Kaja Weronika Spiewak

Kaja Weronika Spiewak

06.06.2002 - 07.04.2021

Kaja sadly passed away on 7th April at the age of 18 years. Loving daughter, devoted twin sister and also a much loved big sister too as well as a caring friend. We are so lucky to have had you in our lives and you will be in our hearts forever.



missing you as always, happy halloween ángel in heaven <3



Dear Kaja,
I never really could comprehend your passing or find the words to say,
I miss you and I wish you were here every day, I wish things were not how they are and I wish I could turn back time and speak to you again, I have so much left unsaid and recently I have wanted to talk to you more than ever.
I will always see you wherever I go and will carry your memory with me,
Love Eleanor x



missing you more today than anything. can’t believe it’s been a year since you left. sending all my love to you



Hey Kaja,
I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, I hope you are happy , you were so beautiful inside and out



Not a day goes by where I don’t think about you, I truly hope that you’re resting in peace. I miss you so much



you were and still continue to be beautiful, thoughtful, funny, and incredibly strong. You always made sure people you loved felt safe and comfortable, whatever we were doing and wherever we were. I was too late to come see you, spend the time and have the catch up. We had so much still left to do. I miss you, but i know your in a better place and free of suffering. I'll continue to think of you and love you from here. In the next lifetime you deserve to live through and see everything good this lifetime has to offer.

Michela Cocolin


Sweet Kaja, I remember you as a little girl, walking to school every day with sister Kamila and proud mum Iwona, with whom I worked at Bersted School for a short time and shared experiences of being both young mums, raising children in a foreign country, believing in love and destiny. I hope you are now at peace and that your family can find comfort in the love and memories they share. Sending you a big hug, Iwona. x



you’ve been on my mind a lot lately Kaja, whenever i think of you my heart hurts. i hope you’re happy whenever you may be right now, i really miss you x



it’s been 2 years since we last saw eachother, and im missing you more than ever, forever in my thoughts. i love you kaja.



i’ve been missing you a lot lately, you are always on my mind. hope they’re treating you well up there xx



3 miesiące- tak mało, a tak wiele naszego czasu. Tyle myśli,tyle myśli, tyle myśli............



You had the purest most beautiful soul. I will always remember the sound of your laugh as you ran around the ward and I will always remember your precious smile. you can now rest and be happy somewhere else. I love you forever sweet angel❤️



I met you at your lowest and even then you were a spark of light, your giggles and beautiful smile will always stay with me, I can't get my head around your passing as you were so full of love and life. I remember you doing my makeup and my hair and when you took us outside for a picnic with your favourite snacks, you were such a kind soul. Thank you for bringing joy into my life and showing me such kindness even when you were suffering deeply, I miss you and I love you dearly, I hope you are dancing around up there like I remember you, so many people love you.

amy clark


I never thought i would ever be writing this for you. You are truly one of the most sweet and kind people, a beautiful soul. We didn’t meet in the best of places, ending up living together teaching me about eyeliner but knowing you is something i will cherish in my heart forever. You deserved so much more, but i’m glad your in a better place now. we miss you so much already.
Love your next door neighbour x

Iwona Collins


Today you would have been 19 and I hope wherever you are, you are having a good time. Remembering and celebrating the time I had with you, I cherish every moment.

Not a day goes by when you are not in my thoughts and nothing is the same without you and never will be.

One day we will be reunited my Angel and until then I miss you so much it hurts.

With all my love always

Mum ❤

Maria Pena-Bermejo


Praying for the family at this time. Sorry to hear you are not here anymore Kaja. There are not words to express the sadness we all felt when we heard you are gone. Your artistic spirit is in a better place now. Missing you ❤

Denys Marytczak


Farewell Kaja, I wanted to talk to you, and tell you that I felt the same and was the same... but now it is too late.



It feels like a lifetime since I last heard your voice or your giggles; since I saw you smile your wonderful smile, or listened to you speak words full of encouragement and love.
You were always the brave twin.
Kaja got rid of all the spiders, always volunteered to go before me, ordered my food for me. But she didn’t like to bring up how she had fought battles that not many people have to. She didn’t laugh or boast about her bravery then. I wish she did, I’ll forever be beyond proud of her.
But not only was Kaja brave, she was kind, hardworking, loyal, goofy, thoughtful, skilled, helpful, funny, and generous. She was also honest, independent, resilient, a listener, an artist, enthusiastic, forgiving, humble, selfless and grateful.
I’m so lucky to be her twin— so lucky that I got to grow up with her by my side, always. She was always there with me, every single day and when she couldn’t be, I knew she would always be there for me.
Until we meet again xxxxxxxxxxx Kami / silly



Dear Kaja,
I hope you have found peace for you, as you brought calm to so many others around you. I will aways be glad to have had that time to get to know you, as a kind, thoughtful, immensely brave and gentle soul, working through so much.

To Kaja’s family,
I am thinking of you all through this impossibly difficult time. Thank you for letting me be present to pay my respects, and for letting me in to form a part of Kaja’s life over this last year. Please take care of and be gentle with yourselves and each other.




Laura Kosinskaite


To Kaja❤️
Thank you for being the most caring, considerate and amazing friend that anyone could ever ask for, I was so lucky to know you and have you in my life.

Rest in Peace

Iwona Collins


To my Darling Daughter

Angel was my name for you and you were an Angel. I am so lucky to have had you as my daughter. You will be in my heart forever.

Your at peace now.

Lots of Love

Mum x x x

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