Mr Paul Alan Price

Mr Paul Alan Price

17.01.1965 - 05.10.2020

A life that touches others goes on forever, you have left footprints in this world that will never be filled.

Malcolm Swann


A great guy never forgotten at John Lewis Leicester
Made great impact on the store
Miss you Paul

Isabelle Devereux


I am so sad you have been taken away from us, we had so many fun times in JL Croydon, having the desk next to you always kept me busy & entertained! Reading other people comments made me remember the hand sanitiser & echinacea that I had forgotten about! I had never seen a cleaner desk than yours! If we (Paulo & Zehra) got in after you in the morning, we would never know what we were going to walk into, usually you dragging around furniture on the shop floor to Paulo’s delight!
You lived with your mum during the week at this point & you would always have a cheeky comment about your mums cooking but you could see how much he loved his family & his packed lunch!
Will always think about you with a smile

Rob M



Thanks for the opportunity you gave me, it changed mine and my family’s lives. You were a pleasure to work for, a really lovely, kind man. I’ll never forget the Karoake night in that dodgy Chinese bar . Sleep well now Paul.

Mike Gleeson


What a man! A true prince. Paul’s kindness knew no bounds and like a good friend always honest. His wit and humour kept us all going. Loved working for Paul and he will be forever missed. Rest peacefully Boss.

Tracy HART


Terry, so very sorry to hear the sad news about Paul, I have wonderful memories of you and Him in our Peter Jones days, where we all had such great fun. He was a special man.
You had so many fantastic times together, He loved you so much as you did him.

Paul-sleep well

Tony Wheeler


What an absolute privilege it was to have known you Paul. Always forthright, honest and kind. I so valued your friendship and ability to light up a room, no matter where we were.... early mornings in Pret, late afternoons in Victoria or crazy floorwalks in PJs ! Wonderful, happy memories all of them. Rest in peace my dear friend.

Kim Lowe


We started our friendship as FF DMs when you were at Brent Cross and got up to mischief ever since.
I will never forget that you would always tell me who you were buying your Secret Santa for, not because you couldn’t keep a secret but because you loved making people laugh by buying the most inappropriate gift you could find.... oh and we did laugh !! I still have a stupid bamboo hoola dancer key ring and will treasure it forever.
Sleep tight now you lovely man

Robert Garnish


From my earliest Partnership memories at Brent Cross (where you guided me through whatever the hell I was supposed to be doing trading on a Sunday as a newly appointed section manager!) to working alongside each other as development managers in 171 - Paul, you were always the best person to be around and a fabulous colleague. Helpful, humorous, instinctive, direct, knowledgeable and occasionally (slightly) cynical.

The Partnership is a better place for all you contributed to it, and I’ll never forget your support and friendship.

Sleep well and sending love & best wishes to Terry and your families x



Dear Paul

I had the best time when we worked together and I laughed more in that role than in any other I have ever held - thank you. Good times like those don’t come round very often and I feel hugely blessed to have experienced it.

Rest in peace Mr Price.

Love Mrs Lester xx

Karen Conway


What a wonderful service you arranged...the bagpipes, the music (love a bit of Luther!) & your final goodbye words. Olivia & Sam’s words were also so emotional & touching. You leave such a legacy behind. It was a joy to know you & work with you...the most fun years of my JL working life were in Retail where you were at the heart of all the fun & laughter. I was honoured to be there at the service to celebrate your life. You were very much loved & will be greatly missed by many. My love & sympathies to Terry, whose heart has been broken & to your mum & family. Sleep well my friend & we’ll meet again one day so make sure you crank the music up & get the bar open when we get there.

Steve Millbank


When I think back over many happy Partnership years some people really stick in my memory. Paul was definitely one of those. Big man, big personality, huge loss.

Nicola Millbank


I loved working with you in Brent Cross. Your straight talking and brilliant humour made DM meetings fun.
We had many laughs dressing up for Partners Christmas lunch, how can we ever forget you as Danny in Grease, Lisa posted the picture.
Sleep well lovely man. Nikki Millbank (Linden-New)

Jenny Morris



You were a fab work buddy - we had many a great laugh. I will treasure the koala bear you bought me back from Australia! You will be greatly missed by all those you knew you.

Much love Jenny xx



Paul thank you for the fun, the laughs, the friendship and the honesty. You were always a ray of sunshine and a huge character in 171. A 2 min chat with you was always guaranteed to put me in a better mood. It was an honour knowing you...

Dino xx

Amanda O'Brien


Paul - I will always remember you for your amazing generousity both in work and play, for all your quirks drove me mad I really wouldn't have swapped you for anyone else :)

You made work both fun and educational - either on purpose or by accident, but no one could accuse you of being boring!

