Leigh Robert Banks

Leigh Robert Banks

31.03.1978 - 03.11.2021

Leigh passed away on 3rd November 2021 aged 43 years. He will be greatly missed by all his family and friends.



God bless you Leigh xxx
you'll be remembered with great fondness...a true diamond!!
lots of love to you and your family xxx

Andy Bryer


Leakie boy as you were always known in my little world - I still cannot believe that you wont come charging through my front door anymore asking my wife " where is he then H ? " followed by Andy boy - good ole And !!!!!!
The laughs we had my friend working together I will always cherish & carry with me for the rest of my life - no one can take that away mate !!! ever .
I have so many crazy & happy memories of the pair of us from Bognor to London to where ever & beyond over so many years my friend - Our stay in Walcott Square in London together putting the Bishops town house back together was the best ever - living in a basement , feeding off your legendry barbies / me doing my head chef bit - eating like kings / working like Trojans & planet rock on the radio - just the pair of us
Rest in peace my friend - until the next time Leakie Boy
Love Ya
Andy boy / H xxxxxxxx

Jannie xxx


leigh such a gentle giant with a heart of gold you always made everyone laugh cherished memories we hold close forever goodnight godbless sweetheart love you always xxxxx



To my beautiful brother Leigh,
What can I say without saying a thousand or more words. But all I can say leeroy is I will forever be grateful to you for being the most loving, caring, considerate, generous and the best brother and best friend a girl could ask for. The bond we had was always noticed and even envied and admired by so many, I knew you like a book and I’ll miss knowing the next page. You will always be by my side I know that
And you have a piece of heart with you always our bond will never be broken. I talk to you everyday and will keep doing so as I know your here with me always❤️ I love you my beautiful boy my beautiful brother and best friend as we always say love you to the stars and back, until we meet again and I run into your arms for a big bruv hug, love you leeroy always xxxxxx

Angie & John


I'm so sorry I wasn't always around for you and missed seeing you grow up to be a kind and loving young man to all your family and friends, especially your beautiful Mum. However, you were often in my thoughts.
Sleep well and in peace.



Whenever we hear Elvis, it makes us think of you, the Leigh you used to be and we once knew. RIP.
Char and Dan x



Such a kind loving soul
RIP Leigh



Leigh was the best uncle I could have ever asked for, all he wanted to do was to make all of his friends and family as happy as he could he was the most gentle, funny and loving person I’ve ever met, I’ll never forget all of the funny memories with him, fly high Leigh I love you more than ever❤️❤️

Cindy Smith (Ellis)


Leigh, what a character you were, a lifetime friend and will be missed very much. Your huge personality and presence was felt by so many. Such a true privilege to have had many huge big hugs from you Leigh. Such a gentle giant in every way. Rest now with nan and grandad as I no you will be being spoilt rotten with them. Much love and treasured memories of you. Shine on you crazy diamond

Yasmine Banks


Leigh was genuinely just so pure and caring about his family, I always loved going around to Leigh’s house for family bbq’s, he would always know how to make us laugh and feel safe when he’s around. I miss his big cuddles and his hoodies when his nieces would get cold in the summer evenings. He always knew how to light up the room when he entered and make someone feel better if they were down, I love you forever uncle Leigh, and you deserved so much better than what this life had to offer you, may you rest in peace❤️

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