Mr Mark David James Hassall

Mr Mark David James Hassall

04.08.1962 - 01.09.2020

Loving husband and dad, passed away after a long battle.
Will be sadly missed by all who loved him.



Mark you will be missed so much I quite often sit hear and think about the times we spent with you and Claire and loved every second of it we were so lucky to have had you apart of our life’s
I’m glad your out of pain and in a better please but you will always be in my heart and thoughts love you loads Mark xxxx

Jack Hassall



I don't think there's a lot more I can say that hasn't already been said. You clearly had an impact on many people, 'good or bad...' but you had a great wife, good family and true friends, as well as the perfect son!

I will never forget that one piece of incredible advice you gave me: "Boy, Whatever they say about you, they're all F#*$@?g, S*%t, B@$!&£, C$@!s..." I think people will remember how you had a way with words.

But seriously, you were my mate, I love you and I will miss you everyday.

You can rest now.


P.S I will never look at a bottle of Pinot the same way again.



I’ve known you more than half my life and you never changed who you were or how you acted.
Sometimes annoying, but now I realise you were probably the most honest person I have known.
You were always there for me when I needed you, and not just as the husband of my best friend but with your own comfort and advice, sometimes not what I wanted to hear but you didn’t let that stop you!
You looked after and loved my girls like they were your own and I know they have so many memories of you that they will cherish forever and you will always hold a special place in both their hearts.
You fought this incredibly cruel illness with so much strength, dignity and courage, refusing to give in and let it win for so long, stubborn and bloody minded, you carried on regardless, choosing to leave when you were ready, having tied up all the loose ends you thought you had to and on your own terms.
I’m so grateful I got to see you one last time even though it was heartbreaking to see you in such much pain towards the end.
That last Chinese you ordered us with enough food to feed the whole close, Clair and I rolling our eyes in the kitchen and letting you carry on with it knowing full well we’d never even get through half of it.
So Mark, I will do just as you asked me to that last time and look after Clair for you (although now we will have full control of the remote so there will be no more flicking between endless episodes of The Bill and football!)
You can rest and sleep tight now.
Love you Shitlegs.
Sharon x

Joan Morris


Dear Mark
So sad to hear of your passing , remember the times in sumner rd sth ,playing in the street mark you were always part of what was going on...
Rest in peace now ,always will be remembered by all.
Love Joan,David and Family
(Joanie Blezard) xx

Demi Dale


Rest in peace Mark, you were a great friend to my Dad, I am so happy you came to his wedding last year. Lots of love, Demi xx



Thanks for all the memories Mate...



Mark, we admire your bravery for what you had to endure.
We will raise a toast to you.
Rest in Peace.
God bless and love from Jenny and Phil x

John Holden


Rest in peace uncle Mark. God bless. You will always be in our hearts. Lots of luv John, Marie and family. ❤️



And just like Frank Sinatra’s song, you definitely did it your way.
Going to miss you mate.
Love Dave.

Eve, David, Adelle, Keira and Libby


Mark, where do I start? We first met at secondary school in 1973, you used to take the micky out of my Adidas trainers and football socks. We left school and the next time I met you was when you started going out with Clair. You and David new each other through all your school years. From there we all became good friends with you continuing to laugh at my Adidas trainers. You even brought me a pair for my 50th birthday. You were a fab god father to our three girls Adelle, Keira and Libby. David remembers you both walking back from the local with your takeaways and you would always sing I did it my way and you most certainly did.
You were not only a good friend, but you were funny, kind and caring.
Anyways I’m going to shut up now as I can hear you telling me to.
You will be sadly missed but always remembered. You will always be in our hearts and in our minds.
Love from Eve, David, Adelle, Keira and Libby

Cheryl & Steve


God bless you uncle Mark, Rest in peace now.
Love always
Cheryl, Steve & Family ❤️

Marg and John


As I look back over the years, my main memory of you is panicking so get to Selsey on a Friday night so you could work at the fair and earn your pocket money for the week. Just one of many good memories and the way I love to remember you ❤️ Rest in peace little bother. Love and god bless you always, Marg and John.

Leslie Hassall


We will miss you, always in our hearts. Night god bless love always Les and boys xxxx ❤❤

Adelle, Keira and Libby


Uncle Mark,
They say blood is thicker than water, but not in this case. We may not have been blood related but you were definitely the best uncle I could of had. I will miss how you could just make light of situations and you just didn’t care what anyone thought. I hope you’re having the best time in heaven and having a big glass of wine.
We will all miss you.
Adelle, Keira and Libby



God bless you Mark, You was an amazing courageous man. Rest in peace.
Love Kim and Rosie xx



You faced up to this terrible disease with a determination way beyond most of us could even imagine. You continued through it all as if it was just a minor distraction, and you continued to work as if there was nothing wrong. A fantastic example to us all. I have known you for over 30 years, and you were one of the few people I have ever met, who would always just be "you". No pretention's, or changing what you were to try and please someone just for the sake of it. You were Mark, take it or leave it. Thank you for everything you did for me over the years, you will be missed!