Rest in peace - you were definitely one of a kind xx



Paul, thank you for the laughs and the good times. And for teaching us about the benefits of hand sanitiser before it became a daily necessity! Rest easy now. From all your friends in JL.

Diane Cook


Dearest Paul ,
I absolutely loved working with you - your genuine , straight talking, no nonsense approach was a breath of fresh air .
Hugely funny and great sense of fun , we had some right giggles especially about mannequins and wigs “ is this fashion” ....

Sleep tight my lovely
Di xxx



I am going to miss you terribly, loved every second when we worked together we had such fun, you were a great and trusted friend . I will never forget our times and you
Love Annabel and Andy xx

Anna Moir


A moment to reflect on my dear friend and colleague,
I was so lucky to work along side Paul in our roles as Senior Managers together in John Lewis. I can honestly say I don't think I have ever laughed so much in a job, been more supported by a colleague and genuinely motivated to come to work. Paul was a grafter, astute with the office politics, had the best sense of humour but overall that was a sensitive & kind man .. I had the pleasure to know. Thank you Paul for bring you. Sending my thoughts to you Terry to day and beyond .. Anna Moir

Susan Mouncer


Paul, we were so lucky to have you as our Branch Manager in Croydon. You brought us a lot of happy times and I know as a family at Croydon the partners' thought a lot of you!
Sleep Peacefully Xx

Sue Gillies


Thanks for being such a great boss and for always being there for me with your straight talking words of advice coupled with your wicked sense of humour. You taught me so much and we had so many laughs together. You will be so missed Sue x




It's not very often you meet people that leave a mark in your life. You were a colleague, boss and most importantly a great friend. We had a few laughs didn't we? Sometimes a bit too much!

The world has lost an amazing human being and I will miss that wicked sense of humour!

Ready easy PP!


Philip Smith


Paul,as your bodily journey comes to an end, may your soul continue on it's journey till you meet your loved ones again, RIP. Philip.xx



It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with you and known you Paul. There isn't a role I've done where you haven't been involved in giving advice. The advice was always good, but the wicked sense of humour was always just what was needed! I'll miss you my friend. May you rest in peace
Paddy x

Penny Brooks


Dearest Paul
Nothing can express how much we are going to miss you
We were very privileged to have you as a colleague first then a friend for over 30 years
We will miss your sense of humour your kindness and your friendship
Rest in peace
Love always
Nobby and Penny xx

Lisa Bhatt


Thanks for the belly laughs, there were so many - we had so much fun! Thanks for the straight-talking, tell-it-like-it-is honesty - I loved it! I learned so much from you as a peer, a colleague, a boss and as a friend. You will be sorely missed. Rest easy lovely man x

Martin Ambridge


Dear Paul
I’m not normally one for claiming to have had mentors! But as you told me once I was too arrogant for them! But you were honestly a mentor to me. I wouldn’t of made it to Department Manger if I didn’t have your support. And I wouldn’t of embarked on the retail journey I did without your support and pushing me !!
But: more importantly I will always remember the worst hangover of my life after a Xmas party and after party and seriously excessive amounts of tequila !! You let me fall asleep in the beanbags the morning after! A true friend never just a colleague
Rest now M

Ann Kennedy


Dear Paul,
It was a pleasure to work with you at Pratts and PJs and to attend Ashridge with you.
Always fun , caring and helpful. You will be sorely missed, not least by your beloved Terry.
Rest in peace
Ann x

Sue Brown


It was a pleasure to have worked with you Paul. I will remember the laughs along the way and how you took the time to appreciate the strengths of individuals. Your delicious sense of mischief made some of the routines a lot more fun. Thinking of all your friends and family. May you rest in peace
Sue Brown xx



Thank you Paul, for the great friendship, support and guidance you provided as our paths crossed. May you rest in peace. Deborah and Desmond



A lovely man that I was lucky enough to get to know and work with. You taught me a lot, kept me on my toes and drove me mad... But most importantly, you made me laugh everyday we were at work.

