Nancy Rose Bowley

Nancy Rose Bowley

21.07.1959 - 01.04.2022

Nancy passed away on the 1st April 2022 aged 62 years, far too soon. She will be sadly missed by her loving and devoted family and many friends.

Paul Bowley


You were my life darling - 2 years now since I lost the love of my life! I'm so sad sometimes, because although I have a wonderful family around me, I miss hearing your voice and sharing all the little things that made us Husband and Wife!
I wish we had been given more time together, but it wasn't meant to be - I love you with all my heart Sam - until we meet again forever and always mine.
Paul xxx

Sue Bowley


Life moves on but memories don’t. The moments we shared along the way will always warm my days. I miss you my dearest friend. x

Paul Bowley


My Darling Sam,
Words cannot express the sorrow I feel at this moment in time, today would be our 46th Anniversary - you were the reason I got up in the morning – I loved you so much and feel lost without you by my side, it’s nearly 2 years since we lost you darling and the pain just won’t go away.
Team Bowley always got there in the end, we had so many laughs (and tears) over the years – we had some great holidays together, especially when it was just you and me.
Sleep tight Lady, please wait for me because we have another life to live and we were meant to be together, forever and always.
My undying love travels with you until we meet again beautiful Lady.
All my love
Paul xxxxxxxxx

Paul Bowley


Hi Sam,
I love this picture taken up at Bignor Hill - Braego has joined you darling - he went very peacefully this morning. Take care of him until we meet again - sleep tight xx

Paul Bowley


To my darling Sam,
Our 2nd Christmas apart is as overwhelming as the 1st - I miss you so much Lady, the pain will not go away, you were my Soulmate, the LOVE of my life and I will find you one day!
This will a strange Christmas with Lianne in China (1st time in 37 years that I haven't seen her), whilst on the flip side Glenn is here for the 1st time in 11 years. Invited round Matt's with Aaron and co so we will raise a glass to you, the person who always made our Christmas's so special - it's not the same without you darling, but the memories we made together will never fade!
Sleep tight LADY - all my love forever and always
Paul xxx

Sue Bowley


Happy Birthday Nancy. This is how I will always remember you: one on the go and other in hand! I will raise a glass to you today in celebration of the love and warmth you shared with all who you came into contact with. May your spirit soar. X

Paul Bowley


To my darling Sam, this would have been your 64th birthday and on this special day I wish you all my love - I miss you so much Lady, my life has changed beyond belief and all I wish would be to spend more time with you! You were the love of my life and some days I struggle to get through, because you're not here to share the in's and out's of daily life!
Phoebe is awaiting news of her exam results, but thinks they are good enough to get her onto her college course...
Evie will be starting her 2 year GCSE course in September and is very excited...
Jacob moves up to TLA and is looking forward to the new challenge, his only gripe is that he will have to wear long trousers, so funny....
Everyone else is ok and will keep you posted - Glenn is still trying to get Ash into the country!
My undying love to you sweet Lady - we will meet again to start a new chapter of adventures, until then xxx
Paul xxx

Sue Bowley


I was better for knowing you, better for loving you, better for having met you. May you be as blessed in the next life, Nance as I was in this one by knowing you. Thinking of you my lovely angel and remembering happier times. You are always in my thoughts. X

Paul Bowley


Hello my Darling Nancy (Sam),
It’s now a year since we lost you and my life hasn’t been the same – I know toughen up and move on with your life, but it’s easier said than done! You were my LIFE Lady, my wife, my best friend, the person who I had been privileged to share 45 years of my life with and I still shed tears every day at the loss I feel without you beside me! We had so many plans for when you retired that have gone up in smoke – Braego still looks for you every time I come in the door or when we return from a walk!
You were such a brilliant Mum, Grandmother and one of the most caring nurses that ever worked at Zachery Merton, (you were always the last one out of the door), so it’s not just me, but everyone lost a big part of their lives when you were taken away! Your cooking / baking skills were a family institution and I miss the specials that we enjoyed together – there wasn’t much that we didn’t like was there!
I have been looking through the photobooks of our holiday adventures and so many brilliant memories come flooding back through the pages – we always had such a great time whether on our own or with family / friends - we were such an awesome team and so lucky to have visited so much of the world - I miss you so much!
Sleep tight Lady, I’ll love you forever and always - I will find you in the next life, so that we can continue to share more adventures together. I hope you have been reunited with your Mum and Dad and maybe have said hello to the Old Boy and the Duchess for me!
You were always so house proud (it was you who made the house a home), so I’m sure you have a running list of things that I haven’t done to your specifications, which I know you will take great delight in pointing out to me when we are back in each other’s arms!
Speak to you again at Coates darling – bye for now Sam, there’s not a day that doesn’t pass without some reminder of you that either makes me smile or cry an ocean of tears!
Sending you my undying love,
Paul xxxx
ps: the above picture is one of my favourites from Memphis just after coming out of Gracelands.

