Graham Henry Reed

Graham Henry Reed

23.08.1950 - 16.09.2023

Graham, from Chichester, previously from Harpenden, passed away on Saturday 16th September 2023 aged 73.

Pete & Sally Yates


Our lovely Graham. We have been so blessed to have known you. Thank you for all the jolly times. Absolutely one in a million. Our love (and eternal Victoria Sandwich cakes). Sally and Pete x

John & Liz Roberts


So sorry we couldn't be there for Graham's funeral but our thoughts were wih you all. x

Mike Davies


We're so sorry for your loss. Graham was just an incredibly good guy, so kind and generous. Will always remember inappropriate games in Hope Cove and fun joint birthday parties with my mum. Sending all love, Mike, Laura and Jack x

Cath Piumter


So glad to have seen Graham at the lovely anniversary/ birthday party a few years ago. Such a happy memory

Tamsin Heatley


Graham was one of our favourite camera operators on the 3 years of Tweenies for the BBC. He was always calm, kind and reliable. I never forget him showing my then 11 year old son, his whole camera and how it all worked, when my son visited us on set. My son is now a cinematographer and remembers Graham well.
Graham will be greatly missed. What a wonderful humorous role model to remember.
Thank you Graham for what you gave so generously.

Caroline Sykes


Graham was one in a million! He has also been a very dear and special friend since our arrival at Tennyson Road in 1980. Graham was kind and funny with oodles of character. You never knew quite what he was going to do next, a big kid really; he was definitely an ideas man and the ‘Oh Grahams’ were rife!

We shared so many wonderful memories; the early holidays in France and later ones abroad and at home, the days out, parties, staycations and the fun all dressed up at Goodwood Revival. I will miss you so much and gosh I will miss those hugs!
With love to al, the family, Caroline

Claire Burvill


Graham you were such a kind and generous man. I didn’t know you all that well but every time we met at family gatherings you were so welcoming and entertaining. We always had a laugh I will miss you greatly and will never forget the times we shared. To all the family my heart is with you all today at this very difficult time.

Geoff Ellis


The sudden loss of Graham was a big shock for me. He was a huge part of my life as a young boy and growing up to be a man. He was kind, generous and loyal. We were a team and enjoyed wonderful times together. I shall miss him forever. Geoff

Richard Duriez


Remembering Graham Reed

We met Graham when he took on teaching our lighting and camera courses at our charity Film Oxford, which he continued doing until a year or two after he retired. (We support people to get creative).

Graham's ability to answer any questions and guide through hands-on demonstrations was truly invaluable and appreciated greatly by the students. Graham was generous, readily sharing his knowledge and offering practical guidance. He was witty, kind, and fun, often regaling us with amusing tales of successful or mishap-filled shoots. Graham will be dearly missed.

Richard Duriez, on behalf of all at Film Oxford

Philippa Goldsmith


When Ann and Graham moved into 45 Tennyson Road all those years ago we realised our former neighbours had chosen their replacements well. It's been an absolute privilege to know Graham, and all the family, over the years. When I moved down to Sussex around the same time as Ann and Graham it was so lovely to meet up from time to time and explore new places together. Graham was such a genuinely nice man, generous, caring, plus a great sense of humour. Love Philippa xx

Adam Carley


Dearest Uncle, you are and forever will be a pillar of this family.

More than stature, your ability to love and support was ever so apparent and exuded from you in ways beyond kindness and charm. Your knowledge and intrigue led so many with you down a path of delightful conversation, often crossing the bridge of laughter and engaging enthusiasm to a point of warmth, openness and elevation. Your spirit lit up an entire room and was only ever outshined by your apparel.

