John Stephen Godsmark

John Stephen Godsmark

02.12.1946 - 13.06.2024

John sadly passed away on 13th June 2024 aged 77 years. He will be sadly missed by all his family and many friends.

Carol and Philip


A kind, thoughtful man with such an endearing smile, John was a true gentleman in every sense. We met so infrequently, due to distance, but always felt his warmth and humour. We have very fond memories of our last visit to John and Christine, when he was so interesting and easy to talk to and full of laughter over our attempts at a group selfie. Those slightly blurry photos are now very precious to us.

Sue & Roger


A lovely man. Our thoughts are with Christine and the family. Love to you all. Sue and Roger

Rich & Jackie Bond


We are both so glad to have met John during his Baton Rouge assignment and enjoy his and Christine’s friendship all these years.
We will always remember John and his endearing qualities that made you want to call him friend. His sense of humor and willingness to embrace life and all it had to offer was inspirational. We shall miss him, but fond memories will always remain. May he rest in peace.

Graham Sharpe


I am another who met John through our shared love of the MGC and I was welcomed into a Sussex area WhatsApp group of largely MGC owners. I first met John when he was taking part on the GUTS run and we shared a delightful lunch at Cowdray Park with Christine. I thought he was the most remarkable man. He clearly made the most of life, whatever physical challenges he faced, and was such a joyful member of our group - and he loved his MGCs. I believe that he had just been diagnosed when we met for a group lunch last December, yet he was there is good spirits when many others might have shied away. We could all learn from John and I will miss his cheerful smile and good humour.

Robin Hamilton


I became friends with John through the Chichester MGOC. He served as Secretary while I was Treasurer. He was a really lovely colleague and always had wise words when we faced issues. He was also great fun on our MGOC tours and always had a twinkle in his eye. I visited him several times when he was house bound towards the end. The last time we had a great chat about his early career. We realised we were both engineers he in Chemical Engineering and me in Mechanical Engineering. It was a lovely last chat with John. He will be sorely missed. I send much love to Christine at this difficult time.

Jean Edwards


A good humoured, kind and gentle man - in every sense of the word. Will always be grateful to John for his calm common-sense and help with our Residents' Association.

We know how sadly he will be missed by his family and friends.

Jean and Dennis Edwards

Elaine and Steve


Reading all these lovely messages brings tears to our eyes and it is not surprising to read the memories of John we all knew as a fun loving, so friendly, kind and easy going person. The summer holiday on the Isle of Wight where John and Christine met will never be forgotten and the countless times spent as a foursome, now so precious. These include America, Belgium, Spain and of course the Uk (not forgetting the chilli crabs in Singapore!). John certainly handled everything in life with a quiet, composed and determined attitude…and that smile will be an enduring memory for us all we are sure.

Teresa and BrianKirkland


So many lovely memories, always in our hearts.

Chichester MG Owners Club


From us all at 1006, to pay tribute to a great guy, fellow petrol head and one of our close and very dear, MG family members.

Clive Wilson


I only knew John in the past few years, but during that time he became a great friend. He really was one of the best people I have met - a true gentleman.

Working with him to organise the Chichester MGOC tours was always an enjoyable and rewarding experience. He remained calm and had a smile on his face even went things didn't quite go to plan!

I feel honoured to have known John and will really miss him.

Richard Curtice


I’ve known John since Uni days at Aston Birmingham on the SEGAS apprentice scheme. The time spent living in Eastbourne Braemar Hotel, when we were commissioning the local gas storage facility, was memorable and great fun.
Annette and I have kept in touch ever since, visiting him and Christine at their home in the New Forest back in the 70s, meeting up in Brussels one weekend when he and Christine showed us some of the delights of the local beers and later catching up with John and Mary Gallagher when they made a trip over from Canada, and seeing them in their beautifully renovated home in Felpham.

He was always a cheerful, positive character and great fun to be with and will be sorely missed.

Trevor & Judy Bowman


What a pleasure to have know John and live with him in Sutton Coldfield whilst at University in Birmingham from 1965 to 1969. Great bloke, and as everyone refers to, always with a smile on his face. I recall John, Richard Ball and I all going to see the Bee Gee’s at one of their first performances in the UK at the Belfry Golf Club, Sutton Coldfield in June 1967. We did not realise then what a fantastic group they would become. Mad days at university! John always promised Richard and I, that he would ask his girlfriend Christine to join us at our flat in Sutton when we were studying for of final Chemical Engineering exams in 1969. Sure enough, this angel Christine arrived and cooked all our meals during those heady days! Thanks John and Christine.



John was a very special cousin of mine who had such a cheeky smile. I will miss him very much. When I think of John a particular day comes to mind in around 1959 when our families gathered at his parent’s beach hut on Shoreham’s pebbly beach for a day of fun, laughter and sandwiches.

The photo is a rare moment when the 'Guppy' cousins got together.

Georges Mathys


Cheers John and thank you for the memorable years working with you!

Lynne & Keith Whittingham


The past few days I have had John in my thoughts. I have remembered the many times we met, although they were far too few and each and every image in my mind is of John's infectious smile. So no surprise when I read the comments here, it was a smile he always wore and shared with many. Never did you hear dear John complain. He truly made you feel comfortable in his presence. He was so easy to talk to and gave you such a warm feeling. Life is so short and I only wish we had shared more conversations and that I knew more about his life. But the most important thing to him, was my beautiful cousin Christine. You could always see the love and warmth between the. Much love and hugs to all those who knew John. xxx

Colin Jessey


While organising the early Club Tours together, John became a very close and sincere friend. John was always dedicated and thorough in everything, putting the interest of others first. We already miss John, he will always be in our memory. Our deepest sympathy to Christine and family.
Colin & Sharon

Graham Dent


John was my eldest cousin, he took me on my first plane flight, generated my interest in playing the guitar, in his company there was always humour, interesting conversation all surrounded by that unique laugh he had. He will be missed more than we can imagine.

Donna Finch


Such a wonderful brother.He will surely be missed.His smile lit up the room.

Anita & Louise Gilbey MGOCC


Was a pleasure to meet and know John. Such a warm and kind man. Always a smile on his face and advice on his lips when needed about my MG.



My dearest Godfather John, it doesn't feel like you're gone because you are so vital so full of life and fun, and I know you will always be with me and with Christine and your family and friends. You and Christine are my family and have given us all so much, so many amazing memories and so much love and happiness. We are all in awe of everything you have achieved and experienced in your life. Lots of love from your goddaughter Laura, Steve and Theodore xx

Lesley M Finch


I am so proud to be John's sister. Could never keep up with his amazing achievements throughout his life. He was the strongest kindest person I will ever know. I will always love and miss him. Lesley

Christine Godsmark


I was so lucky to share 59 years, 53 married, with John. I couldn't have found a better life partner. We had such an adventure together. It's been wonderful. Heartbroken but John will remain my inspiration for the days ahead.

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