Shirley and Vic


No one could have tried harder to overcome all the Cancer threw at you Mark. However, there was only so much your body could endure and it was time for you to leave. Clair, Jack and your family have special memories that will live on forever.
Rest in Peace Mark.



Mark what can I say, we've known each other since we were kids. Our mums were inseparable and so were we. Many a good time we had over the years I still chuckle at the thought of the mischief we got up to! We had good nights out and lots of summer fun at Selsey. Even best man at your wedding to Clare. But life pulled us in different directions but still always knowing we would be there for each other when needed.
My only regret brother I never got to say goodbye.
Another good one taken to soon.
Rest in peace until we meet again brother.
Love Pete and family

Peter Gillam


Mark what can I say, friends since we were kids! Our mums were inseparable and so were we. The fun we had i still laugh now thinking of the mischief we got up too! Nights out and plenty of summer fun down Selsey. Side by side we always were. Best man at your wedding to Clare. But different paths in life pulled us away but always knowing we'd be there for each other when needed.
My only regret my brother was not getting the chance to say goodbye to you.

Another good one been taken too soon.

Rest in peace brother until we meet again

Love Pete and family xx

Peter Gillam


Mark what can I say, we've known each other since we were kids. Our mums were best friends and inseparable and so were we!! Many a good night out and summer fun down Selsey oh the fun we had Mark!! Best man for you at your wedding to Clare. But we grew up got married and life pulled us apart. But always knowing that we would be there for each other if needed. My only regret I didn't get to say goodbye.

Another good one taken too soon!

RIP brother till we meet again

Love Pete & family

Shay Kelly


You fought a long tough battle Mark and handled all the treatments as they came along.
I always enjoyed the different family get togethers over the years and the moderate !! drinking sessions that went with it. Even though our politics was different ie Palace and Chelsea, we would have great chats about the football.
Rest in peace Mark.
All the best for now, from Brother in law Shay

Peter Bullard



We all influence each other’s lives in so many ways whist never truly know the extent of our influence by ones behaviour.

So many years we was close yet more apart in our adult life. I reflect on how memorable our time together was as youngsters.

We was always such good friends yet drifted apart onto separate paths. I tell you all, Marks influence on my earlier years is something I will forever be grateful. We all need a helping hand a prod or prompt from time to time and Mark was never afraid to speak his mind nor shy to lend a helping hand.
His smile and laughter as a youngster was infectious and to this very day so wonderfully memorable.

I don’t know the measure of a life however I do know what happiness feels like. You always cheered me up, made me so very happy and never let me down mate. The memory of my old friend ingrained into my heart and mind until my own departure.

Thank you for being part of my life, I can’t imagine the pain for close family and friends at this time. I simply know my own feelings of hurt and emptiness at the passing of such a good man.

God bless, until we meet again my friend.

Thank you for those happy times shared, Sumner Rd Sth, our Families, Croydon, Park days, nights out, coast visits and working together at DJ Services was simply fabulous.

Pete Bullard x

Lyn Cullen


What a special man Mark was.
You fought your battle with such dignity and courage.
Thinking of you and your lovely wife Clair and son Jack.
May you rest in peace lovely man.
Never forgotten xxx

Sally Holden


In loving memory of my dear brother mark
You were one of the strongest people I know. Going through what you did for so long. Until you lost your fight with cancer.
Standing there with Clair by you bed holding your hand and talking utter rubbish
To you. I can imagine you thinking shut up for ............. sake gobby. Memories will always be with me good times and bad. I know I had to say goodbye but goodbyes are not forever. They simply mean I miss you until we meet again. Always in my heart❤️

Donna Holden


Dear Uncle Mark,

You will be truly missed, parties will never be the same without your banter ❤️

Sleep tight.