May your smile and memories envelop us for the years to come just as warmly as it has done for the years it’s been. Forever treasured and loved. x

Graham and Wendy


Graham was such a wonderful friend. Ann, Wendy, and a double dose of “Oh Graham’s” spent many happy times together with many friends - which says so much about the man he was. He was the life and soul of the party, always up for fun - wearing fancy hats, glasses or just an apron on occasion. We loved walks, beaches, breakfasts (Graham always having that extra round of toast and marmalade and a second coffee!), dinners, parties, concerts, and holidays. The thinnest Father Christmas ever at our Secret Santa celebrations. An honorary member of ladies Friday tea, arriving in time for cake. He was always behind on walks (stopping to take the perfect photo). Graham and Ann were the last to leave parties, often after a whisky or two with Mark and I helping to right the world or reminiscing the day. On route to Gower, we took a slight detour, Graham and Ann asking if we were going the right way? Then the Penderyn Distillery magically appeared! That was the start of Graham’s love for Penderyn (he was already a single malt man of course). We will so dearly miss his naughtiness, his sense of fun, his huge hugs, Ann’s “Oh Graham” moments, his laughter, inquisitiveness, and interest in all that was happening in life (apart from sport that is!). Sending so much love to you Ann and all the Reed family. xxx

Allison Powell


Dear Uncle Graham, thank you for always being so welcoming and making everyone feel at ease. You will be greatly missed.

Graham Howe


I hadn’t seen Graham in possibly 10-15 years, but he always remained in my thoughts as a really good guy and I have a specific tale. As a young new to the tv industry junior I sent Graham out on a shoot without a viewfinder for the camera. Later in the day I found said viewfinder but couldn’t understand why nobody had called the office to go ballistic because they’re shoot was not going as expected. Then at the end of the day Graham returned the kit saying it may be useful to include a viewfinder next time laughing and joking about it. Most cameraman then and now would have thrown they’re toys out of the pram about this “major” error but not Graham he simply adapted got on with it and I’m sure did a job to his normal high standard.
He taught me a lot that and on other days I was lucky enough to assist him.
Certainly one of our good guys and my thoughts go out to all his family ❤️

Susan Pratt


I think I first met Graham speaking at a TV conference in London and he was enthusiastically sharing his experience as cameraman and illustrating what amazing places that it had taken him. But it was Graham great desire to help the next generation that brought me to work with him both as a guest lecturer for my university students but also as the Chair of the Institute for Training in Television Production (ITTP) as we became known. Barry Cobden, Bernie Newnham, who has also sadly recently passed away, Tim Hore, Nick Way, Peter Leverick, Graham Jaggers and myself and a few others who contributed along the way, strived to get a new set of basic standards for training new entrees into our wonderful world of television. Graham was passionate to share the opportunities and fun that he had had and he successfully ran 3 ITTP conferences. Many companies like Sky and ITV studios supported our scheme and we developed the ITTP approved skills for industry. He also managed to get supporting letters from Prince Charles and government ministers who backed our institute, these were both remarkable achievements by Graham.

I am so sorry to hear that Graham is no longer with us but he has helped raise the awareness of the important technical and soft skills required for our industry in his many presentations and in his work leading the ITTP. I always enjoyed his heartfelt narrative that youngsters just need to learn the right skills; even from uncle Bob! ( you can still see Graham’s introduction to a conference )

He will be sadly missed

Susan Pratt

Sue and Vic


Our Graham, my ‘Colin’, the most amazing brother-in-law and friend.

So full of life, our Jail House rocker, you brought the fun to a party, so many New Year’s Eves. You inspired confidence in others and you were a great ‘Group Leader’ on our many adventures.

You took our wedding photographs, and those of our girls. You were my hat buddy, my ‘Come Dine with Me’ partner in Cape Cod.

I stuck up for you when ‘Nanny’ was concerned about the ‘wind blowing your tongue around!’ but you took it all on the chin, so thoughtful, tolerant and caring.

Such a dapper dresser, yet happy in overalls, a fixer, a doer, a D-I-Y-er, we loved the beach hut!

I loved your hugs, your voice; that shy baritone, you were my ‘catalogue man’, so kind, the inventor of fun.

We are so sad that hill became too hard to climb, you were so brave. You didn’t ‘do’ old in more ways than one, but in our hearts, you will be forever young.

