Harvey Mills Allen

Harvey Mills Allen

24.02.1935 - 16.12.2021

Harvey sadly passed away at home on 16th December 2021. Beloved husband to Mona, he will be missed by all his family and friends.



Thanks for all the hard graft, when and where it was needed. Thanks for the sane advice freely given. And when the work was done,[and sometimes when it wasn't], thanks for the fun and laughter.
I never worked with a better man.

Jane Stewart


Fond memories of a great man for whom I worked briefly in the late 1970's when Harvey was Export Director.

Libbie Escolme Schmidt OAM Brisbane


I value my 58 years of friendship and laughter filled dinners and am honoured and blessed to have known you.

Sandy Welch


Dearest Harvey -

Thank you for being such a good friend for so many years. I still remember the wonderful days at Allied Domecq when I began working in the newly created International Duty Free market and I was first introduced to Mr. Harvey Allen. You would call every Friday to the Miami office to see how the week had gone. Who would have thought that you and I would I start a friendship that lasted over 30 years. I remember how kind you were when Jon, Curran, Conor and I made our first visit to England and you and Mona opened your house to us. You picked us up in Gatwick with your little Mercedes and you laughed at our “American” packing which included golf clubs! That was the first of many visits and you made sure that we saw every church and castle in England. We loved it! After Susan and John got married and purchased a home in Ft. Lauderdale we would pick you and Mona up and carry you off to our home in Miami. We had such great times and I only wish we had more.

You are a kind and generous soul that I am going to miss. When we meet again I expect you to make one of those amazing Beefeater Gin and Tonics!

Love from your family in America,
Sandy, Jon, Curran and Conor

Tania and Heather


Harvey, we will miss those visits when you were looking out for us after losing our father, you were so kind. Such wonderful memories to keep of the parties in the past, we will always remember your great company and laughs over the years. Rest in peace, thinking of you Mona and all the family X

Jack & Dee Willmott


Dearest Harvey, we have such happy memories of the times we spent with you. You were always such a wonderful dinner companion, interesting, fun and a gentleman. You and I even won a quiz one night at the Chatterton’s! It was a joy to know you Harvey.

Jack & Dee Willmott


Dearest Harvey, we have such happy memories of the times we have spent with you and Mona. You were such a wonderful dinner companion, interesting, fun and a gentleman. You and I actually won a quiz at the Chatterton’s one night! You brought such joy to everyone you met.

Jack Cogman


Harvey put in much effort for St Mary's Church, East Preston and, in particular, for the Friends of St Mary's.
Thank you Harvey. May you Rest in Peace

Phoebe Allen


To my wonderful Grandpa, who’s love knew no bounds. The life and soul of the party and the definition of a family man. Thank you for all the special memories, your Easter egg hunts, magical Christmas celebrations, picking me up from school with a selection of sweets, mixing me my own surprise “cocktails” at family parties, making me necklaces out of shells we found on the beach, the list goes on. All my love always. Xx

Rachel Harris


Such sad news, with love and happy memories Harvey, from days at school with Susan and then of being introduced as "the girl who looked after your pension". May you rest in peace.
My love to Mona, Susan and Mark and all of the family
Rachel (Broderick)

Hannah Jack


Harvey you have always been an amazing person, extremely kind and generous and I have loved being able to call you my Godfather. Over the years both as a child, growing up and as an adult with my own boys, I have loved visiting and spending time with you & Mona. Harvey you will be missed x

Anne Walsh


Dear Harvey
Thank you so much for being such a great uncle
You have left us so many memories of wonderful times shared with you,Mona, Susan and Mark over the years.We eagerly looked forward to your visits to Clogheen where we had lots of great family get togethers.
I will never forget my excitement when you phoned one Saturday morning to say that you were getting tickets for Johnny and I to go to see my beloved Southampton playing in the premiership.I will always treasure the memories of that trip which was made even more special by you and Mona going to the match with us.what a day!
Rest in peace now Harvey
Mona Sue Mark John Claire Tom Phoebe Danny and Henry Thinking if you all at this sad time
Anne and Johnny



Once met. Never forgotten.



