Olivier (Oli) Juste

Olivier (Oli) Juste

09.04.1976 - 15.01.2022

Oli sadly passed away on the 15th of January 2022, he was a loved Fiancé, Son, Brother, Uncle, Godfather, Friend and Colleague. There will be a book of remembrance during the memorial on the 11th and for all of those joining via the live-stream or who can’t be here in person, please use this memorial page to leave a tribute with a favourite photo. These will be collated and added to the book of remembrance for both the French and British family.

Hélène Juste


De la part de la maman d'Olivier, de ses amies et du club de scrabble de Dieppe.

Hélène Juste


De la part de la maman d\'Olivier, de ses amies et du club de scrabble de Dieppe

Rachel & Stuart


Rest in peace you wonderful man- you will stay in our hearts forever ❤

Stephen Mannin


A piece of my heart is broken forever. A true inspiration to all who had the pleasure of meeting and working with you.
I haven't seen you for a long time and now I never will and that is truly a sad, sad thing that I cannot change.
You were often in my mind and will continue to be in my memories in such a fond and happy way as the funny, charismatic, quick witted and sometimes a little rapier way that made me laugh out loud all the time.
Bye Oli.... Be at peace... Kisses



Heartbroken to have lost you so young but inspired and grateful for the massive impact you had on so many xx



Oli, you were so full of charm, warmth, humour, generosity and mischief. You are missed by all. Much love, Ed and family



Rest in peace Oli, a truly wonderful man who will forever be in our hearts.

Much love
Dylan & Holly Murray xx

Miranda Michel


For my godfather, love you.
love Polly xx



In memory of the most wonderful godfather to Polly and beautiful friend to us all xx



from Edouard and Jenny in loving remembrance of Olivier Juste

Edouard Le Maistre


from Jenny and Edouard - in loving and lasting memory of a very kind and fascinating "Oli", parted from us far too soon.

Darcia Martin Browning


Dearest Oli,
I cannot think of you without smiling. You witnessed my first date with my husband. You are the reason my son persisted when begging us for a dog. Your 'give it a go' attitude was infectious, so I have reminders of you on a daily basis.
Your ability to embrace a challenge and make dreams come true is inspirational!!
Marcus, Sebby, Alice and I are so grateful to have known you.
Thank you Oli xxx

Geraldine Levy


Dear Oli, it was clear from our first session with you that you were very special. You were passionate about your work and loved what you did, which was infectious. We loved receiving your feedback messages of our training videos, particularly where on some occassions we had failed to follow the instructions, but your positive reinforcement of the human and the dogs as well as the sessions themselves, always made us look forward to then next one. How sad that we never go to meet you in person and how tragic that your life was cut so short, but it is clear from what we learnt about you during your great send off that you lived a happy and very fulfilled life, and we feel privileged to have known you albeit for such a brief time. For us your legacy lives on each time we look at our dogs. Our hearts go out to your family and friends, Rob and Bernard. Much love. Alexi, Mushu, Geraldine and Juliette.

Brigitte Pope


Oli, I was so honoured to speak at your funeral using Hélène's words and to be engulfed by that outpouring of love for you from all those wonderful people. Rob did you proud, he was amazing.
To me you were a great man, the perfect person . Kind, selfless, witty and fun. You always found time for me, for everyone. You brought out the best in all us and inspired us to become our best selves. You left too soon, we still need you and although you lived a full and wonderful life, I know you would have gone on to even greater things! My life is emptier now that you're gone but fuller because you were a part of it.
The words that you wrote to me when my dog died a year ago are appropriate for your passing too, your words of comfort were " Shit, fuck, shit, fuck, fuck, shitty fuck"!
Thanks Oli, love you, Brigitte xxx

Howard Turner


My Dear Oli,

Each time I open my mouth to talk about you I just choke, your absence is so difficult to comprehend.
You must be so proud and happy with the send off in your honour. Rob was and is amazing and took care of all those tiny details that you would rely on him for and stage managed the event in a way that you would find annoying but secretly love.
Bernard too was an absolute star. He sat in the service and I caught him on several occasions just sniffing in your direction, he knew you were there. Later Bernard took the time to stroll through the venue touching base with the many that had come. And in him we could all see a bit of you... Happy to be there, thanking all for coming and thanks for the cheese.
The love and respect in the room spilled out in all directions with people from all walks of your life coming together to share stories, to drink and to eat your favourite foods.
For me, I have missed you every day since you moved out of London and I spend very little time in Pasley Park where you and I arranged to meet almost every day. But I knew you were there, just a text, a funny picture, a video call away... And now you are not.
You had so much more to give and to receive, the world has been robbed.
I was always impressed by your drive, you never did anything half hearted. And dare I say, your English sense of humour, so quick to pick up on my sarcastic tones and run with it.
Your love for my boy Max was undeniable and he loved you too. Still, whenever we walk down Lorrimore road Max will pull into your old flat and look sad when we can't go in.
When you once popped in to collect Max my friends met you for just two minuets and described you as 'instantly likeable' and in that moment my pride in calling you my friend was confirmed and endorsed.
So what will you do now? I can't believe you will take this setback lying down.
Whatever it is I hope there is much laughter, music, food and dogs.