Paul, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Sleep tight PP

Paulo x

Jenny Hislop


Gone but not forgotten
Was a pleasure to have known you

( Jl Croydon )

Sandra Nicoll


Dear Paul
There are not enough words to express how much you will be missed by many friends and colleges. I feel very privileged to have known you; the kindness and support you bestowed on me when I was going through a rough time. Your memory will live on through Terry and Bertie and I for one will miss your sense of humour. Rest in peace Paul xx Sandra

Neville Maravala


What a pleasure it has been to know you and more recently work with you. Such a massive influence on me and so inspirational. I shall miss many things about you but most of all I will miss your wicked sense of humour. So mischievous ! Such fun. Taken from us far too soon. RIP PP.
Much love, Neville Ruth & Joseph xxx

Keith McMahon


Paul was such a lovely man to work with, a friendly smile, always made time to stop and have a quick catch up, really helped to make working at JL Croydon feel like being part of a big family.
Paul was one of a kind and will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.
Love from Keith and Lorraine

Caroline Bettis



Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and colleague over so many years . Your positivity, sense of fun and leadership was an inspiration to us all. You will be greatly missed my friend .
With love and a big hug
Caroline x and Jeremy

Claire Tuck


Our paths crossed a few times during our long careers in JL - and you never changed in all those years.
Your big smile and fab sense of humour will be greatly missed by many.
Taken far too soon.
Rest in peace Paul xx




Who would have thought that when our paths crossed in a chance meeting in the early 90s that a long lasting friendship would develop. As we all grew a little older and I moved away we remained friends and you always invited me to stay with you and Terry and Bert. I shall never forget the meticulously planned holiday we went on and how much fun we had. There is so much I could write here, but I want to let you know that it was an honor for me to be your friend Paul.

I am going to miss you but rest assured your memory will live on, not just with me but with everyone whos lives you have touched.

Fly high and RIP Paul.

Love Michael xx

Richard Marks


We went back together a long way in the Partnership Paul, and I always valued your advice, straight talking and good humour. Your branch visits with Mr Barford are engrained on my memory - a great double act! You will be sorely missed by all your friends and colleagues. RIP.

Sue Johns


Darling Paul
I am heart broken, but what fantastic memories of working with you, Maxine and Irshad at PJ, I don't think I've laughed so much in my life.
A little pic of us, and a few bottles, in 1990
RIP you lovely, lovely man

Tina Ajayi


Paul, what can I say other than I am heart broken that we have lost you.
In the year's that I worked with you I can honestly say... there was never a dull moment! I have many fond memories of you coming to me with one of your plans... usually near the end of my day.
You would take off your jacket, roll up your sleeves and help me.
I also knew that this would only last for at the most 10 minutes before you would be off on your next mission, but those 10 minutes would always be filled with fun and much laughter.

My whole family have had the pleasure of knowing and working with you and we have all been blessed to have shared in at least a small part of your life.
You will always be in our hearts and memories
Tina, Robbie, Milly and Libby xxxx



Dear Paul
I will miss your mischief... your sense of humour and your friendship. I was touched by the love you had for those people that meant the most to you.
Some people you meet in life just leave such a lasting impression I was lucky to be one of those people.
Much love Rachel & Simon

James Prince


What can I say, you interviewed me 12 years ago, you were my first experience of the Partnership.
I don't know why but you accepted me and gave me a safe place to reflect in some stormy times, you didn't need to do that and for that I will always be very grateful.
I will miss your humour most of all, the ability to cut through a conversation with one remark, always honest, very passionate.
You touched my life, thankyou!
Rest in peace my friend
James x



You’ll be deeply missed my dear x

Sleep tight xx

Karen Matthew


My dearest Paul - thank you for being such a wonderful friend and colleague. You will be sorely missed by so many.
With much love x

Zehra Djemal


What can I say, you are truly one in a million!

You made everyone around you aspire to do more, know their self worth regardless of their history, background, you just stuck to your guns and always made your own opinions.

I absolutely loved working with you! Everyday was eventful and full of laughter- you were more than a boss to me, you are one of my most trusted friends. You gave me confidence and courage and I will be eternally grateful for that.

The thing we spoke about most was our lovely boys! Frank and Bert (the dogs) but mostly (Terry and Ibz) the husbands. They both share a love of beards and loving and looking after us. I remember us both of us secretly bursting with pride when we spoke about our love for the special men in our lives, whilst eating our questionable jacket potatoes in the PDR.

I love you Paul and you have been the most wonderful friend to me. I’m not ready to say goodbye so I’ll just give you the biggest hug and kiss and think of you always.

All my love
Zehra x

Sam Mancey


Oh Paul
I've known you in P'ship terms for as long as I can remember - as my peer, my boss, as a friend and mentor especially once I'd followed your footsteps to JL Croydon. Your warmth, refreshing honesty, quirkiness and humour will live long in the memories of those who were lucky enough to know you Paul. Thank you.