Paul Bowley


Hi Darling,
It would have been our 45th Wedding Anniversary today, on a Saturday, so to the day!
The memories of that day are still so fresh - I saw this beautiful young Lady on my Dad's arm, shivering in the cold in the wedding dress that you had made - you looked stunning!
You were so nervous, but our union was made and lasted until that awful night last April when I lost the love of my life!
Thank you for creating with me our beautiful family who you treasured above all else - it was you who made our house a home and is now so empty without you! The adventures we shared will never fade and the Story of my Life is bound within those!
I'll love you to the end of time Lady, please wait for me to share the next set - I will find you, so look to the horizon Sam, because one day I will be there to give you the biggest kiss and cuddle ever!
Love for ever and always - sleep tight
Paul xxx

Paul Bowley


Sam, it's been six long months since I lost you - my life will never be the same, I miss you more now than when you passed away before me, I feel so lost sometimes and the tears come in waves some days. I've just got back from Spurn with Paul Matson, we stayed at the Obs as last year - lots of good birds and banter with fellow birders as usual. I hope you are in a safe place and waiting for me to join you in a new chapter of our union.
Lots of love and kisses for ever and always darling.
Paul xxxx

Paul Bowley


Hi darling,
It would have been your 63rd birthday today, I bought you a dozen red roses as I always did in memory of all the special times we shared together. The pain of losing you is not going away, if anything it's only getting worse, I miss you so much Lady!
Glenn is back for a visit from Dubai, so as a family we visited Coates this evening - the grandkids have made plaques for you which we have attached to a pine tree in your favourite spot - your ashes have been spread here, so this will always be known as Nancy's place and somewhere we can all visit to share our thoughts with you.
Love forever and always - until we meet again Sam,
Sleep tight I will find you...........
Paul xxx

Paul Bowley


Hey darling,
2 months have gone by since I lost the Lady of my life - I miss you so much Sam, we had so many dreams that we wanted to share on your retirement. I am trying to toughen up, but after nearly 45 years together the loss I feel is too deep. I know we will meet again, so keep a space beside you so that I can give you the biggest kiss and cuddle ever.
Sleep tight Lady xxxx



Two months has already passed since you were taken from us. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought of you and I miss your smile and the sound of your voice more than you could possibly imagine. I want you back so much mum. I keep thinking of all the Christmas’s I said I would be home but never made it back. I would give anything to have the chance to spend those days with you again. I love you so so much.

Glenn xxxx

Suw Grace


Nancy was a kind caring person. I had the pleasure of working at Z.M with her for many years. We will all miss her so much. Always in my thoughts xx Sue Grace

Lianne Bowley


This is my speech to honour you at your beautiful service so everyone knows what you meant to me and the love we shared..

‘To my Mama’

It’s taken me a long time to write these words for you today.. It’s something I never thought I would have to do this soon in my life. I mean, how could I possibly sum up a lifetime of love and experiences with my mum over just a few pages.. To put it shortly, she was my world. Not a day went by that we didn’t call each other and talk about everything and nothing. Sometimes several times a day, usually when I was walking somewhere. My Dad used to say I called because I was bored but the truth is, just hearing her voice made my travels feel quicker and safer and more enjoyable. I couldn’t say how we managed to find hours of conversation a day when sometimes we hadn’t done anything in that day worthy of a story, but we did. I could open up completely with her and tell her everything and more and that’s how I know my life will never be the same again. That’s what I find the hardest now that she is gone. She was the one I called first whenever I needed a chat, whether because I was travelling somewhere or excited about something or sad. She was always there.