You are and will be forever in my thoughts and in my heart.




Always with us!
With love
Susi, Sophie and Margot

Bérénice de Foville


Dear Oli, I got to know you as my brother Quentin's friend, so many years ago. And just like that, we also became friends. So many memories, in Dieppe, and in London, and all of them good and happy ones. I can't believe that when we saw each other at Christmas in Dieppe, it was the last time. You lived surrounded by love and friendship, you spread love and friendship, and death can't and won't change that.

Vicky Jones


A small anecdote:

Oli once told me that he would tell all the new staff at Soho House that I was the sister of Nick Jones. I was thrilled with this elevation of my membership status and thanked him as such. He smiled back at me with that cheeky grin and said "Darling, it amuses me, they have no clue it's such a common surname". Well that told me...

Dear Oli - what fun we had back then with Joe, Vanessa, Arnaud, Bertrand and Tom to name but a few. Fast forward to 2021 and you're training me to be my dog's safe space - everyday you are with us when I say the word "drop" - gotta love those discarded chicken bones.

Thank you for everything and all the wonderful memories.

Much love xx

Pete and Jason


A truly beautiful service today for the unimitable Oli Juste.
The perfect dinner party guest with all the stories to share with such genuine interest in others. A true personality who is unsurprisingly loved by so many.

Rest well and all love to Rob, Bernard and the family xxx



With love to Rob, Bernard & family

Matthias Lehmann


Dear Oli,

Would you believe it? When I went shopping today, hoping to get the necessary ingredients to be able to have your favorite drink during your memorial, I discovered that nobody on this island seems to sell Campari or vermouth; but just as I was about to give up, I happened upon this bottled version—I’m not sure you would approve—and instantly welled up right there in the supermarket.

Suddenly learning about your passing one evening while scrolling through Instagram, and saying goodbye to you via livestream—who could have imagined such a future was possible when we first met at Soho House, where you worked on the Greek Street side and I screened 35mm films on the Old Compton Street side.

I will never forget your passionate spirit and infectious energy, your wit, your warmth, your generosity and beauty, all of which shone through the stories, poems, and songs told and recited by your countless loved ones today. Listening to their memories with you, and watching you goofing around in so many photos and videos, made me grateful all over again that I was lucky enough to have met you, and I am so very grateful, too, to Rob, your family, and your friends for allowing me and others in faraway places to join them today. Today’s service and memorial were, just like you, unforgettable.

As you wrote to me back in 2020, “It’s hard to think of time that has gone by. But good memories are worth holding on to.”

Matthias in Wimi, a small village on Jeju Island, South Korea, sending love to you, Rob, your family, and friends.

Matthew Hooberman


We will miss him and his hospitality skills. I think of him when I see this on our wall



We love you Oli xxox

Anna Kane


Although sad i didn't have the opportunity to meet Oli in person i could tell what a wonderful person he was and how much he was loved by Rob and the rest of the family. He will be truly missed - fly high and be at peace, Anna, Daryl and Oliver xxx

Sally Cunningham


We wish we got to know you better, with love Sally, Norma & Terry (and The Cats) xxx

Quentin de Foville


What a wonderful ceremony ! Oli must be very proud. XX

Ramita and Paras Anand


Dearest Oli,
You really are ONE of a kind. A gem, who has left such a huge void earth side for all of us. We miss you every day. Though it was Atticus who brought us together, you and Rob quickly became one of our most important and valued friends. You mean so much to us and we know you'll be shining brightly from above, sparkling among the stars. We will cherish you in our hearts and minds for always, rest peace gorgeous one. Thank you for what you have done for all of us in your time here.

Victoria Williams


Remembering Oli, a lovely man. May you rest in peace after a life well lived. Much love to Rob and your family and friends. Victoria, Tom, Fred & Alice x

Quentin de Foville


Where are you Oli? I don't Know but i Know you will in my Heart and in my mind for ever and ever. You are the best bestfriend for me, for us, for everybody. Now i mustlive whithout you and is not evident. But for you, i will live and love life every day. See you soon Oli.