Kate Broadhurst


No one ever made me laugh as much as you did. Our 18 months working directly together was just brilliant! I’m smiling now just reflecting on the many good times we had as colleagues and subsequently great friends. You’ve had such a positive impact on so many lives Paul. You will be so missed. Much love always from Tim, Tom and I. Rest in peace x

Gill and Laura


We were so sad to hear of your passing, Paul. I still have such fond memories of many a naughty weekend back in the day with you and Terry. RIPartyingP, Paul. Much love X X

Isabella Miller


Thank you Paul for being a truly amazing person. Thanks to your good advice I have never lost a phone charger on my travels! You have been the most wonderful friend and workmate over the years.

Liz Mihell


A fantastic friend and colleague.
Always honest, straightforward, caring, committed, and fun. Paul got the best out of so many people and so many situations.
You will be much-missed.
Thank you for being you and rest peacefully
Liz x

Hazel Tierney


It was a privilege to know and work with you Paul. Your were such great fun and always offered the most sound steer and advice. You will be sadly missed, sending this with much love x

Mark Stanbridge


It was an absolute pleasure to know you Paul, loved our conversations and more importantly your sense of humour. You will be sadly missed by many.

Rita Grigg


A bright shining light. The world will be dimmer without you

RIP Paul X

Maggie Porteous


Paul - you will be missed by so many, having left an impact on everyone you knew. I LOVED working with you!. Right back from the good old days in PJ’s to when you reached your dream job of Head of Branch at Leicester. But particularly the times together in Head Office - and especially those Monday evenings! You worked so hard, were so skilled, but always made everything so much FUN! The later it got in the evening, the naughtier you got!
Thank you for being such a wonderful colleague, passionate partner, and inspirational leader. You will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.

Karen Lord


I will always remember the early morning coffees in Costa (in a takeaway mug of course!!) in whatever part of the country we were in for our Selling meetings. Being with you just meant so much fun and laughter would be had - thank you for all of your wonderful support
You will be forever missed Paul xx



Hadn't seen you on years but will always remember sitting in the coffee shop before work with you and Terry.
Fly high my friend.

Kim Morris


Dear Paul, such a kind and gentle man. It was a privilege to know you and to work alongside you. Rest in peace
Kim Morris

Olivia Hicks


I could never put into words how sad I am (and I can imagine many other people are) that you aren’t here anymore. You are one of the greatest people to walk this earth and you brightened up so many lives. You shined and sparkled up my life from the day I was born and you made me feel what real love was. Thank you for all the happiness and craziness you brought into my life, I’ll love you forever and I’ll dance away to our song for you xx

Barbara Roddis


Farewell darling Paul, sorry never got to see you before you left us, will always remember all the laughs we had, and working with you in Peter Jones! Goodbye RIP. Lots of love Barbara.xxxxxx

Barry Matheson


I had the great pleasure of knowing Paul for many years and the absolute privilege of being his last boss. We laughed with each other, we laughed at each other. We swore at the world and we swore at each other! Always from a place of deep respect on my part for the wonderful JLP Partner and deeply caring person that Paul was.

Paul - you will be very dearly missed.


David Barford


Paul you will be so sadly missed by so many friends and work colleagues. I will always remember our first meeting in my induction in Edinburgh and you let me know in no uncertain terms that my shop floor standards were not good enough! I knew then that given the opportunity I wanted you in my team!
You became my right hand man when I was appointed DSO Region B and I made sure you came with me to London & South. Never one to hold back your honest forthright views you became a good friend and an indispensable colleague God bless RIP David Barford

Jamie Wishart


I didn't know you for long, but you left a big impact Paul. Rest in peace, your humour and sense of fun will stay with me x



Paul, didn’t get to work with you massively long but what a privilege it was to know you. Always so funny, always offering me a cheese scone, & truly your most authentic self at all times. Such sad news about your transitioning but I know your in a much better place and at peace. Love to your family. Will miss you.



So sorry love Rhonda, Paul, Iris and Vince

David Cooper


Working with Paul was great fun and a privilege, especially on the 8th floor at JL Victoria.
From knowing every Victoria Wood line, making the most hilarious comments or quick remarks of his own always made me laugh, including “What’s going on? Is that in fashion? & You want it!” will always bring back fond memories........X

Jill Dewar


A privilege to have known you and always fun...

Graham Foote


It was a privilege to know and work with you.
We had a laugh and you always managed to make work fun and not to take things to seriously no matter how challenging the situation.
Your larger than life personality and positive outlook was always an inspiration.
May you rest in peace.

Jonathan Field


With memories of a trusted and respected work colleague. Rest in peace Paul.

Alison Smith


Thinking of all the laughs and jokes we shared in the office in JLV. And the hand sanitiser - you should have bought shares! With love, Alison Smith

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