Maureen Ann Forry

Maureen Ann Forry

17.02.1946 - 25.04.2019

Maureen passed away peacefully on 25th April 2019, aged 73 years. Beloved wife of John, much loved mum of Maureen, Sean, Liam and the late Amanda and loving nanny and great nanny. Sadly missed by all her family and friends. Rest in Peace.

Linda Hawkins


My beloved big sis Maureen…it has taken me until now to be able to put words down, it was just too upsetting before. Maureen was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known, she would do anything to help others and always with a smile on her face. We were always very close and she was the person in life who I looked up to, who I sought advice from especially after we lost our darling Mum way back in 1979, ironically she also died of cancer. Maureen was a brilliant wife to my big bro John (I always called him that as he was the only brother I have known). She was also a marvellous mum, daughter and sister. We also lost our younger sister Vanetta many years ago which was also a great sadness. Maureen is always in my thoughts and prayers I am just pleased she is now reunited with her darling John and Amanda, and our darling Mum and Dad. My world is now very empty without them but I believe that one day we will be reunited. God bless big sis x

Trish McCormick


Maureen was so wonderful to ourselves in every way - she honoured us forever with her genuine love, care and great humour.
We were just so privileged to have John and Maureen holiday with us at our Melbourne home. We have fond memories that we will so proudly hold forever. Our thoughts and love are with yourself John - Maureen was just so special to ourselves, and we have the pleasure of holding the most beautiful memories of Maureen forever. Love always. John

Dear Aunty Maureen, I write this hoping that I can do justice to what a wonderful person you were. Many of you writing on this page have acknowledged many of Maureen's attributes. I felt we shared a special bond, but I think everyone who met Maureen would feel that way. She had a wonderful way of connecting with people. I just loved Maureen's infectious laugh. Her amazing resilience through difficult times was something to be behold. Not to mention here ability to give everyone in our family a nick name. Mine was Biddy,named after there drooling Cat, given to me the night after Maureen and Tony's wedding in 1988 ?? (it's a long story). When John & Maureen visited us in Australia round 2012, my own boys didn't escape landing a nickname. Patrick now 18, was given the title of Paddy long legs, Aedan (17) was called 'tinker' man due to his cheeky behaviour and Jared was called The little man, being the youngest of the boys. Maureen treated my boys like her own Aussie grandkids. She never missed a birthday or xmas without a card and or treat. I listened to Maureen & John talk for hours about the love and care they had for Amanda, and all of there children, Maureen, Sean, Liam and their respective partners, grandchildren & great grandchildren. She proudly sharing photos of you all on face book. You may have left the earth but you will not be forgotten as a little part of you will live on thru your children & grandchildren. It was an absolute pleasure to have know you & be a part of your family. My heart goes out to you uncle john. All our love Trish, John, Patrick, Aedan & Jared.

Natalie Forry


You as a mother in law I was lucky to know
Such a strong brave woman and that is so

You welcomed me lovingly into your family home
And with such a large family you never did moan

Being an only child brothers and sisters I always hoped for
And marrying Sean I could not have wished for any more

In so many ways I am just like you, and round the house I do not creep
Shoes off please and always hoovering when the boys are still fast asleep

I have so many memories of you I will remember and cherish forever
And when the butterflies are around I will always hope for nice weather

Your final days and Sean singing Danny Boy to you when you were trying to sleep
You saying his singing was bad and smiling will always make me weep

The song will stay with us all and when it is now being sung or heard
Us knowing you are now in heaven with Amanda your baby bird

Love you forever
Natalie xxx.

Anthony Reed-Forrester


I wrote this for Maureen Forry, who I have always called Mum even though she is my mother-in-law, I wrote this to try and show my appreciation and love for her.
I wanted to post it here today because like all of us who lose a loved one;

I miss her!

She died prematurely from Cancer yesterday. Cancer a relentless disease which gradually over the past two years took Maureen from us all.

I could only look on in awe as she battled the disease with an incredible strength and dignity, confounding everyone expectation’s on how long she could and did survive the battle.

When she made it to my daughter Alecia wedding last year, the sight of her holding her grandchild on that special day was as special to me as the day itself.

We all have had to learn to put on a tough exterior to make it through difficult days and now to make it through the process of coming to terms with losing Maureen.

On the outside, we act like, “I can do this”, yet on the inside we are scared of losing her, and what that will truly mean.

In the past two years I have tried to avoid facing what has inevitably happened, by carrying on as though she had not been diagnosed with a cancer at all.

I did not want my wife to lose her mother and I did not want myself or my family, to imagine a life without her.
I wanted my children and grand-children to continue to be influenced by the person she is and not the person she was . . .

I have sometimes struggled to understand my own feelings around what was happening.

Recently I have watched on the outside as her body has wilted away while being riddled with the frustration that there is nothing I or any of us could do to stop the disease’s progression.

I have and will hold my wife in her grief and try to put on a smile on it.
I have tried to do my best, but I wonder; how have I done as her son–in-law?
Did she know how much I appreciated & loved her; how proud I am to be her son in law?
I felt that in writing this, in some way may define my true feelings and provide closure.

I hope my words can do her justice.

My first assessment of Maureen was that she was a very very strong loving Matriarch, a sweet woman who was nearly always happy, a woman who lived her life for her family.

It took me longer than I want to admit understanding just how special Maureen was.

As soon as I met her daughter; Maureen as a mother was always there, a constant in an erratic world that I, we could always rely on.

Through difficult times like Little Mo’s first miscarriage and good times at the birth of our children.
She physically helped with the birth of our first Daughter Sinead.

Maureen has always been there holding my hand and guiding me.

Mum was our ever-constant back up to whatever life threw at us.
Forever looking after the family and especially the kids as when we needed and a lot of times at kids request, no, they demanded to go and be with nanny.

In some ways I regressed when she was around, defaulting to letting her mother me and take care of my family especially when life had got too busy.
She never complained and only ever wanted to help and provide love and good advice.

For her, the gift of a close tight nit supporting extended family is what fed her beautiful soul, and it was her direction and love that built our family, a family I am prouder than words can say, that I am a part of.

Maureen’s reason for living was to be a good wife, mother and a grandmother. It was her true calling and all she ever really wanted.

I hope I have learnt from her, I’m often the one going hundred miles an hour through life, never really stopping to enjoy and savour what is right in front of me: my family!

I hope I can say that; Maureen has made me a better father and a more conscientious husband and friend.

Through her example I have learned to really appreciate and value my family.

It is because of her example that I will try to pass on to my children and their children just how special it is to be a mother and grandmother like Maureen, how special Family is!

Miss you Mum!

Betty Clements


I have so many good memories it is hard to pick one , Maureen was a beautiful loyal friend of many years .we did lose touch for a while when Alex and I emigrated to Australia ,then on one of my trips back to Bognor I tried to look Maureen up without any luck because they had moved . Then just by chance i was waiting outside a shop for my sister , and who should walk past Maureen. We were so happy to see each other ,and it was has if we hadn’t been a part we have kept in touch since that day I will treasure all our special memories .Maureen will be missed by so many people she was a truly inspirational lady R.I .P my dear friend I loved you very much love always Betty and Alex

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