Astrid Jeffs


Dearest Oli. How I wish I could be there to celebrate your magnificence and to be by the side of your beautiful Maddy and Jack, Stanley and Marlow. I know how fiercely you love and protect them and I am so so so grateful for that. I just adored you sweet, kind, gentle, funny man and will always remember you with a smile. I’ll never forget you and will promise to always talk about you to the boys and keep your memory alive xxx

nathalie lethbridge


Beautiful Oli who brought light and joy with your kindness compassion and love all life dogs and humans. Thank you for your gifts. Arlo and I will remember you always xx



Dear Oli,
Your loss is so painfully felt by all those whom you have left behind - two legs and four legs alike.
With heartfelt love and sorrow

Allison Butcher


What can we say about Oli? Nothing but good things. He had an amazing way of always looking at the positive things in life when others couldnt. His love of animals showed in everything he did and he was a ray of hope for us who had a reactive dog. He helped change our lives for the better and we will continue to remember him every day. May he rest in peace.
Our condolenses to all his family.

Tracy Robertson


Im a better person and dog owner for knowing you. Thank you for your advise and kind words that helped me make Oscar the dog he is today. You will be missed by so many people.
RIP My friend ❤❤❤



Oli darling, you made SUCH a big impression on me and my family when you helped us integrate our Frenchies Rosco and Ruben into our lives. You helped us in more ways than simply dog behaviour. What a presence you had Oli in life and even in your passing. You had far too big a spirit for just the physical form to house - your spirit is still very much present. Thank goodness.
You are loved xxxx Suzanne, Andy, Rosco and Ruben xxxx

Penny & Graeme Hart


We will miss Oli. Although we lived so far away we always looked forward to spending some time with him when we were visiting Maddy every year. He was our grandson's 'Godfather' & Maddy's best friend & mentor we are heartbroken that his life has been cut short.
His enthusiasm for life, love & beautiful things was infectious to all around him.
His long distance help with one of our rescue dogs was invaluable - his instinctive knowledge about dog behaviour made him into a wonderful trainer.
You are in our thoughts Oli.

Luciano Macis


For the short time that we knew you, you had such a great impact on our lives. You were selfless, caring, considerate and so much more and this was all just through a camera. Your bubbly energy and kindness are things we will remember and so will our dog Buddy. Thank you for being you and touching so many peoples lives. All our love Luciano and Kirstie (and buddy)

Baukjen, Geoff, Oliver, Sebastian and Pippa


Dear Oli,
you were such a wonderful person. We all loved you. Even the kids Oliver, Sebastian and Pippa who don't tend to give much time to adults, they adored you. You just have that special thing that can't be explained. We will never forget the very happy engagement party!
This year we were going to come and visit you and Rob and now I wish we had done that last year. What a loss to so many that you are no longer here. We will never forget your kindness, wisdom, love and incredible understanding of and love for dogs. And how funny you could be.
Oli, you're gone too soon. Our hearts break for Rob and your family. We send them our love and very best wishes.
To you Oli, we're grateful you were in our lives. You will be very much missed by us and I hope that wherever you are, there's a dog with you.
Much, much love to you and also to Rob and both of your families.
We'll never forget you,
Baukjen, Geoff, Oliver, Sebastian and Pippa

Kerry Maule


Oli, I am so glad I met you. You have such a warm heart and I knew from our first conversation that we would become pals. You really know how to balance kindness and humour, saying that - I'm not sure you know how funny you are! Thanks for being such an inspiration you gorgeous human. I will miss you, your accent and your smell. All my love, Kerry x



A friend to so many, you will be sadly missed Oli.

Kim Gieske


Oli was a friend and colleague who I will miss dearly. He has been such a positive part of my life for the last 15 years. When I started at Soho House he made me feel welcomed and introduced me to lots of people, all of whom clearly adored him. When I was training to be a Coach he happily volunteered to be one of my clients. When I set up my own business he came over to my house to give me some great advice and referred clients to me. Oli was always so engaging and fun to be around, I really looked forward to any interaction with him. I was in awe of how he pivoted and became such a success as a dog behavourist and became a star of stage and screen. Our labradoodle Pippa certainly learned a few things from her lessons with Oli. Many hearts are broken with his passing and my thoughts are with Rob, Oli's family and friends. Kim

Sally and Jo


Remembering such a lovely, kind and really decent human being who will be greatly missed by us all ❤️

Caroline Bate


Oli, your kindness, love and tireless work within this wonderful world for the love of dog was a gift that few have.
You broke the mould my friend and you will be forever in my little heart, we were very lucky to have called you our friend.
Kisses are sent up to you on your Cloud 9

Caroline xxx
Hugo & Otto & Dog Company



Dearest dog lover in life and death, your life touched so many hearts I can’t believe you’re gone Oli. Thank you for fighting the good fight of positive training with me and showing the telly what quality education looks like. Miss you buddy xx

Peta Steel


In memory of Oli Juste, a kind, colourful, remarkable, enchanting friend. Will never forget the sight of him in his shorts, walking his beloved B. And all the talks with him and his dear partner Rob. Will always think of him saying puppieees..

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