You will always be so sadly missed.

Sue and Vic

Amy Potts


So many happy memories of Graham, what an absolute legend. Those hugs, that laugh, always silly. We will all miss you Graham. This photo reminds me of so many happy times at no. 45 xxx

Lyn & Spence


Remembering such happy times. Fun holidays in Dittisham, Kimmeridge and Seatown, as well as evenings with such amazing food at no. 45.
Spence will always remember the privilege of working with Graham (on both sides of the camera) valuing his knowledge and wealth of experience, never to be forgotten.
How we will miss the friendship of our gentle friend with that huge hug and his amazing hats.

Mike Colyer


Graham was a true legend.
It was with his guidance and training that I found my calling in life, pushing the boundaries of camera technology.

I’ll never forget his charisma and his positive outlook on the world and his art. Graham, thank you for being you.

Terry Reeve


I have heard the sad news from our friend Dave Howell!
Graham and Ann were part of my life when we worked at the BBC. We shared many years together packed with great memories…I moved North and started a family and regrettably we lost touch. I am so sorry that a wonderful man is no longer with us. But his memory will be there always!

Lucy Grimwood


Graham was such a wonderful, kind, generous, exuberant man.

So many happy memories. It was always so lovely being at 45 Tennyson Road: Graham (and Ann!) had such a gift for always making you feel so welcome and part of the fun; and he really did have the best hugs. I remember him being so kind letting me and Beth “help” him clean out the pond, letting us find all the frogs and then tipping us straight into the bath.

Decades later he was our amazing (and pretty over qualified) wedding photographer - wonderfully charming with all our guests, of course! Graham took some really precious photos of me and Dan with my Dad, and all our families. Having someone so kind who we all knew so well taking these photos really did mean so much to us.

It was an absolute privilege to have known Graham for so many years and we are so sad and sorry for your loss.

Lucy and Dan Grimwood xxx

Nina Reed


I feel blessed for all the beautiful shared moments during our holiday trips with Graham and the rest of the family. From Paris to Singapore, the Cameron Highlands, London, the delta del Ebre, Boisbuchet and of course Chichester and Calafell. Graham has been constantly so fun, ever so kind, and transmitting his communicative positive energy to us all and especially to the grand children.
I could aswell notice so many similitudes with Paul over the years.
On a more personal note, I will really miss talking with Graham about my work as he was genuinely the most interested "adult" in it venturing into a multitude of questions. I would always feel better after our chats! Will definitely try and transmit some his passion for life and his capacity to make the most of all moments (big and small) to Lola and Jude.

Richard Humber


Our long friendship with Graham first started when we were volunteers working on a Homeless project in St Albans in the 70's. Over the years many happy memories of time spent together with our families. Graham was always fun to be with, positive and welcoming, especially during our recent visits to Chichester. We miss him.

Mick and Janet Shropshall


Last year in Portugal

Mick and Janet Shropshall


We met Graham and Ann on holiday in 1975. We were their holiday reps camping in France, we hit it off, who would have thought that meeting would have spawned a friendship that has spanned almost half a century . So many memories; holidays and weekends with our growing families.....Graham we will miss you so much, especially your bear hugs whenever we met up .

Hylke ter Marsch


I have a second beautiful picture also from our visit in Iper, France.

Hylke ter Marsch


A precious memory: On October 10, 2014, Graham, Ann, Tineke and I (Hylke) went to Iper in France in the middle of nowhere at a small graveyard to search for our grandfather's grave and we actually found it. We also scattered the ashes of my mother and Graham's aunt.
Together we spread my mother to her father.

Graham and I have always had nice contacts and could enjoy a good glass of whiskey together.
I would like to propose a toast to Graham's life: Cheers, great guy!

Jill and Martyn Harwood


We first meet Graham in 1970 when Ann and Jill worked at Bart's Hospital. We have lots of great memories of our times together and our visits to each other's homes when we both moved away. Over those 53 years, in the early years when we had family get togethers as our children grew up, meeting in France while camping, up to their visit to us in July, Graham didn't change - always great fun to be with. Hats still being worn, and still taking arty photos and a great hugger! We will miss him.

