Gavin John McCollom

Gavin John McCollom

12.08.1962 - 09.05.2021

Gavin passed away peacefully on 9th May 2021 aged 58 years. He will be sadly missed loving wife and devoted children. Gavin will be sadly missed by all his family and many friends around the world.



Hey you........"HAPPY 60th birthday my lovely Gav".....crazy right.....
"....if you can live life like you're riding the 100ft wave all day, every're going to have really amazing days'. (Garrett McNamara). This was your lifestyle Gav, you thanked God every day for just for being alive, jumped the fence, took risks, embraced opportunities and had a Thank you for sharing some of your adventures with me.....i still miss you, but the great memories i have make me smile and help with the you always xxxx



Papa Gav,
It’s the eve before your birthday, my fellow leo, and I’ve found myself thinking about you lots this evening! Going through old photos on my phone and reminiscing about the good,bad and mostly funny times, from you telling your horrendous jokes! ‍♀️
I’m pretty sure I never told you, but thank you for being the light in mums life when she needed it the most! I’d be lying if I said it was all marital bliss, but for the most part you and mum had an amazing marriage/relstionship! ……you brought adventure and magic into mummas life, and I know you re-awakened her thirst for life! And I can’t thank you enough for that! Once she’s all physically fit and better, I promise to make sure we all continue the exploration of the world and take you along with us!
I know you will be somewhere right now on some viking ship sailing the mystical and vast seas doing what you do best!
I think I can speak for most when I say, Papa Gav, you are most definitely one of a kind! Everyone gravitated and loved your enthusiasm and child like excitement for life, for bettering your life, for expanding your knowledge and for sharing that with us in true “gav” fashion!
I’ve never known a single person to have experienced the things you have in one lifetime…….most would be lucky to experience a mere fraction! But you were so determined and driven to fulfil your life with experiences you wanted!! And I am so jealous that I don’t have the same tenacious energy! … wanted it, you sought it, you got it!
We all miss you so very much! I imagine you left an imprint with anyone you ever met……even if it was “the crazy American surfer”
Your kind heart, crappy jokes, “interesting”‘stockings at crimbo and beautiful smile are here with us in our hearts always!
Love you papa gav!
Always sending big Emily hugs, love and kisses always xxxxxxxx
P.s Make sure your watching over mumma, she misses her soulmate and best friend so much! ❤️



Hey Gav,
You always loved your beautiful energy, enthusiasm & excitement were really missed this were the awesome Christmas stockings you always gave Love you so much my soul mate, my best friend xxxx



I miss you my brother.



Hey Gav,
'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' my funny, loving, interesting, amazingly unique husband......wishing you were still here enjoying another awesome 'road trip' together. I love you with all of my heart, Shine on you crazy diamond ! xxx.

Jane Cecil


Sad news to hear. Gav, you will be much missed I know and as such a big character you will leave a big space behind you. I have some fond memories of your time at the National Trust. Coming in to the office one day to find everyone busy with piece of rope creating artistic knots is one of them and just hearing your dulcet tones across the estate yard! Always a cheeky smile to cover up the fact that rules and political correctness were not your thing....No-one ever gets permanently deleted from National Trust systems - so your name will leave on in our archives as part of our family. Sail on Gav! love Jane and the South Downs National Trust Team xxx

Raymond Horan


Always cheerful and enthusiastic, Gav has joined our "Absent Friends" club far too soon, but his life will be remembered every year at our Memorial Shoot”

Stay On Target Gavin

The Rustington and District Home Guard Rifle Club

Heather Frances


When I first knew Gav some 8 or so years ago he would chase me on his cycle along Bognor front calling after me. I thought “Who is this crazy man with the American accent.”
As I got to know him I found a funny, adventurous, sensitive, kind, supportive, loving man who accepted people just as they are without criticism. He loved Steph totally, she was his world as were the children, and he loved me as a friend as I loved him.
He was a true friend who I will miss deeply.
With my love and gratitude to you Gav for your loving friendship

Jay McCabe


Your energy and enthusiasm for life was infectious. I know your soul is in a good place. Thank you for being in our lives and for being a cool stepdad.

Della Beard


We all feel your sorrow. He has left a massive hole in everyone's heart. No one whoever met him will forget his unique character and lovely soul.

Matthew Sennitt


I worked as a volunteer with Gavin at the National Trust at Slindon. He was always helpful with us volunteers and passed on little tips about such things as which woods burn best, but most of all he was always fun to work with.

