Joan Florence Hurst

Joan Florence Hurst

08.06.1924 - 04.01.2021

Joan peacefully passed away on 4th January. She will sadly missed by devoted family and friends.

Brian Hurst


Well MUM, its taken me a while to get my thoughts together.
I know your with Dad now and at peace.

What a life we all had together;
Victor, me, Peter, and Edward, our upbringing and the values you both passed to us all, we know by heart. Living with your Mum & Dad first at 89 Buckfast Road where I was born and again later at 8 Llanthony Road because of Nan’s heart issues we all moved in together, great fun times having our Nan & Grandad living in the same house. Your craving for a 5 pack of cigarettes and a bottle of cream soda when we lived in Merstham and me running down to the corner shop to get them for you, promising not to tell dad of course, whoops that secrets out now.

Our trip to Australia for the promise of a better life and how we rallied round to get home when we were put in an old army camp, Dad, Victor and I all working to contribute to the pot what a team. When Dad retired your adventures moving down to Polegate and then onto Pevensey Bay before moving along the coast to Bognor, and then into Arran Gate. Over the years you managed to have 2 different flats there and I think you were happy and it helped you with Dad. Wherever you went we all managed to come down regularly and when Patricia and I bought our first boat we managed to cycle from Birdham to Bognor to see you.

Thanks to you and Dad all our lives are full of wonderful memories. Our families, your grandchildren will I'm sure follow in our footsteps with similar values and their children likewise. Thats quite an achievement by a wonderful couple, our Mum & Dad, neither of you ever stopped from supporting us as we found our way through life and we all know how proud you were of our achievements.

Missing you lots, always will, my life feels a little empty now but I’m so very lucky to have Patricia and all of our 4 children, husbands and wives and 6 wonderful grandchildren around me.

I know we will all meet up again one day, until then I’ll keep you and Dad in my heart.

Thanks for everything you did for me.

Lots of love to a wonderful Mother, friend and supporter.

Brian X

Ian Vincent


A sad time but thank you guys for arranging such a suitable service and letting those of us who were unable to attend view the service from afar.

Patricia Hurst


Dear Mum/Joan/NanaNana

All my memories of you make me smile:
Your sense of fun and your sense of humour.
You brought light and laughter to the dullest day.
Totally committed to supporting and encouraging your family
And, when you felt it necessary, a sharp word to a stranger!

I will remember and miss you always.
You welcomed me into your lovely family.
You were interested in what we were doing.
A joy to see your pleasure on our boat trip around Torbay;
Giving advice and encouragement in the veggie plot and
Loving our Jasper as much as we did.

Our walks in Hotham Park with Alex and Abigail.
They will miss you too.
You had a wonderful way with children -
Making them feel loved and secure.
A naturally caring and nurturing lovely lady.

Your life was long and full and you lived it fully and bravely.
You couldn’t get a replacement joint - so you went to France!
How brave was that!
You drove your buggy as if you owned the road.
You were fiercely independent and I admired you immensely.

You cared about others: family, friends and neighbours.
And these qualities will live on in your four sons.
You were so proud of them - deservedly so.
And they are so proud of you.

Rest softly now.
No aches, no pains.
In the arms of your beloved husband Robert.
You will both be forever in our hearts.

With Very Much Love.
Patricia xx



Oh my lovely Joan

Such a privilege to call you my friend. So many fond memories.. I could write all day.
Some of my best memories were on our adventures out.. Like the time you leant out of my car window to shout at a lady for stepping out in front of us.. Boy did she react! So did I.. I don't think I've ever sunk so low in my seat whilst driving before.. Ha ha!
I used to pick you up from Jeff's hairdressers and watch you slip a pound tip into his back pocket whilst he was tending to the other ladies hair, and then you used to tell me that you had no idea what everyone in the hairdressers had been speaking about for the last hour, because you had no hearing aid in! We used to laugh!
Our visits to the garden centre and drinking tea with my neighbour Pete. Remember he used to give us a kiss on the cheek.. I swear that is why we used to go there so often!
You shared stories about your past and always showed great pride when telling me stories about your boys and their families.. I still never quite got to grips with who's children belonged to who. So many!
Despite you growing weak in later months, you always showed determination and remained positive. You would always crack a joke or say a sarcastic comment. You were such a joy to be around. Even in the mornings.. I would gently wake you up with a cup of weak tea and you would ask me what day it was, and what the weather was doing, and then proceed with, 'Oh, I'm going back to bed then'.

My dear Joan. I will take so much away with me and you will always have a special place in my heart.
Goodnight my darling

You keep them all in check up there wont you!

Much love
Max xxx

Stephen Hurst


Dear Aunt Joan,

Thanks for all your help and advice over the years (including the recipe for your fruit cake!) I used to enjoy all our chats on the phone and always looked forward to the updates on your French Lessons!

