June West

June West

11.06.1937 - 23.06.2023

June sadly passed away on 23rd June 2023 aged 86 years. She will be greatly missed by all her family and friends.



Dear June, I have read through all the wonderful messages left by your lovely family and friends. I can only think how touched and humbled you would feel to hear everyones thoughts and memories. I knew you through my lovely brother in law David and just how special and loved you were. I remember you being a very gentle, kind and caring lady. Thinking of you and all your wonderful family and friends. With love xx



June will be remembered by us for all the lovely times we shared together celebrating our families. Happy happy memories.
Sylvia & Willy.

Charlotte, Katie, Molly, Jack, Julie & Lee


With our deepest condolences at this sad time. We’re so lucky to have known June and we all hold such special memories, especially the Christmas quizzes we shared. All our love xx

Tracey west


May u rest in peace Aunty June, I remember my Dad always talking fondly of you and his brother Uncle Norman ...im so very sorry for Uncle Norman and the rest of your family Linda and Barry and your grandchildren etc you will be sadly missed and forever remembered. With much love Tracey and family.

Mary, Dave, Steven and Pamela


June will always be in our thoughts, gone but not forgotten. X

Barry Turner


I met you in 1976 when you were only 39 , I married Lin in 1979 and you were now my Mother- in -law ,you welcomed me in to your family and I thought of you as a friend .
You were one of the nicest people I have ever met , you never had a bad word to say about anyone, and you were never judgemental .
You offered me support when I lost my own Mum when I was 32 and later when I lost my Dad , you were very caring and a good listener.
You encouraged me when I was re training to do IT support , and you were always there if I needed advice on anything .
Christmas was so important to you when we all got together as a family and I was always spoiled the same as everyone else with thoughtful gifts, you loved to make everyone's day and I will always think of you when I open a box of Maltesers ! and a game of trivial pursuit , you had a wealth of knowledge and gave me a run for my money !
We had lots of good times on holidays with you and I will never forget our first holiday we all had in Crete and me trying to teach you Nap a card
game , and you said, "The only Nap I need is to go to bed" !
I was proud to be your son -in - law, you will be greatly missed and never forgotten, you will always be with us in our memories .
Love Barry



To my lovely nan,

I'm so grateful to have had such an amazing, special nan. You were so incredibly selfless, kind and caring and the best role model to us all.

You were more than just a nan to me, you were my friend. I loved our laughter filled afternoons together and sharing the highs and lows of my week with you. I will miss how much it made me laugh when you told grandpa off when he was being cheeky and the loving look you would both share when he would instantly win you back over with a big grin!

You were always there when I needed you and you helped me through some very tough times.

I could never really put into words how very special you were to me but I loved you so much and you were such an important part of my life.

I'm so pleased Chloe got to know, love and share my wonderful nan.

I miss you so much already but you will always be with me in my heart, thoughts and warm memories.

Love you always nan xxx



Dearest June, sadly my memories of you are mainly from my childhood, I will always have fond memories of the warmth & kindness you showed myself & Kathleen as children. I wish I had seen more of you as an adult. You & Norman were special people, RIP June with love from Sheila x



A tribute for my Mum
There are no words adequate enough to express how close we were, we had a very special bond that Mother and daughter have and with only 20 years between us you were like my best friend.
We shared so many happy times together , we laughed we had fun,we went to the theatre , you would trail round all the shops with me without complaint and I would go back to the first one and buy the first thing I saw! :) we would laugh about it afterwards.
I am so happy that we had so many family holidays as children and adults and made so many happy memories, too many to write down but they are all in my heart.
I can't imagine life without you Mum, I want to talk to you about things that have happened already , I know you would have had the right words for me ,I will miss our almost daily catch-ups and I know how much they meant to you as well.
You and Dad were so happy together and what a good looking couple you were.I used to love to see you both dance the waltz together at Selsey ballroom dances I used to think "that's my Mum and Dad up there " I felt so proud of you both, I always have been and always will be.Dad was the luckiest man to have you as his wife, you were his world and there could be no deeper love than you both shared.

I feel like a part of me has gone with you Mum but you are with me in my heart always and forever, I love you so much , Linda xxxxxx

Debbie Rodgers


Dearest Aunty June, no words can express the great loss in your passing. You were such a kind and caring person. You will always in our thoughts and in our hearts. God bless you. Debbie, Neil, Krissy and Nicky xx

Brian & Wendy Norman


I well remember spending several happy holidays in Barnstaple in the late 40's when I expressed surprise that the whole family had travelled in this little Austin 7 with its minute engine all the way from Kingston on Thames, to which dad Bill retorted no problem,, even if the engine failed "I have a spare in the shed at home". Such was travelling in those far off days!

