John Heasman

John Heasman

01.01.1947 - 27.07.2022

John sadly passed away at his home on 27th July 2022, aged 75 years. He will be greatly missed by all his family and friends.

Michael Hancock


Remembering my dear friend John who was sadly taken from us one year ago(27th July),miss our chats on the phone about the past at work and the football,a great friend missed by all Michael x



Dear John
A life well lived
Sheila, James, Tina & Tomas

Joan Heasman


Missed but never forgotten.



Fair winds and following seas.



Dear John

Although I met you around 25 years ago, I feel like I have known you for much longer. Being Em's significant other, I have heard all sorts of stories about the young John Heasman to the John Heasman I knew right until the end.

The one that always sticks in my mind is having a full size snooker table in the living room, just because you wanted one. That was the thing I really admired about you John, you threw yourself in 110%. I think if your daughter didn't mind, I could see myself doing things like that.

I used to enjoy getting a History Lessons when we came to visit because you always made something interesting, more interesting. I know Em/Steve/Joan had already had the lessons before but I felt like a new student to the classroom with Mr Heasman and I enjoyed every minute of them. Your Music Lessons were also just as good with the tin whistle, the accordion, or any instrument to hand, it was just a shame that class started very early in the morning sometimes when we stayed :)

Personally John, although you worked the on the railway all your life, I think that you missed your calling in life as you would have made a great teacher.

Football was always there between us. Be-it chatting in person or texting, I always enjoyed the rants we had. Even though you were a Brighton fan and myself a Man United fan, we both had a mutual respect for each other's team and a mutual loathing of Leeds United. So even if we lost, we could be happy together if Leeds did too. I did tell you Brighton would beat Man United on the opening game, I was just gutted I didn't get the chance to share that with you. I will really miss our football season texts.

It has been a pleasure and an honour knowing you all those years, it's just gut wrenching that there won't be more.




A dear friend and neighbour, always willing to help whenever I needed you. You will be sadly missed xx

Edward Kiefer


I would like to post a tribute to John, the most wonderful, sweet, caring, intelligent man you could ever meet.

Meet John in 1995, the dad of my very best friend Steve. I have always enjoyed the warm atmosphere of John's house, with the beautiful artefacts that john most loved, his passion for history, music & sailing are those that I admire & resonate with very much.

John loved the history of the railways & I have fond memories of him visiting our family home in Steyning, pouring over maps related to the disused railways of Sussex.

John had a terrific sense of humour & would often have us in stitches when we met.

John was a loving father to his children & a fantastic husband to Joan, who always put the needs of others above his own. A humble man, who had his retirement stolen away so suddenly. There are no words to express my grief over this.

I feel privileged to have spent some time with John a week before he left us. Although it has very painful to see John unwell, I wanted to be by his side in any way that I could.

We will remember you always John & your presence will very much stay alive with us, thinking of you always.

With deep regret, I am unable to attend on the day, all my thoughts are with Steve, Joan, Emma and wider family.

Much love



Dear Dad,

When I was four, the class photographer asked if anyone knew what a "frock" was. My hand shot up. I did. People often wondered how I knew so much for my age. They didn't realise that my dad was a natural-born teacher, a man with endless curiosity and enthusiasm who always had knowledge to share.

And that's your legacy for me. You taught me that no one is ever alone if they can read and that no one truly dies until the ripples they left in the world stop. You gave me a childhood of magic ships and treasure hunts, of poems and nature, animals, music and the sea.

With each passing year, I realise how much I value those qualities in you, in myself and in others. We didn't always see the world the same but we could talk about that and hear each other out. I will miss our long chats about anything and everything. I will miss you but the ripples you left will echo on, always.

Love you,
Em x

Joan Heasman


Dear John,
Thank you for being you. We had 52 glorious years together.
We had two wonderful children that have given us many years of happiness. They are both settled with amazing partners.
Between us we had many pastimes that we enjoyed. The garden being one.
I miss you so much.
All my love, forever.
Joan xxx

Rosemary Ross


In memory of John

Rosemary John Jane and les


Fond memories of cousin John

Steven Heasman


Dear Dad. Thank you for being such a wonderful, supportive father and best friend. Not a day will go by where I don't miss you.

Our heart-to-heart talks, our discussions about history and current affairs, our music sessions, and our cheering on of Brighton & Hove Albion FC together - these are memories I will treasure and carry with me forever.

Your passing has left a gaping hole in this world and in my heart, but I will feel you at my side always. A beautiful sunset, a cool breeze on a summer's day, rain on the windows at night, and the crashing of the waves on the shore, I will see you and hear you in all these things and more.

Raise your mainsail and voyage in eternal peace Dad.

All our love, forever

Steve & Belinda xxxx

Michael Hancock


It was a privilege and honour having you in my life for over 55yrs,you were more than friend more like a older brother.
Remember at work all those years ago we were always playing pranks ,the one that sticks in my mind is when the gas fitter came to mend the heater in our Guards room you crept in and put a can of sugar and water on the gas stove with the top on, we both crept out and walked up the platform when a almighty bang came from our Guards room with the gas fitter running up the platform! We certainly had some good times at work always looking out for each other.
When Mary died I knew I could phone you and speak to you, a comforting voice I will never forget.
Dear John you will be in my heart forever I shall miss you immensely, RIP John the most caring friend that comes around once in a life time and I was lucky enough to have this friend in my life that I will never forget you. Michael xxx


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