana, Tianna and all the family. Mike Payne

Laura and Andrew Duncan


Arthur was a unique character and a good friend. Sadly missed by all who knew him. Deepest sympathies to all his family.
Laura & Andrew

pauline W swanigan


Yana & Tiana so sorry for your loss
Love Always
Pauline xoxoxoxoxox

pauline W swanigan


Rest Easy Uncle Arthur My Favorite uncle ...
You were always the cool Uncle...I won't be there to say goodbye as I am a few miles away. My heart is a little broken to know you have left us, Love to my mum (your sister) Auntie Jane your twin brother uncle Bernard & all my cousins

Fly High with the angles xxxxxxxxxx




Ann Swain


Goodbye Darling baby brother. X



也希望姐姐和甜甜 能早一些从悲痛中走出来 拥抱美好的生活。






首先我很荣幸能跟您成为一家人 谢谢你那么爱我的姐姐 爱我们家所有的人 我以为我们会在一起过很多个年 也记得你回去之前答应过我的 再回来要教我滑雪的 可是你怎么就食言了呢 好吧 我知道 你太累了 想休息了是么 那你就放心走吧 你不用担心甜甜和姐姐 我们永远都会在她娘俩身边的 用中国话讲 如果有下辈子 我们有缘还能成为一家人 我一定好好学习英语 不用我姐和甜甜翻译 你想去哪儿 我就带你去哪儿 我知道你是一个乐观的人 不会想看到我们哭 可是我真忍不住 姐夫 这次真的是永别了 希望你在天堂健健康康 没有病痛 一路走好 我亲爱的姐夫 我们爱你 永远都会记得你

Max Harbron


I only knew Arthur for a brief time during a business transaction between 2022 and 2023 but during that time it became clear what a fine gentleman he was. Every telephone conversation started with him asking me 'How are you my dear' which made me smile and set the tone for the conversation to follow. RIP Arthur, my dear.

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