I have always considered myself extremely lucky to have been recruited to the Harveys of Bristol Export Department and to have had the pleasure of working in what was "Harvey's Department" - in more ways than one! It was very happy time for all of us - the ethic of "work hard - play hard" was rigorously applied (although not always in that mandated order!) and the Company built a formidable international reputation. He also laid the foundations for many of his departmental charges to go on to successful careers in the industry and we all owe him a debt of gratitude - he was great boss through the good and the not so good times and he earned and deserved the wholehearted loyalty and respect of his entire team.

Many years later I took over from Harvey in running the Allied Duty Free team in 1995 and accompanied him on his final "goodbye" trip around the major Asian markets and customers. Nothing had changed! It was memorable in every respect but I let him down on the very last flight in that I fell asleep on the plane home from Hong Kong before it had even taken off and, having been woken up by a stewardess before landing, he told me I had not been "great company" that night!!

His enthusiasm, drive and humour never faltered. Valerie and I both remember him with great affection and respect. He was truly unique.

Henry Allen


Dear Grampa, thank you for being mostly my Grampa. From Henry xxxx

Peter Jarvis


Harvey was not only a hard working and very likeable boss, who rose to the top of his game no matter which company he was involved with.
He was also extremely generous with his time for others and was a genuine and helpful colleague. I loved the man and his sense of fun. He thoroughly deserves all the praise that he will receive.
Thinking of you Harvey, and all strength to Mona and family.

Danny Allen


Dear Grandpa, thank you for all the happy memories. Thank you for being the best grandpa. Love, Danny xxx You will be missed xxx

Sheila O'Keeffe


Uncle Harvey
I have such Happy childhood memories of your annual visit to Clogheen each summer as we knew fun times were ahead be it a trip to the seaside or a family get together with the rest of the Cooke clan.
When I went to work in London I never felt lonely as I knew I had family to visit as you and Mona extended an open welcome to me.
I loved your sense of humour and you always had mischief in your eyes
I know you loved your visits to Ireland and in recent years our get togethers in Ballyboy House and sing songs with Mona on the piano
It was an honour to have you as our wedding chauffeur we felt like Royalty in the back of the green Jag. I know this would bring a smile to your face and I hope that Mona Sue Mark and the grandchildren get some consolation from the fact that your Irish family would love to be with you and are sending a big Virtual Hug to you all to help you get through this sad time
May Harvey Rest in Peace
Much Love from Sheila and Miley

Sue Villwock


We were a family in the Overseas Department at Harveys, everyone ready and willing to help the other, and this good will started at the top, with Harvey. I will always remember Harvey not only as a person I greatly respected but whom I liked tremendously. Harvey was never aloof, was warm-hearted, jovial, had a great sense of humour and was always approachable. In short: Harvey was one of us.
What a joy it was to meet up again after so many years at our reunion in Oporto and to take up where we left off!
Harvey, you will live on in our thoughts.

Charlie Lumby


The occasion? Easter 2001.
Location? Clova.
And in progress an Easter egg hunt.
H, you had found your ‘egg’, Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts (of course!) and you were busy leading Tom and Phoebe in the quest to find theirs. This photo evokes, for me, the joy you found in family; in Mona, in your children Sue and Mark, and in all your grandchildren; your capacity for fun, your kindness and warmth.

You were called Big H for a reason.

