Mrs Patricia Anne Stratford

Mrs Patricia Anne Stratford

02.07.1944 - 26.01.2020

Anne passed away on 26th January 2020 aged 75 years. She will be sadly missed by all her family and friends.

Pauline Moss


Everyone has their own unique memories of Anne. Mother, Nana, Sister, Aunt and friend, she was many things to many people.

Annie came from a country setting, 3 Lilac Cottages, Yapton where the Cotton family bubbled along. Mike had been invalided out of the Army and retrained as a painter and decorator and it was using those skills that he first saw Anne and they later began going out together. The Cottons gave the Stratfords a very warm welcome, and after several years, Anne and Mike were married on a damp autumn day in a village church decorated for the Harvest Festival, as well as with flowers for their wedding.

Anne worked in the local shop and was also an avid stoolball player for the village, and an enthusiastic badminton player. The arrival of Manda marked a new era in Anne and Mikes lives. Their newly built house in Eastergate even had a specially built niche for her pram. Manda always seemed spotless and content and was of course her parents pride and joy.

Three soon became four and caring for Simon meant that Anne’s athleticism was called for even more. Simon kept Anne on her toes. The extension to their house was built when he was little more than a toddler, and if he was ever missing she was never sure whether he was in the footings or up the scaffolding. The extension was eventually finished and Annie still found the time to wash the kit of the whole team that Mike played football for each week, filling their washing line with green kit!

Annie was fond of animals and we were all quite worried that Manda was going to be named Roma after Anne’s beloved spaniel. She kept an aviary full of budgies for several years and enjoyed the challenges of being a budgie breeder. As the children grew older they also enjoyed having a pet dog, and when there wasn’t a dog, she had guinea pigs. Manda and Simon were only half joking when they said that they knew where they were in the pecking, (or should that be nipping) order, which was somewhere after the dog.

Anne and Mike were always rocks for each other, ensuring that they got through adversity together. Life was not always good to them but they would always find a solution. It was with some amazement that we learned they were going to have a café. They ran the Lennox together and then nearly 22 years ago, Anne was on her own. She showed amazing resilience when she was widowed, finding herself employment as she approached retirement age. She was a carer which was no mean feat since as we all know, she was barely 5 feet tall and very slight in stature. She took qualifications in Caring and once again showed the world what she was made of.

Anne liked nothing better than to meet friends at Crown Bingo every Thursday. When she moved to The Hamlet, she and sometimes her grandchildren, would go for bingo, tea, biscuits and a raffle most Fridays. She never won enough to “Spend, Spend, Spend”, although she would have felt a winner in so many ways. She was content to live and be in Sussex, and although she had travelled to South Africa she was never happier than when in her home county. She was a sociable person and loved to party and be out on the dance floor jigging to Abba when she had the chance. She took immense pride in her own children and grandchildren and also the foster children that Amanda and Ian brought to her. When she became less able, she was happy to watch others wield a bat and have fun, and when that wasn’t possible, she was happy to watch the cricket and tennis and many other things on the television. Anne loved life and although we may no longer be able to see her face to face each of us will carry our own memories of Anne which will always make us smile.

Bailey Misselbrook


Sleep tight Nana, my forever best friend, Thank you for always being amazing, love from Bailey xxx

Paul Cotten


Auntie Annie - many fond memories of times spent as kids over with you, Uncle Mike, Amanda and Simon at Eastergate. Happy Days with someone who was always up beat and having a laugh. You will be much missed.

David Stratford


Anne, the other half of two people who meant so much to me, Mike and Anne. You were both there when I needed you most and helped me rebuild my life and make it what it is today. Thank you. You helped me achieve something we used to laugh about that would never happen, a silver wedding anniversary. For that Helen and I will always be grateful. Rest in piece now Anne together now forever with Mike. David and Helen



Anne... with fondest memories of my sister may you be at peace and with your Mike.
With love sue xxx

Gillian Cotten


Our memories of you are of a sister who always worked hard taking the ups and downs in life and always being there for your lovely family. Although your health wasn’t good you kept going and made the most of your life. We were so pleased to have spent time together over the past weeks going over the old days, badminton,stoolball, old village life and people.
Now at rest Annie, free from pain. You’re with Mike now together again.
Always remembered with our love from Mike and Gillxx

Pam Walton


So many memories over the last 61 years!! What great neighbours, Auntie Eva & Uncle Bert and all your lovely siblings. Seemingly I had a soft spot for you from a very young age and would always want to go & see Annie.
It's been so lovely to see you so much over the past few years and especially a few weeks ago. You probably weren't feeling that great but as always you were up for a good old natter.... Lilacs, the Post Office, that little red wheelbarrow, Yapton - past & present & of course your lovely Mike & all the family news- we covered it all in our get togethers. The good old days
May you rest in peace lovely Annie... its been a pleasure
Love Pam xxx

Peter Cotten


We have so many memories a few sad ones but a lot more happy occasions particularly living opposite each other , when Mike and I would draw back our curtains when watching football as our teams scored goals .
Thanks for being a wonderful sister always looking at life with a glass half full. R .I .P with Mike .

Amanda Misselbrook


Rest in peace now , know that we will be there for one another and carry on making you proud.
Your memory will live on in us all as does Dad's. He came and took your hand as we said farewell.
Forever in our hearts.
Amanda x



I will always remember the times when we used to come and visit at the weekends, we used to get so excited and used to always look forward to sitting on the balcony looking out to the beach and golf court eating our roast dinners. If we were lucky we even court the event bird man rally of the pier each year,what a giggle we used to have. We used to always go for drives, we always went to visit grandad ben used to always take his wrestlers and throw them in the tree opposite and the one day managed to get them stuck and I can always remember your face and hearing you laugh saying "oh ben". I know we lost out on a lot but I will always be thankful for having you back in my life and getting the chance to spend the time I did with you I wouldn't of changed the last few years for anything, I know your with grandad and i know your be looked after. You will always be in my thoughts and always spoke about and always be remembered, I hope you are looking down and thinking of how proud you are of how far I've come and how I've grown into the women I have today. Shine bright nana, you are going to be truely missed xxxxxx
P.s, this is my favourite photo of you and dad xxxxxx

Peter Stratford


Always a pleasure to be in Annes company. Made the most of everything albeit she was very poorly towards the end. My greatest pleasure was to be best man at Mike and Annes wedding.
Reunited again with so much to catch up on. R.I.P. together you will always be in my thoughts.

Alicia Misselbrook


Heaven sent this angel down
To make a smile out of a frown
Take away your worries too
Making grey skies into blue
Bringing sunshine in the rain
And take away lives every pain
So when it's dark she'll help you see
This angel made you worry free

This quote was in the angel box you gave me when I was younger to say every night and make me feel safe;
Your my angel now and I know you will look down and protect me.

You will forever be my best friend,
Love you always, your Lissy-Loo xxxxxx

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