Beth Reed


Dad. How can we find the right words to say?

A quiet constant in our lives, a cheerleader, a listening ear and the best hugger, always at the right time. A role model for love; of Mum, of us kids & grandkids, of friends and of people you had only just met. Always the first to say hello. How proud we always were to have you as our Dad, and how proud we will always be. You really were the cream on the icing!

Jacob said you’re flying in the sunshine now, so fly free. xxxx

Jo Reed


I walked through that iconic red door at 45 Tennyson road almost 20 years ago and into the arms of the the most wonderful & loving family. Graham has been the warmest & most generous father in law and friend anyone could possibly wish for. I am privileged to be called a Reed. I will miss him very much.

Andrew Sykes


Graham Reed, dear friend. We first met in the 1980s and our families grew up in parallel. So many holidays, weekends and events shared. You never lost that boyish enthusiasm or inquisitive nature. If a button needed pushing, a knob twiddling; any ‘ I wonder what that does’ moment you could be relied on to venture where us more restrained ones wouldn’t go.
The much used refrain of ‘Oh Graham’ or even ‘Grey Um’ seemed to be a constant. You were certainly simply the best of us and added so much to so many lives.

Ann Reed


We met when I was 16 and Graham was 17 so little more than children. I can’t remember much of my life before Graham but I remember so much happiness and laughter in the 55 years we were together and quite a few ‘Oh Graham!’ moments. He was my soulmate and rock. Always looking after me. We were blessed with four beautiful children and he’s now living on through our four lovely grandchildren. This photo was a ‘Silly Grandad’ moment taken in August while on grandparent duty. It’s a blessing that he was ill for only a short time.

Dave Howell


Such a shame we lost touch Graham, when you and Ann moved south, so I didn’t know you were ill.
Remembering such happy memories, from sharing lifts into work at TVC, to our partnership in ‘Integrated Video Productions’ in the 80s (your charm overflowing with Pam Ayres and Rusty Lee!)
A gentle, jovial, sociable, likeable chap, with that lovely guffawing laugh.
Hugely popular due to your endearing personality.
A privilege to have known you dear friend.

David Beer


Many happy memories of working with Graham when we were on Crew 3 back in the 70's/80's ? We worked on a lot of the Generation Game series at the TV Theatre with me tracking and Graham swinging the mole crane, usually working our way through crossword puzzles during rehearsals! I last saw him at a TV trade event at Media City, Manchester in 2012 when he gave a presentation on lightweight cameras in his inimitable amusing but informative style.

Tim Healy


Sad to hear he's gone. His nickname in the Beeb 'Tigger' encapsulated everything about him, enthusiastic, friendly, and fun to be with - and a very good cameraman as well.

Richard & Chris Worsley


Graham was always inspirational and energetic in his support of Young Photographer within the Rotary Club and will be sadly missed by all of us.

Judy Shaw


A wonderful member of our Rotary club who will be very sadly missed. Thanks Graham for all you did in our years as a Rotarian.
All members of the Rotary Club of Chichester Priory

Nick Parry


Thank you, lovely Graham for all the laughs and fun times over the years, working together. A camera and lighting artist of immeasurable skill, it has been a privilege and honour to work with you and to call you a friend. Thank you for always seeing the funny side!

Louise Peck


Graham (aka Greedy) you had such a gift for making us feel special and loved . But you were really the special one and will always be remembered with huge affection for your fun-loving spirit and your warm-hearted character - and your hats!



So many happy times shared with Graham and all the family I count myself so lucky . Making mashed potatoes together last Christmas was a shared experience I’ll always treasure ! Ah Graham such a big heart we will miss you x

Ian Thurman


Graham was so positive, every moment felt like a party. I cherish my times with him. Feel so lucky to have known him. 'Oh Graham' is always in my head.

Maggie Thurman


He was the best hugger ❤️

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