Love always

Charlie x

Sandra Lewis


Happy childhood holidays together. Love sandra and family x

Alvin Baker


Harvey, I have so much to thank you for. A great boss who taught me so much during my time at Allied Breweries.
I told Sue the other day that you will always be with us. In 1983 you and Mona kindly gave us a piece of furniture. Not knowing exactly what it was, we called it "The Harvey Allen".
It has been with us for almost forty years now and it is still known by our children and our grandchildren as "The Harvey Allen". Thank you for everything, Harvey! Rest in Peace. Alvin

Rosaleen Morrissey


Dear Harvey,
We are so sad that you have passed but we feel very blessed to have known you.
We have wonderful memories of Yourself and Mona coming home to Mount Anglesby. Your presence lit up the place, your wit and humour but above all your kindness.
We remember all those great occasions and when you used to bring your beautiful green Jaguar home, we would be thrilled to get a drive to Eamon Keatings and wave to everyone.
You memory will live with us forever and our love and prayers are with Dear Mona, Sue,John, Mark Clare and to Tom,Phoebe, Danny & Henry.
Love to You All,
Angela, Michael & All the Family

Mairead Bonnar


Thinking of you all at this sad time and a time filled with, no doubt great memories. My earliest memory of Harvey visiting our home summer of 76 and playing cards and chess with us kids and he really connected with us. Harvey and Mona have given us all great memories at all family gatherings and we all so enjoyed meeting them both. A true gentleman and a pleasure to know.
Keep well and thinking of you all, Mairead,Colm,Cillian, Saoirse &Aishling

Eileen Stapleton


Dearest Harvey.
I’m so very sad that you have left us for now. I’ve so many wonderful memories of you, Uncle Harvey & Auntie Mona, coming over to Ireland to visit all the relations here. We had such fun & laughs on some great occasions. You also came for some sad times as well , but thankfully there were lots more good times than sad.
Memories of these good times will comfort Mona, Susan & Mark in the lonely days ahead as we all travel through this wonderful & strange life.
Til we meet again.
Eileen X

Samantha Cox


Dearest Mona, Susan, Mark and all the family,
I’m so sorry for your loss. Harvey, and you all have been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. I close my eyes and can hear Harvey’s voice so clearly. I remember your old kitchen where Harvey would drink his tomato juice and Mona would ask what we would like for breakfast. Smiling fondly of these cherished memories. He sure is joining some greats up there.
Sending you all lots of love, Sam (the Cox family).

Julian Chatterton


Mr Allen, I am privileged to have had you in my life. The precious memories of our times together over the last 33 years will never be forgotten. As you so aptly observed, if teasing you was a national sport, I'd be a gold medalist! I shall now redeploy my " surveillance " to focus exclusively on Mrs Allen and take great comfort that you will be watching from above.

Rachel Heininger


Well Harvey, we are here to mourn, yes, but to express our admiration and love, remembering some of the wonderful memories we hold.
We won't cry because it's over, we will smile because it happened.
Rachel & Manny Heininger

Sue and Neville Green.


We were so very sad to hear of the loss of Harvey and offer our condolences to Mona and all the family. We are posting this photo as a memory of all the fun time we had with him down the years.
Sue and Neville Green.

Graham Parker


Many happy memories of Harvey the majority set around a unique family.
Parties was the thing, all types of celebrations and especially at this time of the year Jingle Bells comes strongly into mind, tummy splitting laughter around that table at Stathern.
Good conversation on all topics allied with a pint of beer or glass of wine.
Harvey was a complete gentleman and will be sadly missed by all.
God Bless Mona, Mark,Clare, Danny, Henry, Tom, Phoebe and all family.
Be strong for each other.

William Winter


Bill and Beverley Winter

Peter Cobb


I had the great privilege of working under Harvey's leadership in the export sales and marketing department of John Harvey and Sons throughout the 1970s During this exciting period we won the Queen's Award for Export on two occasions, which was entirely due to his inspiring personality. And more than that, it was a period of great social pleasure, led to a very large extent by his and Mona's most generous hospitality, much of it in their lovely home in Portishead. All in all, this was a period in my life that I shall always look back on as being pivotal, and Harvey was in every sense a towering part of it.