When we did see each other we were as daft as anything. We had the same sense of humour. She’d laugh at my silly impressions and voices and skits. Her laugh was so contagious. She’d light up any room with her positive energy, her warmth and kindness. I think everyone’s lives were just that little better knowing she was a part of it. We loved to sing together too in perfect 2 part harmony. Our favourite songs being ‘California Dreaming’ by the Mamas and Papas, ‘Help’ by The Beatles, and ‘You are my sunshine’ by Jimmy Davis. Growing up my friends always said ‘how are you so good at harmonies?’ and I’d always say it was because of her. Not only my singing ability but also my resourceful nature and creativity. Like me, she was a dab hand with a needle and thread and would make miles of bunting, at least 4 of each design she chose. Always one for her, one for me, one for Din and one for Hayley. If it wasn’t sewing it was decoupage or knitting or baking. Her cakes were legendary. She was the absolute hostess with the mostest making sure her picnics and parties were catered for the masses. Even if there was only 4 of you eating, she’d make sure there was at least 3 puddings for everyone to choose from. Of course no one could ever choose one so we’d all end up having 3 desserts each! She was always the one to bring the family together and to make sure we were all well fed.

My mum was a natural mother hen. She even had several actual hens she looked after. Like Doctor Dolittle with animals, she had a way with children and babies that just made them calm. I remember when I was in my early 20’s I took a job looking after one of my teachers babies. He was only about 1 at the time and I was completely out of my depth. I’ve never been naturally maternal like she was. I remember he didn’t stop crying one day which just made me panic and sob myself. In my distress I phoned my mum for guidance. She just said to put her on speaker phone so the baby could hear her and in her dulcet tone she simply said ‘there, there baby, it’s ok, settle down’. And just like that the baby instantly stopped crying. She was a wizard. The baby whisperer. She had such a soothing voice that the baby felt safe and relaxed. I said to her ‘don’t ever hang up this phone’. I hope when I have my own baby someday that I will have her maternal gifts. If I’m half the mum she is, I know I’ll do ok. I just wish she could have been there to help me through and guide me when that time comes, but I am grateful I’m surrounded by other amazing mothers who can.

She always believed in me even when I didn’t myself and helped me out of many a stressful time like that one.. We drove each other crazy too, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always sunshine and roses. But she was my best friend, and that’s what best friends do, they make each other bonkers sometimes. For example clothes shopping with me used to drive her mad. I was never very good at it. I was incredibly indecisive and would get bored and cranky scouring the racks for a good buy. She’d like to think of herself as some sort of fashion guru you see and my sometimes quirky style didn’t always match her taste or the high streets for that matter. We always got there in the end though, usually after a nice cuppa tea and a slice of cake.

We had a saying to each each other. I’d say “I love you Mama” and she’d say back to me “I love you too baby”, unless I had sent her over the edge shopping by then her response would be a deliberate silent turn of the head away from me. Oops, now I’ve really done it. I’d then repeat “I love you Mama” over and over again until she said it back to me. She always did eventually with a smile as she couldn’t stay mad at me for long.

Like many nurturing mothers, she had this compulsive need to clean every property I ever lived at every time she visited. And I wasn’t a messy person by any standard. My housemates and I would give the house a good going over before she arrived, announcing ‘the Queen was coming!’ Yet she always managed to find something somewhere to dust! She had an acute in built dust radar it seemed. She was funny that way. I can feel myself developing the same skill in fact, I guess we all turn into our mothers eventually. And you know what, I’m happy with that..

We had such a deep connection that we used to joke that we were spiritually and psychically connected. That perhaps I was her mother reincarnated. Apparently I looked a lot like her. We’d always sense when the other would call. I would literally pick up my phone and a text or call would magically appear on my screen from her and visa versa. I keep looking at my phone waiting for her name to appear but it never does. I could always sense her in my life but now I just feel empty and lost. All I want is to see her and hear her voice and feel her in my arms.. Wherever you are Mama, please find me. I’m here and I’m waiting for you. I imagine she’s on the other side, levelled up to a better place and reconnecting with her Mum and Dad and loved ones again. After all she has so much to tell them about. She had a great life here on Earth with amazing friends and a wonderful family who loved her.. Who love her.. I never want to speak about my mum in the past tense. Because I don’t accept that she is gone forever and that this is a final goodbye. It’s a see you later because we will see each other again. She will come for me someday when my time is up with open arms, and I will be there with a smile and a long needed snuggle. Thank you for being the greatest mother there ever was and my bestest friend who I could always count on. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without your influence, your love and your kind heart. I love you Mama, forever and always, every waking day and with every breath I take, for I am you and you are me.. until we meet again..