Gareth Lloyd


What a gentleman, what you saw is what you got with you. Always having such interesting stories to tell. Thoughts are with steph and family.
Love from Gareth and Jane.xx



Gav, when I think of you I think of adventure, travel and laughter! Your wonderful Steph, and the rest of your family and friends will have amazing memories to cherish forever. You were taken far too soon and will be deeply missed by so many. Keep adventuring up there!
'Your loss is immeasurable but so is the love you left left behind'
Rest peacefully Gav, and sending so much love to Nanny steph and the whole family
All our love, Kelly, Jordan and Delilah

Dylan and Karen


Gav, I sure your having a tinnie watching over us all Especially Steph and Ellie xx Your life taught us life’s a amazing adventure with your stories of your fun full life and laughs but also life’s too short.
We will miss you dude xx
Love Dylan and Karen

Charlie, George and Harry


Grandad Gav , we will always remember you teaching us to surf on our skateboards in the garden and you telling us about your great life adventures xx You always made us laugh , Big love Charlie, George and Harry xx

Josh Davies


To Gav, you taught me the first basic rules I new about nfl no matter how confusing I used to find it, but it is something I will never forget, you are a loving and caring person and may you rest In peace, lots of love josh and shania x

Suzie Bolger


Aah lovely Gav who made my dear friend Steph so happy - definitely a big character and I will remember you as the big outdoors man. Seems you left us a bit too young. You will be much missed. Love Suzie

David Asher


I worked with Gavin when he was a Ranger with Slindon NT where I am a volunteer. A great guy - skilled, hardworking and most of all good fun.
In fact I had heard his distinctive voice and accent before that when he was helping a bemused customer at B&Q - typical Gavin to go out of his way to be so helpful.



Still made us dress alike for the family photo. We used to be so dreading it. I miss you brother.



Gavin loved the water from day one. Always with his wingman.



Twins forever






Gavin thank you for being my brother. I love you

Maggie Turner


So sorry for your loss, Steph. Gav was such a huge character; he left a massive Gav shaped hole when he left the NT. He always made volunteer days great fun. Never one for a quiet bash- I remember his rather lively leaving do on the seafront in Bognor. He enjoyed watching the NT volunteers ‘throwing some shapes’ and hoping nobody did themselves a mischief!

Katie Archer



From all at the NT- you are forever remembered with a smile and a crazy story. Your infectious giggle, your massive collection of hats! We have so many photos of you in the thick of it.
This is a team shot from 2013- those were some real golden days. You taught me lots and I know you did for others too. The breadth of your life experience listed on your CV terrified me when I first read it- but you wore it all so well.

Our thoughts are with those you have left behind. You will forever be a legend around here.
Katie x

Elizabeth McCollom


Gavin, I will cherish the conversations we had when you, Steph, Ian, and I met up in Florida. You had so many amazing stories and memories to share. I only wish we had made more time to visit and spend time together as a family. You are greatly missed. All my Love, Beth



I will miss you so much. We are twins and have shared good times and bad and without ever acknowledging it, we had the same experience. You will be missed by me more than you can imagine. You had such a fantastic free and full life. I love you and will think of you everyday for the rest of my life.

Frances Temperton


Thinking of you Steph xc

Gavin Kerr


I knew Gavin for a few years while he was a ranger with the National Trust. He was a bright, energetic man with boundless energy. He was incredibly funny, a natural charsima and I am grateful for the pair of nicknames he left me with! The world has lost a strong character, he will be missed.



My Papa Gav,
You were the sunshine in mums life and you invited her on the most magical journey all these years. Many dream of having the love and adoration that you both shared but I am so glad you found each other. The man with 9 lives, you never let anything hold you back as you were determined to achieve anything you set your mind to. Thank you for loving us and providing us with so many happy memories. There is nobody like you and I feel privileged to have been your kiddo! We were blessed to have you and maybe it was selfish of us to have wanted more as your beautiful Viking soul was being called home. I love you soo much!!! You will be missed beyond words but I trust you will be watching over us until we meet again xxxxx your kiddo, Ellie xxxxxxx

Rod Lennartson


Gavin and I met in a park in Huntington Beach California in 1975. We hit it off immediately. I taught him how to surf, he taught me how to Ski. We surfed and skied many times in the same day. He was adventurous then and continued his adventures by traveling the world until the end of his days. I will miss you my brother. What a life well lived. See you on the other side Chile. Love Rod.

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