Sean Christopher Mitchell

Sean Christopher Mitchell

31.07.1967 - 08.03.2019

Our beloved,
My Husband to be,
A 26 year walk through windy roads, hills and valleys, to green fields and rose filled gardens.
The birth of our son a gift from god.
To 7.3.19 when the world stopped still for all of 10 minutes and once again you were sent up the stairs in front of me;
As it began, you waiting for me at the top of your stairs.
You gave us everything,
You walked with us through everything,
Our 3pm dates on Thursdays, our long awaited and truly deserved wedding preparations.
I, Jack, Joe and Kayleigh will love you forever, as faith, hope and love prevail,
The strongest of these is love.

My darling darling Sean:

Out beyond between ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
I will meet you there.

Christine Eaton


A wonderful loving celebration and thanksgiving at St Wilfred's followed by the commemoration at The Minerva with very special family pictures and memories of Sean's life.

Liza Cunningham


Poem: Goodbye

Life is precious and really quite fragile As if dancing on the edge of a precipice Of a cliff so high We can’t see the bottom

Without any warning
Someone so special was taken
Into the dark ravine

His laughter
His irrepressible spirit
His generous open way
His beautiful heart
The way his smile made us feel
The encouragement and love he gave

The wrench of him being swept away
Feels like a deep painful wound
We will miss you and all that you were
And all that you gave

We will still cry
We will always cry
But in time our hearts will heal
And the hopeless longing will fade
But your bright shining spirit will remain

Nothing is permanent
Its forever changing
Real love never fades
It burns like the sun
And your soul will go on and on

Goodbye my beautiful cousin
And thank you for the times we’ve had
And for all the glorious memories we’re left with

God bless Cus!

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