Aaron Bowley



I hope you're settling in to the next chapter of your life and looking down on us all with a smile.

I can barely believe you are gone and I wish you were still here with us.
There are so many things I wish I had said and done while you were here.
I wish I told you how much I loved you more often, because I really, really did and do.

You have left such a hole in the family that will never be filled.

We all miss you so much, and will keep you in our hearts and most treasured memories forever.

Sleep tight, love you.

Aaron, Din, Phoebs and Jakey

X x x X

Maria Vivian


Dear Nancy,
We became good friends over the years, I will always have fond memories of my dear kind friend and will never be to far from my thoughts. Love Maria

Paul Bowley


Hello Darling,
It's me again - I hope you approved of your send off yesterday, even if you would have been cringing in embarrassment. So many people to pay respects to such a wonderful Lady who I was proud to call my WIFE - we should have had so many more years together, but you were called away and my life will never be the same again. I loved you so much and seeing all those pictures that Pebbles put in her moving tribute to you caused the tears to flow - again!
Wait for me lady, because I will find you and we can enjoy the next chapter in our ongoing story.
Love for ever and always
Paul xxx



Yesterday your family did you proud Nancy. Such bravery and so united together. The love that surrounded them was clearly your doing. The words they read and expressed were truly beautiful.

I have the honour of so many of my favourite childhood memories wrapped up in the Bowley family and I have you and my wonderful mum to thank for that.

Be at peace knowing the your wonderful children and grandchildren will continue your legacy.

Lots of love

Glenn bowley


So today was the hardest day of my life.
Saying the final farewell for now to the most beautiful, loving, caring person I have ever known. My Mum.
I feel a bit of a coward as I couldn’t find the courage to write a speech for her service today and for that Mum, I am truly sorry but here are a few words for you now.

“You don’t know what you have got until it’s gone”

A phrase many of us have no doubt heard throughout our lives and it’s a phrase that can relate to many things. It could be anything from changing jobs, moving countries or even separating from a partner. These are things we all no doubt go through at some point in our lives. Some of these things we regret and some we just brush off like it was easy or nothing accordingly. Regardless, The grass is always greener in the end.

This however, I am incredibly proud to say is not one of those times, for I knew exactly what I had and she was taken from us way too soon. She is and always will be the greatest Mum I could have ever wished for and sadly now the grass will never be as green again because of it.

I wasn’t always the best kid growing up. In fact for the most part I was a colossal pain in the ass. I must have driven my Mum up the wall more times than I would like to admit to be honest. I was a gobby, arrogant shitebag of a child but Despite all of my antics my Mum loved, cared and supported me… Right up until I hit 16/17 years old where I finally became a bit too much and I was swiftly relocated out of the house. “Lesson learned”

It was a tough lesson but a lesson which ultimately shaped me into the man I am today.

It was around this time when my eyes finally started to open and see the world for what it is and more importantly, it opened my eyes to all the people I have around me and for the love we all have for one and other.

This was the biggest lesson in (what to value) I would ever learn.

Today I love my Mum more than anything in the world and my biggest regret is not telling her that enough. I wish I told her every day how thankful I am for all the support she offered, for the care, for the cold hard truths and for the warm sensitive sympathies, but most of all I wish I thanked her for the endless supply of love she had for me and those that were lucky enough to meet her.

I will miss winding her up on the times I visited home and from afar when I would send her pictures of venomous snakes and big spiders. Neither of which she was particularly fond of . I’ll miss her epic Sunday roasts and her egg, bacon and bean pie. Her amazing cakes and her creativity. But most of all I will just miss her being. She brought so much joy and laughter into my life and her positive energy was so pure and infectious that even on the hardest days she could bring a smile to anyones face.

She is and always will be my biggest inspiration, my reason for bettering myself as I would only ever want to make her proud of the son that she raised.
I hope you are reading this and know that my love for you will only continue to grow and there are no words that can emphasize how much I will miss you.

