Mr Christopher James Wimble

Mr Christopher James Wimble

18.05.1964 - 28.01.2020

A loving Husband, Dad, father in law, Grandad, Uncle, Brother, friend and Son who grew his wings far too soon.

Husband to Mandy and childhood sweethearts for 37 years. Together having 4 children Robert, Vicky, Beth and Jack

Doting granddad to 7; Ellie, Grace,Rhys,Cayce,Ruben,Alfie and Maisie who were his pride and joy in life.

A person who would go to the end of the world for anyone and not expect anything in return. One who protected his family through anything and everything. A family man who will forever be missed.

Forever the most caring, loving and proud man of his family. His personality was infectious and he was loved by everyone he crossed paths with in life.

David Mitchell


Love from Pauline and Dave

Billy Barton


Chris, a top man!
It’s a jungle out there!

Billy Barton


Chris, a top man who will be forever missed.
RIP Mr Wimble
Forever in my memories

Andy Saunders


I have so many great moments and memories of Chris. We have been friends for over 40 yrs and never had a cross word.
Chris and my self did so much together. We played football for Addington eagles, Chris was our goal keeper and good at keeping the ball out. We were like bookends and we’re always together. At school we were both Librarians but I don’t think either of us could read properly at the time. We just did it to skip lessons. We were in the school 5 aside football team and our team won that due to Chris protecting our goal.

After school we used to do a lot of swimming and great fun we had. We used to play a lot of Darts in the forum in forestdale with our mates. We were unbeatable when playing pairs.
There are so many memories of this legend to mention.

Chris I never forget you or the great times we had. R. I. P Chris.
Love you mate. Xx
Andy Saunders.



I can't say I have many words at the moment, broken over the news. What a man you were, respected and loved by so so many people. My whole childhood that I remember was spent with your family and I was taken in as family I will truly cherish my childhood memories with you for the rest of my life, massive love to you and the whole family. Until we meet again big man ♥️♥️♥️

Samantha Harvey


I can't quite believe you're gone, my heart broke when Mandy messaged me. It broke because at that very moment I knew I'd lost a lifetime friend (even though I'd not seen you in many many years) and my heart broke for Mandy because I knew there and then that she was never going to be able to recover from losing you.
I can't quite believe you're gone, 55 is way too soon to leave the party (you missed Brexit) you have always been a fighter ... for your family, for a better life, for your friends, for what's right! But I guess you were just too tired to fight anymore.

Thank you for being such a good influence on me in my younger years and for always being my friend, and thank you for giving me a friend like Mandy I will always be there for her, I promise.

Rest in peace Chris, I know you're gone but you'll never be forgotten.

Angela Garside


I will always remember your big smile , and wicked laugh , a true gentleman with a big heart , just a thoroughly decent fella with a lovely family , you were so kind to my daughter (lol) as you called her when lauren and Beth were running around the close joined at the hip . You always made us feel welcome and we knew you were always there if we needed you . Gone too soon but always remembered fondly x RIP Chris x

Billy B


Chris, you made my child memories what they are. On a Sunday morning playing down at the arena for Croydon B FC, it was a great team you had managed to keep together everyone from different backgrounds playing for each other. We may have been the B team but we were better than the A team. The others was the school football team and also the 5 aside team that went to Hackney Marshes and won the tournament and we got to be on Sky. That was a great achievement that you was apart of. Thank you for taking me, being there, the praise and the jokes you told. Rest in peace Chris. Always and forever in my thoughts!

Michelle Stephenson


We may have not seen you as much as we liked but we always knew we could call on each other you were a good person to know and we will never forget you TOP MAN xxxx
Lots of love Adam,michelle n family xxxxx

Emma Goksal


Where do I start? 19 years I've been with your nephew all the ups and downs we have had you have always been there for us never judging just guiding your great nieces and great nephew absolutely adore you and are all so broken and emotional such a true family man and that's where simon gets it from when I watched you and him thats where he got his amazing great family values from we will never forgot you Chris you will always be in our thoughts now rest with nan and grandad until we meet again ❤ love you ❤



After years of saying hello over the green between our houses, we became friends a few years back and couldn't believe how well we got on... after playing against him in a trebles competition at pool, he literally collared me next day and said 'daz, it's a bit soon, but on my bucket list, I wanted to run and captain my own pool team, and would love it if you would join me on the journey... so started the legion A team.... was always a laugh and were great times... when I was hospitalised last year unexpectedly, one of the few that visited was Chris, even though he had been admitted himself at the same time, he was wheeled to my ward in a wheelchair to see how I was... he was always thinking of others, before himself... I'm proud and honoured to have called chris my mate... amazing dad, husband and grandad, his eyes lit up when his grandkids walked into the room, right up until the end. It seems he affected many peoples lives in a positive way and will be sorely missed. R.I.P mate.....x

Steve Carver


Will always remember our phone calls the morning after pool as rival captains discussing what each of us had to do to win the league... and then to play him in the team cup final he was so desperate to win and having to look at him after we won and he was an absolute gentleman and full of praise even though I knew he was hurting... couldn't help but hear his voice at pool last night... deffo miss him RIP BRUVVA



I always remember meeting you for the first time, I was so nervous! Paul spoke so highly of you so I wanted to try and impress and I hope I did.
You, Mandy and the family were always so welcoming and to this day still are
They say blood doesn’t always have to be family and that is so true
You were and are loved so much by everyone Chris and will be deeply missed
Rest now with your mum and dad. Until next time
Lots of love x x

Cherie feek


I will always remember seeing you all at the caravan the Church Farm days and spending time with you Chris and your mum Vera and family. Then we met up again and you became friends with my husband Mat. You was always a laugh to be around and gave life and people everything you could. You will be missed by us all, much love always to you and the family. Cherie, Mat, Leo and Cody xxxx

Katie Williams


It's hard to believe you're gone, I've known you since I was a little girl and you've always been there. You've been a part of my life for many years and growing up living next door to you was always entertaining .. You had the best laugh and the foulest mouth, an infectious smile and the kindest heart.. I'll miss you Mr. Incredible.. Keep smiling Chris, right now my heart is broken but I will always smile when I think of you and all the silly things you done



No words can express how much Chris meant to me and all my family. It has been a huge pleasure to have had such a wonderful neighbour, and a massive honour to have been a friend. Mr Incredible, you fought until the end and we will miss you greatly. Much love always. God bless. Xxx

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