Dr David Hartley

Dr David Hartley

24.04.1934 - 07.03.2021

David sadly passed away on 7th March 2021 aged 86 years. He will be greatly missed by his loving wife Anne, daughter Christine, son Andrew and all his family and friends.

Barbara Fish


So sorry I have found you again too late.my thoughts of happy times in Stonyholme .In the little Ford Car ,all squashed in ,having a trip out to Pendle Hill .My Best Wishes to all your family .Barbara .

David Collin


I worked both with and later for David on several of the Glaxo projects of the late 60's to 90's. He could never resist bringing new ideas. Not always necessarily welcome when you were trouble-shooting current ones. Always encouraging and supportive nevertheless; in particular when people were ill or with family needs.

Janet Williams


Fly high Uncle David you will be missed even your jokes but always kind hearted and interested in everyone love Janet and family xx

John Mackinnon


David was part of the team which interviewed me at the start of a long career with GlaxoAllenburys. At the interview I found him stimulating and challenging but always with a sense of fun and a twinkle in his eye. Over the years he continued in the same vein and was always a help and inspiration to both Linda and me. Mostly I will remember David for his compassion. David took extraordinary pains to support members of his staff who had fallen ill or were otherwise in distress so his impact extended to the families of my colleagues in difficulties.
Truly missed
John Mackinnon

Deborah Bishop (Troussier)


David, the chirpiest, and probably the cheekiest of mummy and daddy’s friends. Always to be found with a big grin on his face, at times in deep scientific discussion with Derek, or as Charles has mentioned, exchanging corny old jokes that were oh so present! David was also keen to know that all was well - the jokes finished with, he always showed an interest in what we were doing, what plans were afoot.
David and Anne have always been present in our lives; since our early childhood days playing with Christine and Andrew, to seeing David and Anne at Whindles, to having updates passed on by Fiona.
It is a great sadness that David is no longer with us but our memories of fun times with him live on.

Clive Meerholz


A great manager, friend and mentor. Thanks for everything David.

John Archibald


Fond memories of happy times together in Radnor, Pennsylvania.
Judy and John

James Fothergill


James & Sandra

Super Brother in Law.
Gracious and generous host.
From March St to big noise at Glaxo.
And the only supporter of the Clarets in Bognor.
What more do you need to do to get through the Pearly Gates
Fond Memories James & Sandra

Christine Dawson


Dad always enjoyed his Steak Frites. I will cherish these family memories ❤️

Peter Garside


At work, Allen & Hanburys, 1967

Peter Garside


Fond memories of a supportive friend and colleague.



Thanks for the memories, from schooldays to holidays, from workdays to family days and to sportsdays that were often claret coloured

Ian Boulton


David was my Departmental Manager in A&H Chemical Research when I joined after graduation until I left to work on Japan Commercial affairs. He was always very supportive and full of kind and useful advice not just then but afterwards. He was particularly keen to ensure that people he managed didn't get trapped in R&D and moved sooner-rather-than-later into other parts of the organisation where they had better options for progression. We stayed in touch during my time in the Far East and he was always interested in how I got on. I would make a point to drop in whenever I was back in the UK on leave. I will be always grateful to him for setting me on the career path that not only led to a successful career in Asia but to meeting my late wife leading to two marvellous children.



I have known David since 1971 when I joined Allen & Hanburys. I worked closely with him in Research for a number of years. He was always very supportive, kind and encouraging, and I owe him a lot in guiding me through those early years. I always considered him a friend and we maintained contact after he and I retired. His passing is a sad loss.

Betty Hartley


Thank you for your friendship and support.
With love from Mike and Betty

David Bailey


To a great neighbour and friend you will me missed
Lots of love
Dave and Pauline

Kirstie Dalrymple


David, a much-loved Uncle to Kirstie and Graham and Great Uncle to Thomas and Joe, was always involved and interested in our activities and life events and we appreciated and enjoyed our time with him and Anne. He was enthusiastic and joined in with our projects and even did a fantastic job of tiling our new kitchen, yet another skill unknown to most!!
We spent many happy family days together with Kirstie’s Mum and Dad (David’s brother) and especially remember both our summer and Christmas family get together with all the “grandparents”. We had fun with both bad jokes and party games and lots of good wine always contributed by David!
His jokes always left us groaning as they were generally as bad as the Christmas cracker options. But isn’t that what uncles are for!
I attach a wonderful happy photo of David celebrating Christmas 2017 with us.
We loved him a lot and he will be sadly missed by all of us
Kirstie, Graham, Thomas & Joe

Alicia & Cliff


It was a pleasure to have known David who always had a smile to share.

Charles Bishop


From spectacularly good life and career advice to spectacularly bad Dad jokes (even by my father's standards!) I always enjoyed my time in David's company and it saddens me that those times have now passed.

My memories of programming a Sinclair Spectrum with Andrew to hopelessly chasing a squash ball around HRFC's courts whilst David stood on the "T" still remain and I will always have a smile on my face when I think about my time in David's company.

Carole Johnson


David, a true friend and lovely man - we will miss you. We shared lots of special, funny, interesting, and mischievous memories from our time at Glaxo. You had time and patience for everyone and really enjoyed your work and research.
You loved your grandchildren very much and were especially proud of Christine and Andrew and their partners. Anne was the love of your life and you could see how much you cherished each other. Thank you for your friendship - Carole & Ian Johnson x

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