John Thomas Finneran

John Thomas Finneran

11.04.1942 - 13.07.2021

John sadly passed away on 13th July 2021 aged 79 years. Devoted husband to Shirley. He will be so sorely missed by Shirley, his children, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, he was an absolute legend to all.

Joanna Finneran


I miss you so much dad, you will forever be in my heart xxX❤️Xxx

Natasha Finneran-Arm


I love you with all of my heart,
My tears are yet to dry,
I think of all the good things,
I break down and I cry.

I long to hear your laughter,
Just one more time again,
To take away the sadness,
Bring a smile, despite the pain.

They say that times a healer,
That memories will remain,
But they do not know, my hero,
I will never be the same.

To me you were the greatest,
The best there ever was,
You loved me unconditionally,
No reason, just because.

To all you were a legend,
To me you are my dad,
We walked a wonderful journey,
Through the good and all the bad.

I wonder how I will do this,
Without you by my side,
I just pray to the lord above,
He will let you be my guide.

I love you more than anything,
My heart breaks more each day,
I hope you hear the words,
I send you when I pray.

You will always be the best,
And I’ll always be your baby,
I’ve got mums hand for you,
No ifs, no ands, no maybes.

I will try and make you proud,
I will try and be the best,
Trouble is you took that title,
You were better than all the rest.

I love you dad, forever,
Forever and a day,
Although you’ll be in my mind,
It will be in my heart you’ll stay.


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