Lots of love,
Donna, Jada, Bailey & Leah xx



Everytime I met you it was all laughs and jokes and banter, that’s what made you such a great person to be around, we didn’t have many opportunities to meet but the times we did you always made me laugh. Beck would always tell me her fond memories of being around you as a child even if it was you just winding her up! You will be sorely missed, heaven has gained a one in a million and you will never be forgotten x



I will always remember the jokey banter shared between me and uncle mark, even tho I’m a full grown adult now( Mark might disagree with that) he will would still wind me up Just like he did when I was a child. I will always cherish the memories we shared and remember all the times you made me laugh. We may not of seen each other much as I got older but I always knew you was a phone call away if I needed you. You may of lots your battle but I know you was fighting for as long as you could. Hopefully the tears will stop one day but we will never stop thinking of the happy times . Sleep tight . Love becky x x

Chloe Kelly


Well Unc, you were always brutal but brilliant whenever I needed you to be, and that’s what I loved about you so much. I can think of one scenario in particular involving a new boyfriend, which I will continue laugh about for years to come! You were so right though, that after that point I would say to Mum that new potentials should have to go through the “Uncle Mark test” first. I know you’ll still find a way to do the same for me where you are now.
Thank you for being a loving and supportive Uncle... And also for both your last great film recommendation, and excess of chocolate.
You were such a strong and resilient man, and that will forever be inspiring.
Sleep well. Love you loads, Unc. From Chloe xxxx

Tina Kelly


Mark was my older brother, and in our younger years, we did not always see eye to eye but that was just brotherly love. I have so many memories, he loved watching martial arts programmes as in ‘Monkey’ and thinking he was Bruce Lee and nearly taking someone’s eye out with some home made nun chucks.

We both hated school and had this form tutor who always picked on us. We used to wait at the busy stop and let everyone get on the but before us and go home and say to mum the bus would be packed and if we went into school late, Miss Day would pick on us. Well after the 3rd or 4th time of us doing this, mum cottoned on to what we were doing and sent us off with a ‘few choice words’ so we did not do it again.

In our later teens, we both used to love the tv programme ‘The Young Ones’. Mark always was sprawled across the living room floor, we would be watching it crying with laughter and mum just used to say she could never understand what we were laughing at.

Mark loved Fishing and I can remember opening the fridge and seeing his bate in there, it gave me the fright of my life seeing all these moving things in a container along with all his fishing gear taking up the hallways. Our house was like a meeting house for all of his mates that he would go with.

Mark always lived a Curry and like most lads, after a few pints would bring in a take away and leave most of it on the counter from eating it whilst being a bit merry. I used to moan so much about clearing it up as in those days I hated curry.

Mark went onto Marry Clare and Had a son Jack whom he was very proud of. I drove Clare to their wedding as I had an American car and had a sisterly chat in the way!

Mark loved his family, everything he done was for them.

I am very proud as Mark fought a long hard battle with this awful disease but he never gave up until he chose to do so. Right up to the end he was so strong and am very proud of him.

Will miss our little ‘run ins’ and in more recent times our trips to the cafe.

Please know we will be there to support Clare whenever she needs it.

Rest in peace Mark, I know you are in a better place with mum, Johnny and Gwen who I know loved you and you them.

I was told by a priest once how important it is to pray for those who have passed, as they can’t pray for themselves so like always, you will be in my prayers.

Love always Sister Tina xxxx

Tina Kelly


In loving memory of my dear brother Mark who fought a long, hard battle with this awful disease.

May this small donation help someone in the future.

With live always, Tina, Shay and Chloe xxx

Gloria Matthews


My memory of my cousin Mark. We all grew up together, we lived near each other so we use to played together. We all never had much but we had a lot of fun but mum and aunt Joyce shared everything. The last time I saw him was at His brother Johnny funeral, we had a good chat catching up with the old time’s, he was a great cousin to have we all will miss him R I P love to the family Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx

Gloria and family xxx



Marky, where do I start,
I’ve got the most wonderful memories of my childhood at Sumner Road with you,
Sitting on the garden step at aunt Joyce garden eating mince and mash laughing and joking around you always took the piss out of me, never nasty always laughing with the biggest cheesy grin, such an infectious laugh you had
Our family holidays, the caravan at Selsey, and as you got older, the evenings you would come back from the clubhouse a bit tipsy and winding up aunt Joyce, and she would call you all the names under the sun and we would all be giggling under the blankets,
And as I got older and started going clubbing myself I would often bump into you, and you would always say, moon dose Pip know you are here! Lol
And let me know if you need to get home I will sort it out, and don’t talk to any boys!!! ha ha
The memories could go on and on, but They will stay with me forever in my heart,
God bless Marky xxx

Clair Hassall


After 4 and a half years you finally lost your battle with cancer darling. All through that time experiencing the highs and lows, you kept positive and battled on until your body told you enough was enough.
I feel so grateful that we reached our 34 years wedding anniversary as every day counted. It's easy to get complacent when your married for a long time,however my admiration and respect for you grew more with every challenge you faced. I will miss you every moment, but love you even more.
All my love to you Mark, sweet dreams love and hugs your wife Clair xxx

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