Isabel West


June just know how lucky and honoured I am to have known you and have you in our lives. I will cherish the great memories, and all the moments we have shared with you.
I don’t have a lot of classic “mother-in-law” stories, actually none. I am writing this on my iphone and I Googled ‘mother in law.’ What I found were links to mother in law jokes, an ad for a therapist “if you have Mother in Law problems?” and I couldn’t help but laugh. Mother in laws have been the fodder of jokes, TV shows, but I was never able to relate to this since I had the best mother-in-law in the world.

June was mum to me. June and I had a wonderful relationship in the 39 years I have been married to her son, she was such a warm, compassionate beautiful lady inside & out .

I am so sad that someone so amazing lost her life.

I am so sad that a mother of 2, and grandmother of 4 and great grandmother of 5 was taken from her family.

I am so sad that an amazing friend was taken from those who adored her.

I am so sad that our future great grand children will never know one of their great-grandparents.

But most of all, I am so dreadfully sad that my best friend in the world lost the woman who shaped him into who he is today.

Unfortunately, all the anger in the world can’t undo what happened. More than that, she wouldn’t want us to be angry. You see, my mother-in-law was not your average woman, she was special and I miss her so much.

Nothing I could write could describe the type of person my mother-in-law was,
Rest in peace, and thank you for everything you’ve done. You truly left the world better than you found it.

Love from Isabel your daughter in law

Emma Elder



It’s hard to imagine never seeing your face again or feeling the warmth of your “hello” as you open your door and the embrace of your special hugs…
You really did make me feel like the most special girl in the world every time I saw you.
But I know we all felt like that around you!

Know that every time I see a box of Maltesers it’ll make me think of you (how I will miss those at Christmas time) as will mint chocolate vienetta ice cream, wine gums and crab sandwiches (which I think I’ve only ever eaten at your house anyway!!!).

You were the kindest, most caring and positively perfect nanny - exactly like the good ones you see in films.
Thank you for all the memories, joy and all the ways you helped me grow into the mother I am myself now. I’ll never forget how I felt around you and if I’m lucky enough I hope to emulate that with my own children’s children some day…
Wherever you are now I hope you’ll get to see that somehow & feel proud of us all continuing to put family first.

So grateful to have had a nanny like you.
I love you lots and lots
Emma xxxxx

Paul & Emma Turner


We all miss you so much Nan.
You were so kind, thoughtful, beautiful and wise!
We will miss you playing the board games with us at Christmas. You always knew all the trivial answers (we won’t mention articulate)
We will miss how your face lit up when you saw us and in particular Elodie and Edison.
We will miss just knowing you were around the corner at anytime and would always welcome us around with open arms.
You truly were the most amazing Nan and Great Nan to us all!
We love you so much.
With love and fond memories,
Paul, Emma,Elodie and Edison xx

David West


All Mums are special

I’ll start with the ending I love you so much
I may not get there as my emotions erupt

I wake in the morning my first thought is you
I don’t want to remember, I want to see you

The pain that I’m feeling goes right to my core
It’s hard to suppress it I can’t anymore
My eyes glaze over and tears hit my cheek
I fight my emotions but the emotions aren’t weak

I don’t need to do this the emotions are real
I need to embrace them to express how I feel

I sit in the garden watch the rising sun unhide
I tilt my head backwards to accept the warmth it provides
It seems to help me but it’s not quite enough
The emotions I’m feeling are brutal and tough

I look at the flowers you cherished so dearly
The amazing bright colours bring pageant & beauty
I imagine you’re smiling as you look down at them
It raises my spirits which is needed so clearly

My heart is broken my head is exploding my stomach is hurting my whole body is yearning

I need to stop now as Mum would not want this
She would want me to be uplifted and regaining happiness

I have my family and Mums beautiful genes
We will honour her memory and continue her legacy

We will never forget you, we love you so much
All Mums are special especially you

Jocelyn Stones


There are no goodbyes for us June. You will will stay in our hearts forever.
Good friends for nearly 40 years - We met in at a taverna whilst on holiday in Corfu and spent the whole 2 weeks together, what a laugh we had with you and Norman.
But now you are a star twinkling bright in the sky for us all to see.
Keep shining June. xx

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