Mrs Elizabeth (Bett) Levick

Mrs Elizabeth (Bett) Levick

06.09.1927 - 30.12.2020

John Rose


Will remember you and Uncle "Bin" with fond and precious memories.



Many happy memories,
Love from Brian and Sylvia

Marjorie Lowery


My dearest sister-in-law Betty, We shared so many happy times together with our husbands, friends and families in France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and England. Those exhausting 'knees up' we would dance to until we dropped!! Laughing together and urging everyone else to get up and join us. The parties we all enjoyed wherever we were. Sharing times full of joy with Martha, May and Tommy, Pauline and Tom and our many friends. The best months of so many years were definitely July and August when the 'Levicks' would arrive ready for 2 weeks of fun and laughter .....with Roy's specially made freezer box full of bacon and sausages camouflaged in the boot of the car. Thanks to Roy we have hundreds of photos from 1962 when we first met at Kit and Lillly's home in South Shields. Many, many more have filled our albums in the past years. Wonderful memories that will be forever with us. Miss you my dear Betty.....your smiling face, sense of humour, laughter, sense of fun, those dancing feet. Keep Roy on his toes when you meet him again.......I shed tears of joy for knowing you and sharing our families together and your life which was filled with love and contentment. God Bless and rest in peace Betty. With love from Marjorie xx



Miss you, love you lots.



My lovely Aunty Betty, you've been present in my life from day 1 and what a presence you've been. I have so many happy memories of you and with you, so many funny times spent together, the daft games we played and all the dancing and pushing each other into pools, and making the most of every day and every moment. How precious those times were. Wherever we were you and Uncle Roy would appear, with Trudi and Craig, and the fun would begin. Remember the Murphy Rocket Launcher?? Bathing in the blow-up pool in Portugal when there was a water shortage? Going on walks and slip sliding around in Verbier, the closest you ever got to skiing!!? You were my special Aunty, my closest Aunty, always were and always will be. I feel blessed to have had you in my life my Aunty Betty and will cherish our times together forever. I'll miss you. And it warms my heart to know that after a few years on his own, Uncle Roy's peace and quiet,has now been disrupted by his favourite lady, he'll love all the chatter, your smile and warm and loving presence. Farewell Aunty Betty and may you rest in peace. Love always, Kerry-Jane

Susan Oliver


I always remember Aunty Betty with a smile on her face and full of laughter. Every photograph shows her smiling as always. We both had an eventful journey from Bletchley to South Shields in my car many years ago. Despite the fact that we spent the latter half of the journey on a breakdown truck we laughed most of the way home ! She had such a cheerful character. She will be very sadly missed.
( Jonathan , Callum and Neve)

Pauline Mulley


Such lovely memories of staying with Betty and Roy every summer when I was growing up and came to stay for my school holidays from your “little sister “ Pauline. I will always remember you x



Dear Auntie Betty
My memories of you are mainly from childhood when you came to visit South Shields with Uncle Roy, Craig and Trudy. I remember your warmth and sense of fun and that you were always laughing.
May you Rest in Peace
Love Diane x

Janice Mulley


With many fond memories of Aunty Betty and lots of love from Janice, Michael, Mia, Anna and Danny xx

Alice Street


You were Nana or Betty to me,
Even though I only knew you for 11 years, in that time you made a huge impression on me. Your love, warmth and sense of silly fun always shone through and you were always so sweet and welcoming. I enjoyed all the Christmases we spent together, dancing around the lounge to northern soul, the beach trips to watch Nick take a chilly dip or just simply having a cup of tea at your place.
You will be greatly missed by all of us.
All my love
Alice xxx

Nick Street


Thank you for being such a lovely, silly and caring lady. Always ready to make a joke of everything (and yourself) but always serious with your love and attention.
I'll always remember you with a big grin, dancing like a teenager with a mischievous twinkle in your eye.
Now it's Grandad's turn to dance with you again.
Love you lots.