I love you mum
Until we meet again


Lianne Bowley


Hey Mama,

I miss you more and more everyday. Not having you physically in my life is agony. You gave me so much joy, no words can describe the pain I feel now that you’re gone. I dreamt of you the other night. It felt so real. We just cuddled and said how much we loved each other. I miss those times. You told me it’ll be ok. I just wish you could visit me and let me know you’re there so I could sense and feel your spirit and love.. Perhaps it takes a little time to get used to your new sense of self and surroundings. I imagine it’s quite a lot to take in if the movie ‘Ghost’ ever taught me anything. Well if that is the case then I understand and I’m here and waiting whenever you are ready and able..

I just want to say thank you Mama. Thank you for being the person you are. You gave me an amazing childhood and made adulthood so much more bearable with you around. You are so loved. I’m so heart broken that you won’t be there to help me pick out a wedding dress and bake me a wedding cake someday like we spoke about. Not being there to hold my first child with me if unfathomable. Those are the moments I really wish you could have been a part of in person, but perhaps you could make a trip and be there with me in spirit? You will always be welcome. You are the greatest Mum and my bestest friend. Truly. I can’t wait to see you again when my time comes. I’m not afraid to die as I know I’ll get to see you again and meet your wonderful parents with you. Visit me in my dreams Mama. I need you however and wherever you are.. I will love you everyday, forever and always.. until we meet again Mama, and I know we will meet again someday xxxxxxx ❤️



Nancy, a lovely woman who I had the pleasure of knowing through one of her amazing children. You will be missed.

Rhonda Rosier



Thank you for all the many kind lifts to and from college, where Li and I would bore you with utter rubbish for the whole journey.
I know you will be deeply missed by everyone who knew and loved you.

Lots of love and sleep tight.

Rhonda xz

Julian & Michael Bowley


Dearest Nancy,
The most kind and generous sister in law. You filled all our lives with your love and devotion to family.
Cannot believe you have been taken from us so soon. You leave an amazing family as your legacy, with all of your love & values in each if them.
You gave your life to helping others.
What am amazing lady.
Rest in peace sweatheart.

Kate Alley


I only met Nancy a handful of times, but through my friendship with Lil and knowing the very special bond they had, I somehow felt I'd got to know her over the years. I only wish I'd had the chance to know her better. I know Nancy will be so sorely missed by all her family and friends and I hope you can all find comfort in the many wonderful memories you shared. With love xxx



We are thinking of you, especially today.

Tracy Hollidge


You take me back to the 80’s when our children grew up side by side and we spent such fun and special times together. The very fond memories of those times will stay with me always. You were a such a good friend to me. Taken too soon. Rest in peace lovely lady. Much Love. Tracy xx

Matthew Clifton-Bowley



I still can't believe you are gone. It just doesn't feel right. You have always been there for me whenever I have needed you. Always just a phone call away and nothing was ever too much trouble.

I wake up every day and it feels like you are still here, as you will forever be in my heart and my thoughts. I talk to you every morning. I hope you can hear me wherever you are now.

I miss you so much. I hope there is something after this life where I will get to see you again, have a chat and a cuddle. The thought of not being able to speak to you again hurts so badly.

I promise we will look after Dad and make sure he is ok. I know he misses you so much too.

You were the heart of this family and always brought everyone together.

Until I see you again, sleep tight Mum.

Love you forever, Matty xxx



Our dearest Nancy. Mal and I miss you more than words can ever express.
You left us far too soon, but you will always be in our hearts and souls. It’s has been our privilege to have shared so many memories over the years. Rest peacefully. M&S x

Alan and Jackie Weeks


You will be sadly missed

Jamie Pelling


A beautiful soul taken way too soon. Thank you for always making me feel me like one of the family, as were you to me. You will be in our hearts forever and immeasurably missed, for your warmth and your smile, thank you for being you. RIP Nancy x

Love Jamie, Hayley, Jack and Adam xxxx



Auntie Nancy,
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.
You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.
This is how I will remember our times together - happy, laughing and enjoying life!

Paul Bowley


Hello Darling,
I've lost my soulmate - you were the other half of me - you are The Story Of My Life.
Sleep tight lady until we meet again in the future.
Love forever and always
Paul xxx

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