It was lovely to see you and Peter when you came to visit My Dad and I in Durham just before he passed away. Like my brother John said, my Mam and Dad used tell us lots of stories about yourself and Uncle Bob.

Lots of love,
Stephen. x

John Hurst


Lovely service today for auntie Joan. My dad Pat and mam Marie used to tell me lovely stories about uncle Bobby and auntie Joan. She was obviously a remarkable lady who will always be remembered with lots of love. RIP auntie Joan. xxx

Angela Castle


In Loving memory of a dear Mum, Joan
Dear Mum, (I was honoured to call you Mum) Amazing, wonderful and very special lady.
You took me into your heart and gave me so much, love, fun, caring and sharing and not forgetting the knitting!
I am privileged to have been a part of your life and to have you in mine. I have so much to thank you for, you always put a smile on my face. I will treasure the special times we shared together and memories forever.
Always in my heart, never forgotten. Love you lots and miss you everyday
Yours Angela (Girly} XXXX



Hi Mum,
I miss you so much. Even the hospital and the doctors visits, when you got so impatient, at having to queue. And told me, quite often, and quite loudly, that the person just being called had arrived after you.
I looked forward to seeing you every Sunday and every Thursday, I have been so blessed to spend so many hours with you. And enjoyed so many walks, so many stories and so much ice cream.
I miss your smile, your humour, your love.
I am so sorry I could not bring you home, I know that you wanted to come home, and I so wanted to do that for you. You always did so much for us, and I always felt so loved by you and Dad. So sorry I could not do that.
We will continue to visit Bognor and visit the Lobster Pot, the Cafe in the Park and the Oyster Catcher, and think of you and all the wonderful times we had.
I know that you and Dad will always be with me, and I thank you for that. You are both in my thoughts and in my heart. Love you forever, Peter.



Mum, Grandma and Grandma Stick, we all miss you and have been so blessed to have you in our lives. Love you lots,

Vivien Horlock


Dear Auntie Joan, your parents took Mum in when her own mother passed away and she spent three very happy years in Morden before marrying Dad. My own memories go back to the visits you, Bob and the boys made to Amersham on the motorbike and sidecar - how did you fit everyone in?

We shared letters and telephone calls over many years as well as a few visits Peter and I made to see you in Bognor. We shall remember in particular the wonderful day we shared on your 90th and we shall picture you surrounded by your family of all ages!
Sleep well.
Love from Vivien and Peter



Your boys did you proud today and although it was so hard to say goodbye be assured that the family bond that you and dad created will carry on. You taught me so much about how to be a wife and mother and I will miss you more than words can say. There will always be a place in my heart for you and I will look after your little boy and keep an eye on the big one for you. Rest now your work is done. Lots of love Marion

Jill Eveleigh


Dear Joan, I know that you will be so missed by all the family. But I have so many memories of you from very early on in my life.
However the latter years with your 'terrible twin' Eileen will never leave David and myself. You had such fun together and we had a lot of laughs and enjoyment seeing you both loving your lives to the full.
Bless you and Rest in Peace.
Jill and David Eveleighxxx




One of kind, had that rare 'Use it up... Wear it out... Make it do... Or do without' attitudes! So many stories you told, and one that you walked miles to work during the war, only to find, your work had been bombed, so you just popped around the corner and got another one, as you do. Your positive spirit will be remembered and You and Grandad brought up 4 Son's with Respect, Loyalty, Discipline but most of all Love. I am so lucky to having a loving extended family, my Dad and Uncles have followed and led by your example.

We were so lucky and honoured to have you as our witness at our wedding and for you to spend time with our little Chloe. I will tell her when she grows up, how lucky I was to call your our Nan. Your love to Me, Kelly and Chloe will never be forgotten. You always thought of others before yourself. Even offering to do the neighbours shopping, and making sure family came first. Christmases will be hard without you sitting at the head of table, just like Grandad did. And more recent Christmases with all of your Great Grandchildren running around causing chaos, while you sat there and just smiled your gorgeous smile.

It's so hard writing this and so much more I want to say.

But for now, give Grandad a cuddle for me, say hello to all of our love ones that are up there with you.

Memories are in our hearts, always loved and will never be forgotten

One of Kind!


Matt, Kelly and Chloe x x x

Ben Hurst


Nanna Stick
I will miss the times we had lunch on the sea front. It created fond memories in Dylan Imogen me and Justine. Dylan will always remember going along the high street on your mobility scooter together. Imogen will never forget the big bunny rabbit you have and the story of how you got it, even if we have heard it many times.
You are the head of the ever growing Hurst family. No matter how big our family got there was always room for them in your heart you brought us altogether. Although this is a sad time I am also thankful that I had you for my nan and that we could spend many times together.
You will always be in my heart and truly missed.
You had a massive heart, a strong mind and sheer will power but above all made me and many others laugh.
You can rest now
Love Ben and the family

Brenda Ware


A remarkable lady who will be missed very much.

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