Mr Paul Leonard Berardo

Mr Paul Leonard Berardo

23.10.1972 - 12.08.2018

In loving memory of Paul Leonard Berardo. Paul was our son, brother, nephew and cousin.

Paul’s family would like you to feel free to use this space to offer your thoughts and memories of Paul, as well as prayers for Paul who is now at rest.

Gloria Berardo


So many memories overwhelm me every day dearest Son but today I remember 2 years ago when you slipped away and broke my heart,you will stay with me forever and you will never be forgotten and you will always be dearly loved and treasured! Sleep peacefully my precious boy.Love forever,your Mum

Gloria Berardo


I just popped by my darling son to say I miss you so much and that my life will never be the same without you, you are always here with me where you belong, I Love you now and forever xxxxx

Gloria Berardo


Special thoughts of you my beloved Son today on your 47th birthday,you are so missed and you will always be loved,sleep peacefully sweetheart,we will meet again,love forever your Mum

Gloria Berardo


Today is the 1st anniversary of your passing dearest Paul,we miss you so much,the past year has been so hard without you though I know it always will be,we will meet again darling Son until then sleep well,loving you always,your Mum xxxxx

Gloria Berardo


Missing you so much Paul your watch is still going,it doesn't feel right that you are gone and your watch is still ticking on,love you forever and beyond xxxxxx

Gloria Berardo


I always think of you my beautiful boy,I miss you so much,I just passed by to tell you that.While I am here I think I'll just remind you that I love you so much xxxxx

Carole towes


For a very special nephew thinking of you today and wishing you were here with us forever in my heart. If only I could have you back for just a little while,so we could just talk again ,just like we used to do.Forever in my heart x

Gloria Berardo


My precious child,I miss you so much,you were born of me and now you have died before me,it doesn't make any sense as I am still living,someone up there where you are knows why you have gone before me,wait for me in heaven precious Son and the angels will unite us ,God Bless you Paul,I Love You Forever,sleep tight my darling boy Mum xxxxx

Gloria Berardo


My Son you are always in my thoughts,Christmas is going to be so hard without you,I do honestly feel that you are here with me though,I have a candle and I will lay a place at the table for you and light that candle,I miss you so much and I love you with all my heart,God Bless you my Beloved Son xxxxxx

Gloria Berardo


I think of you everyday Son but especially today on your 46th Birthday,you are so loved and so missed,rest peacefully and may the angels surround you with love eternally xxxxx

Gloria Berardo


I miss you so much Son, you are in my thoughts every day. I will always hold you safe within my heart, God Bless you. We will meet again xxxxx

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