Barry Frank Frost

Barry Frank Frost

30.10.1935 - 27.03.2017

Born 30th October 1935 in Minster in Sheppey, Kent to Herbert and Jennie Frost. Grew up and went to School and lived in Sheerness until he moved to Crawley in 1963 with his job at Mullards, which then became MEL/Phillips. Barry and my mum started going out before he moved to Crawley and used to take mum, my sister and me to all sorts of places and I have to thank him for my knowledge of birds that he passed on to me. His life changed on 12th April 1966 when we all moved to Crawley. He was good to us he had lots of funny ways but he did his best. He took us on lots of holidays to Cornwall, Devon, New Forest, Lake Disrict and Norfolk and every other weekend we travelled to Sheerness to visit our grand parents and family and he his mum and dad. I have him to thank for him supporting me to do two years at college to do a secretarial course.

My mum moved to Australia to be near my sister in 1985 and Barry had several visits to see her and my sister and it was during one of these holidays he had his heart attack, if it was not for my sister he wouldn’t have survived and it was then he realised that we did care about him and started saying we were his daughters. He had bypass surgery in Brighton in 2003, we nearly lost him then but he survived and later had another heart operation in 2005. He convalesed in Rustington Convalesent Home as Neil and I were living in Littlehampton and a couple of years later he moved to be nearer to us. He lived a good life and was very independent up until January 2016 when his breathlessness became a problem and was very dependent on us and we got a call one Friday night in March 2016 to come round and call an ambulance for him, as he didn’t have the strength to pick up the phone and was admitted to hospital and after two weeks in Worthing hospital Barry went to Rustington Hall and was quite ill to start and then began to feel better and had a pacemaker fitted in September 2016 and was back to being the old Barry and was adamant he was going home at end of September, which he did and then after 11 days at home he realised that he was not able to cope and I managed to get him back to Rustington Hall on 13th October 2016 and he basically decided that he didn’t want to be around any more he said quite a lot “whats the point” and gradually declined and the stubborn man that he was wouldn’t do anything he should be to help himself and finally got his wish on 27th March 2017.

The last thing he said he wanted to go and join mum and hold her hand and still watch over us.

Molly Collins


Dear Barry our dad
It was after your heart attack in Australia when we picked you up from the hospital that you come to realize that you have a family in your own words to mum I never knew what I had until I came close to death. For the first time ever you enjoyed loud music when we were driving and the windows all the way down.
You were determined that nothing would stop you from living your life to the full
You told our mum your v that you never realized what real family was until then you told mum how Moira had changed how you were so impressed with everything she did for you then you realized it wasn't us that had changed it was you.
Throughout all the hurdles in future years you faced them because you knew you were loved.
The last year you faced what would be your last fight you tried very hard to face your fears and get through it all but your light was getting dim
Your last words to me only a few hours before your body gave up on you were that you wanted to be with mum and hold her hand to watch over your two loving daughters
I will remember your words and hold them close for the rest of my time on earth
Barry dad grandfather and great grandfather
Your daughter Mariah

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