Brian Allan Hay

Brian Allan Hay

09.12.1939 - 29.03.2019

1939 – 2019
Brian was born in a British Army Hospital in Campbellpore, North West Frontier of India an area which is now Pakistan.
He went aged five, with his sister, to a Military Boarding School in the Himalayas.
The school was called Sanawar and the Motto ‘Never Give In’ was one he followed
all his life – he never gave in, always persevered until he reached his goal.
When he was 17 he joined the Royal Air Force as a Boy Entrant and served with the
Air Force for 25 years excelling at everything he did. He reached the rank of
Sergeant and was a Ground Engineer – first servicing Lightenings and then his
beloved Hercules. He travelled the world from New Zealand to Alaska. He was on
the Queen’s Flight stationed at RAF Benson for a time but preferred to fly the world
He received several commendations in his career and was mentioned in the Queen’s
Birthday Honours and the Queen’s New Year Honours in 1974 and 1976. Brian
received medals for Campaign Service in Northern Ireland, The Malaya Peninsula and
Borneo. He was also mentioned on a First Day Cover when he and the crew of the
Hercules he was in had to make a forced landing in the Mogadishu Incident in August
1976. He also had a certificate to say he had performed 2,000 take offs and landings
in the Hercules. Brian was also a qualified Glider Pilot a skill he learned in the RAF.
When Brian retired from the RAF he continued his excellent skills as a ground
engineer for British Airways who also commended him on more than one occasion
for excellence .
My brother was indeed one of the finest examples of a Royal Air Forceman and of a
human being – he was kind, loyal, generous to name a few of his qualities and I
couldn’t be more proud to be his sister.
Until we meet again my wonderful brother .

James Gardiner ( D1932238 )


I remember Brian very well as I joined the RAF on the same day June 14th 1956 at RAF St Athan . The last time I saw Brian was in the Sgts mess at RAF Lynemam , Wiltshire .
We started life as Boy Entrants under training as airframe mechanics . It was quite a hard 18 months training and I think we were all pleased to “pass out” in December 1957 .
Memories !!

Sophie Sadler


Our great Uncle Brian was an incredible man with the kindest soul, how lucky we were to have him in our lives.
My sisters and I have many fond memories of special moments shared with him. He was always fascinated and intrigued with our latest gadgets and would know the latest craze in our school even before we did!
He was a truly wonderful man who will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

All my love always, Sophie xxxx

Sam Sadler


A lovely lunchtime with Mum at Ye Olde Six Bells, Horley. January 2015. Precious memories of my dear Uncle Brian. x

James Sadler


A very special man.
So many achievements in your life,
I will never forget how brilliant you were with our children.
Much love Jim x

Rebecca Sadler


Uncle Brian was such a lovely, kind, and caring man! I’m so sad that your no longer with us! I will miss the stories you used to tell us about the RAF and how amazing and exciting they were. It was so interesting when you shared with us something you enjoyed doing so much. I loved hearing about your journey’s!
I feel so lucky to have had you as my Great Uncle. I have got some special memories of you laughing and having a great time with us.
RIP Uncle Brian
You are missed. xx

Jamie Phillips


Dearest Uncle Brian
It was always a pleasure to see your face on special family occasions. You will be missed but never forgotten. Thank you for all your patience, time and love. You were a very special uncle and a wonderful human being.
You were too modest to tell us about your many achievements.
Happy memories and love
Jamie, Mani, Felix & Harley

Charlotte Sadler


Uncle Brian had the most amazing kind and gentle heart.
Every memory I have of him is such a special one but I think it’s the little things that really stick in your mind. For example, anytime we’d see him at Granny and Grandads for a Sunday lunch he’d bypass the adults and come straight to us children playing on the floor, where he’d chat and play with us for hours!
Whenever we’d call his house phone we’d pass the phone round us 4 girls each having a turn speaking to him, he’d ask us all about our lives. About school, friends, sports, interests, hobbies, we’d sometimes be on the phone hours just chatting away, effortlessly. He took so much time and interest in our lives and everything we did, and celebrated all our achievements, he was such a very special man.
He used to buy granny packets of Thorntons caramel shortcake bites, so many that she couldn’t quite consume them all at the same rate they were coming in! So she’d pass the overflow on to us! Which was most welcomed as they were sensational! Packets of those will forever remind me of him, and the generous little things he did.
For my birthday in March he got me (with a little help from granny) plant your own herb garden. I planted the seeds shortly after and I know it will be a special day when the little stems start growing through. I will think of him every time I use them that’s for sure.

His smile and laughter lit up a room, a laugh I can so very clearly remember and hopefully will do forever.
I only wish he got to spend some time with baby Margaux as I know they would of absolutely loved each other. But I’ll be sure to tell her all about the amazing things her great great Uncle Brian did and achieved also how wonderful he was.

Rest in peace Uncle Brian, we love you xxx

Angie Carpenter


I first met Brian in 1967 on my first ever RAF posting, and he became a very important person in my life. He was an invaluable friend and support in a very alien environment. He was a good friend and extremely gentle person and continued to be so over the years.
God Bless Brian xxx

Roger Phillips


It has been a privilege to witness the deep bond which existed between Brian and his sister, Patty. They were united by difficult circumstances in their childhood years and by Brian`s illness in recent times.
Brian was an honourable, modest and generous man whose influence will be remembered in our family for generations to come.
Despite living in constant pain whist in care, his high standard of politeness and courtesy to his nurses is fondly remembered by them.
I admired Brian for all his values and I will miss him.
Rest in Peace my good friend

Paul Hill


What beautiful memories. Brian had quite an amazing life.
We didn't have a meeting without him bringing up his lovely sister. It was very obvious that he was totally committed to his extended family.

Brian, you were never anything other than polite and courteous. I very much enjoyed our after meeting chats about the Hercules, the only aircraft that spanned both of our RAF careers. Rest peacefully.

Tabitha Sadler


Uncle Brian was such a kind, caring and loving man. One very fond memory I have of Uncle Brian is that he always knew the latest trends that were most popular in school. He would sit on the floor with us at family events and teach my sisters and I how to make the latest style of bracelets, which we would go and show off in school the next day. He was always so much fun and would really enjoy spending time with us as kids.
He will be dearly missed by our whole family and I will remember him as such a gentle, fun and generous man.

Sam Sadler


Uncle Brian,
We miss you.
You enthralled us when on the few occasions you gave us a glimpse into the places you’d seen, the people you met, the experience you’d had, the flights you’d been on, the gliders you flew and the life you lived. You were such a talented artist and for years any question we had on computers and technology, we always knew you had all the answers!
You were humble and far too modest.
You were quiet, gentle and kind beyond belief.
You had a wicked sense of humour.
Children adored you ...instantly. You spoke to them on their level you gave them your respect and attention. When friendship bracelets were the fashion in primary schools everywhere you learnt the newest and best designs. You then sat patiently and diligently one Sunday afternoon and helped our girls Sophie, Charlotte, Tabitha & Rebecca to weave and knot the latest patterns. They were the envy of their classmates the next day!
You have no idea how loved you were.
You will always be in our hearts.
Thank you...for being there...we will never forget...what you’ve done or who you were.
We miss you. X

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