Geoffrey Eric Dummer

Geoffrey Eric Dummer

27.06.1950 - 04.12.2020

Geoff sadly passed away on 4th December, aged 70 years. Sadly missed by all his family and friends.

Denise Ward


Still missing you. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Can't bring myself to delete your number from my phone, and often text you. Maybe you'll see my messages floating around up there. Hope you are being good up there. Miss you and love you grumpy bum. ❤️

Maria Faithful


Well what can I say, our relationship was a bit like a marmite sandwich. Some times we got, other times we didn't. But when we saw each other we just has a good old banter, a good old gossip and bitch about others.
I always remember when you used to do the football with Andy, if you'd both had an argument he knew it. You'd be blowing your whistle, putting your fag up on purpose just to annoy him.
Just so sorry that you've passed when you has so much to live for, but unfortunately it was not ment to be.
You'll be with your son, mum and dad. No more pain no worries, so enjoy your new journey and be free.
Much love
Maria, Helen Plum and Lee xx

Amba ward


Dear Geoffrey,
It is with great sadness that you have passed away. I have heard many stories about you, good and bad, all which I will now remember with my mum forever. She is always talking about you. It’s so sweet.
It sounded like you lead a regretful life but I hope you find your peace and move on from your unfinished business into your garden of roses. Sleep tight as there are many people who will miss you. You can now rest with your son Aaron and we will plant roses all around you Although I never met you, I feel I know you and for that I will miss you
Sincerely Amba ♥️

michelle swann


Goodbye Dad, sad to see you go, I will miss you as well as Denise. Promise me to look down upon on us time to time. Rest In Peace Dad

Denise Ward


Missing our chats on the phone and our silly little arguments now and then when you'd tell me not to keep going on even though I'd only said something once, only because I worried about you Dad.
Missing popping round to see you and helping you out with whatever you needed doing. Missing your banter and your jokes.
Who am I going to phone now when I'm sad or upset
I've only known you properly for nearly 4 years, and I will treasure those 4 years forever, even though we clashed allot we loved each other in our own way. Thank you for being there for me when times were hard, always on the other end of the phone when you remembered to charge it up!
I love you Dad and will miss you so much.

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