A life well lived. Great memories.

Clare Allen


Dear Harvey, thank you for welcoming me into your family. Thank you for your warmth, your wonderful stories, and your enduring capacity to love and laugh which will live on in us all, especially Tom, Phoebe, Danny and Henry. Thank you for your wisdom, your support, your friendship and guidance.

Blinking ‘eck you will be so sorely missed.

P.S. I will always look after the front-door keys and ensure that they are passed to all who are privileged to be titled ‘Mrs Allen’.

With love,
Clare - aka Operation Red Cabbage xxxx

Santosh and Peter Robinson


We first met Harvey (and Mona) when we went to view their house, Clova, for the second time in 2004. They were focused on more important matters that afternoon, watching the rugby. Harvey told us to wander round the house…take your time…hope you like it… while he and Mona were perched on the edge of the sofa willing Leicester to victory. We decided to buy the house that afternoon. Little did we know that it would lead to an enduring friendship with the Allens and their family.

We were often told about the wonderful parties they had held at Clova, especially their Christmas Eve party, so we felt it was our duty to carry on that tradition and host at least one party a year. We have so many wonderful memories of Harvey at these gatherings, and indeed at dinners hosted by Harvey and Mona at their new East Preston home.

RIP Harvey – a true gentleman, the kindest of souls, and always the life and soul of any party.

Santosh and Peter



I don’t remember my life without Harvey & Mona in it. Close friends to my parents and my big sisters Godparents, I have many many found memories of visiting them. They would always be at any special occasion and most family gatherings.

My childhood memories of staying with them was always so much fun, games in the garden, yummy food, laughter and kindness. Harvey would always mix myself and twin sister up, I can hear him saying now “ are you Rebecca or Samantha”!

Mona my thoughts are with you and the family and I’m sending so much love to you all from here in Australia.

Much love always

Rebecca Cox xxx

Max and Andrena Chatterton


We moved in next door to you and Mona in July 1989 and we count our blessings every day, that we found such treasured friends. You were like grandparents to our boys growing up and they so much valued your advice, especially on gardening! We have had so much fun together down the years and have so many treasured memories, especially of the milestones in our lives. Rest in peace dear Harvey, you will always be in our thoughts and prayers.
Max, Andrena, Jonathan and Julian. x

Linda Cook


Harvey where we started almost 50 years ago. It evolved from a cigar smoking boss, to countless hours behind the scenes with Portishead Players, Godfather to Hannah for the last 44 years, but most of all an amazing friend. A friend to me, my daughters and family, over all these years. We will miss you so very much! x Linda

Mark Allen


Dad, the last few years were so difficult to watch and unfair for a man who never did anyone wrong. Your strength and love guided me through many difficult times over the years and your support and love were always greatly appreciated.

I will cherish so many happy memories especially the times we shared watching cricket and rugby and those special moments with Tom, Phoebe, Danny and Henry.

My love always.

J0hn Scott


H, thank you for making me so welcome in your family. You were always the perfect host, a great raconteur and superb company.
I'll never forget your assistance transiting the Panama Canal and docking in Malta!
Fair winds and safe sailing till we meet again.

Susan Scott


It has been hard watching you struggle these past few years, and even harder for you. I will always remember those unique and wonderfully close moments that we shared together during that time; your love, humour, wit, and determination kept us all going.
I know that you are at peace now. Your love and strength have been the mainstay of the family and you have always been there for us. Thank you for so many happy memories, challenges, and experiences. I love you and will miss you terribly. Susan xx

Mona Allen


My darling Parve,
I love you so much, so much. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband. I have been so incredibly lucky. I look back at all the places you have taken me to, the experiences we’ve shared and all the memories that are made of this.
I never really did acquire the British stiff upper lip, but I will try for you now, as I know you would want me to.
You will always be in my heart and soul, and I believe that, one day, we will be reunited in God’s love.
I love you my darling Parve xx

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