Ian Lindsay Phillips

Ian Lindsay Phillips

05.04.1956 - 29.10.2018

Ian sadly passed away on 29th October 2018, aged 62 years.
Loving wife to Elizabeth and father to Hannah and Ewan.
Ian will always be in our hearts and never be forgotten.
He will be greatly missed by all of his family and friends.

Martin Phillips


Last time ever I saw you Ian
We enjoyed a day just ambling the lanes by the Meon & Hamble.
The ruins of an old abbey brought alive with your archaeological knowledge.
The view across the Solent: quizzed, identified & mused on.
Lunch, family together, conversations across the generations: brother, uncle, a great uncle.
The best of times, the last of times. So missed.

Caroline Phillips


Ian was a brilliant uncle, especially as a child growing up time spent with Ian was never boring. Whether it was spending sunny days on the beach at Felpham, happy Christmas times together with everyone, playing on the scalextric he had set up around the dining room of his house or just listening to his interesting and sometimes unlikely stories. One particular story he used to tell he as a child was Round the World in 80 Days, bringing to life each country Phileas Fogg visited with its interesting facts and unusual artefacts, a story which could last seemingly hours which was brilliant for long walks, I remember often asking him to tell it to me again and he'd always happily oblige.

There was also the memorable time I stayed at Ian and Liz's as a child where Ian decided to cook a special dinner for Liz while she was at work, and I got to help by laying the table, the choosen location by Ian was the Greenhouse in the garden in what he described as "an indoor but outdoor" meal. Simple things like that as a child were so delightful, and Ian had such a way of making things fun.

We were also lucky to spend time with Ian on holiday in Cornwall to watch the solar eclipse, and had many fun memories that week.
Ian was unique, one of a kind, with so many interests and so much knowledge; it was a real honor to have him as an Uncle and he will be so missed.

Peter Taylor


I've only known Ian since joining Middleton Sports Club about 4 years ago and was fortunate to share a friendship with him via tennis, backgammon, table tennis and guitar playing activities. Our guitar practice sessions were particularly enjoyable even though we probably spent more time chatting than playing and singing.
My lasting memories of Ian include:-
- meeting him at local fetes where he'd have loaded carrier bags in each hand.
- never, ever, hearing him curse or swear.
- his ability to start a conversation, while on court during a tennis match, with a subject completely alien to tennis.
- an intelligent, knowledgeable and mild mannered man with a great sense of humour.
I will greatly miss him.

Lisa Whitney


Ian will be really missed at Middleton Sports Club. where we always enjoyed chatting with him. He was a gentle, lovely man. x

David Chantrey


Happy memories of time spent with Ian, sadness at his loss.

David and Diana Chantrey

Gregg Phillips


What a GREAT brother - having known him for 54 years it is a sad loss but all those years were filled with plenty of memories that will never fade. We would often go on holidays together – skiing in the French Alps or walking and camping in the Brecon Beacons or around the Lake District and camping up Scafell Pike or family holidays in Wales. He would always make you smile and laugh and come up with snippets of useful information wherever you were.

As brothers we would always play pranks on each other like the time Ian and our other brother Martin tried to make me swim underwater in a cave. And I am sure his parents were “happy” to have an old broken down camper van parked outside their house for 6 months with a hand painted picture of a Red Indian on and other murals. Or the time he chased me up and down and around the house and ended up flying through a glass door bare chested – don’t worry he didn’t hurt himself – he has the scars to prove it.

More recently we have had some great skiing holidays which left us all with some fantastic memories and videos mostly involving Ian. He was always up for a laugh and would dress up as Tiger for a whole day skiing around the resort or once I remember the time on a clear blue day he decided to undress and get a tan halfway up the slopes – which was a silly idea as myself and a friend had no choice but to take all his clothes and leave him to ski down to the resort in his Boxers.

May there be comfort in knowing that someone so special will never be forgotten.

Helen Phillips


Ian was a one off. He was kind, thoughtful, intelligent and laid back while still having a sense of humour. Life was never boring with Ian around. I first met Ian 32 years ago, when I was just a teenager! I have so many good memories. Ian's love of sport was evident and I can still picture the canoe he had and him joining Gregg and myself at windsurfing. Years later we joined Ian for many years in the swimming pool at Arun Leisure Centre on Sunday evenings (half price night - the Phillips' love a bargain!) helping Hannah, Ewan, Mark and Lisa to swim. Ian's love of racket sports and playing at Middleton Sports Club meant that it was inevitable that at some stage I would play against him as well as partner him at squash and tennis. His skill of getting to a ball while simultaneously appearing not to move is one of his many mysteries! Ian was my favourite squash opponent in doubles. The family rivalry meant that he would 'up his game' if he was losing. Only then would you see his true standard of play.
My favourite memory of Ian is something I will always treasure. Gregg, Mark, Lisa and myself have often reminisced of it since that day in 2017. Ian joined us on walking the last leg of The Southdowns Way around Cuckmere Haven and to Eastbourne. Ian loved a freebie so the first stop at the 'Fill your boots' cafe with free 'fake' bourbon biscuits, together with being treated to a pot of tea, put a huge beaming smile on his face. The walk highlighted Ian's archaeological knowledge and enthusiasm and he happily explained about the small bits of flint and World War 2 bullet casings he found. Obviously he kept his treasures! In true Ian fashion, he ended the walk going down the final hill by walking backwards and encouraging us all to try it.
Ian was quite rightly proud of his daughter Hannah and son Ewan. The world is a poorer place without Ian but through Hannah and Ewan his legacy will live on.

Graham Bartley


Ian and I had 35 years of friendship at Arun Leisure Centre and Middleton Sports Club, playing Squash, tennis and racketball both as partners and opponents. He was an exemplary sportsman, a unique character, an intelligent and well informed individual and will be greatly missed.

Mark Garbett


A privilege to know Ian a little at Middleton Sports Club. My memory of him is a charming, gentle, irreproachable man.

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