Richard Meredith


Forever beautiful and full of fun, always with that twinkle in her eye. If ever a man has a better auntie, he will be a lucky fellow indeed. With our fondest memories. Dick and Cathy

Kevin, Christine and Pauline


Aunty Betty, we will all miss you. Distance has been the excuse for not enjoying your company more often over the years, and so we have fewer memories than we might have cherished, but those we have are no less precious. We have wonderful childhood memories, when your smiles, laughter and kindness enhanced holidays, parties, xmas, new year festivities and more. We remember that Uncle Roy, who was regarded by us as being the family photographer at that time, captured pictures of us all, including some beautiful, happy, smiling pictures of you in front of those signature pegboard backgrounds he favoured, and which have enhanced our family albums ever since.

Christine and Phil also reflect very fondly on the various celebrations to which we were invited by Aunty Marjorie and Uncle Chris in which your vivacious presence would light up the room and fill it with joyous chatter and laughter. Also as adults, Kevin and Pauline enjoyed a lovely visit to see you, when you were living in Bognor Regis, when they walked along the prom eating ice cream, and enjoyed reminiscing.

For all the joy you gave our family, may you rest peacefully.

Sophie Crowhurst


I love looking through these photos, a little reminder of the Nana we knew and loved so much. Always the life and soul, touching your toes and dancing round the room at Christmas.
Thank you for all of those foot massages you used to give me before bed and when you used to get into our necks with your chin!!
I am so grateful that Kit and Jasper got to meet you and had you in their lives for a few years so they will never forget you.
I’m pleased you aren’t in pain any more, and that you can be with grandad at last, I know he has been missing you.
RIP Nana, I hope you know how much you were loved by us all.
Sophie, Matt, Kit & Jasper xxxx

Simon Street


I knew you as Mum
My memories of breakfast: The first time I stayed with you & Roy I fondly remember you calling up the stairs that my cooked breakfast was ready, I knew I was in the right place!
My memories of lunch: You were busy cooking as Roy,Craig,Trudi & I sneaked off to visit a local pub. We were met on our return with a lovely lunch with lots of Nana's potatoes.
My memories of dessert: Homemade mincemeat pie with the top of the cream for me.
My memories of tea: Date and walnut cake was always baked whenever I wanted one.
Thank you for all of these, however the VERY BEST thing you ever made for me was your DAUGHTER, I will be forever thankful to you for that.
Love Simon

Trudi Street


Dear Mum,
Thank you to you and Dad for bringing me up with the awareness of right and wrong, of the need to treat others with kindness and respect, to work hard,to save as well as spend, the joy of holidays, laughter and family and friends to share it with, but most of all, with the confidence of knowing I was loved. We may not have told each other every day, it wasn't our way, but I knew.
You both looked after me until I married, and beyond, my children and grandchildren too.
Together we looked after Dad when he needed us and I looked after you when you needed me. It was emotionally hard but an honour to repay the care you gave me. I will miss you.
I love you, Trudi xxx

May King


My dearest friend Betty. God Bless and rest in peace. I will treasure the many happy memories of special times we shared together full of fun and laughter. Thinking of you and Roy always makes me smiles......mine to keep. Love May.

Chris & Marjorie


While we lived abroad, the Levick family was one of our few constant links with the UK, arriving every year, without fail, last week in July, first in August, summer holidays.
Wherever we happened to be, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Betty and Roy managed to find us and brought two weeks of English fun and chatter to remind us of home.
M has dozens of photo albums full of memories of those visits and they’re well-thumbed through, testimony to a wonderful family friendship, that’s not too common.
I was lucky to have her as a sister, just as all her family was to have such a wonderful daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and in-law. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you on the day, present or not.



My lovely Aunty Betty, you'll be forever missed. I feel very lucky having so many fond memories of you over the years, you shared so much of our life, especially when I was young. Wherever the Lowerys were you'd track us down :0) and spend your annual summer holiday with us, and what holidays they were, the fun, the laughter, the adventures. Thank you for being the most wonderful of aunties. I miss you. Safe onward travel, love, Kerry-Jane

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